Three Sentence Scary Story


Chuck’s at it again – his flash fiction challenge this week is to write a three sentence scary story. Here’s my lame attempt:

Open Window

She awoke from a dead sleep because she had to pee and stumbled into the bathroom. Heavy breathing drew her attention to the open window where his face had replaced the screen. Before she could scream, his hand was around her throat and her last thought was, “How did he find me?”


So, did it scare you? Feel free to write your own three sentence story in the comments.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget – it’s almost NaNo time!


4 thoughts on “Three Sentence Scary Story

  1. Jess woke up at the midnight with the sound of her mom calling her from the down stairs, she got up and stepped toward the stairs but her mother stopped her before she was stepping down and said : “Don’t go down there Jess, I heard the same voice too!”
    What abt this one miss? 🙂

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