NaNo Report – Week One


As many of you know, I’ve committed to doing NaNo this month and so I thought I’d just write a little post about how it’s going, my thoughts and accomplishments (such as they are.)

Jonesing during the lead-in

First, since I had finished the previous book a few days early, I was without a creative writing project for a few days. This was very odd because I have essentially written pretty much non-stop for the last two years. I felt like I did when I quit smoking. Anxious, nervous, worried. But I vowed I was saving this book for NaNo, so I managed to stave off getting my fix for those few days and caught up on some reading. Wrote a few reviews. And got a little sleep.

How many words?

The night before the start of NaNo I couldn’t sleep (also day of the change back from daylight savings time which didn’t help any) and got up at 5:30 a.m. I knocked out about 4,500 words on the first day. I guess because I had a few days of jonesing leading into it.

Naturally, I got so jazzed about that, I figured I’d knock out that kind of production every day. But well, no, didn’t happen. Although, I’m averaging about 2,700 words a day which will definitely keep me on target.

As of today I’ve written 19,343 words. Before you get impressed or anything about it, realize that most of those words will never reach another person’s eyes because… You know? It’s a first draft. And it’s possible this is the butt ugliest first draft I’ve ever written. Still, I am tooling along and hope that the remaining three weeks go as well. Especially since my total word count will be more like 80,000 not 50,000.

The writer connection

One of the reasons I decided to write this book during NaNo was because I thought it would be a good idea to connect up with other writers, get involved in some other writerly activities and so forth. But oddly, I’m finding that not only do I not have time for most of that – it just isn’t my nature to write with the herd. I thought I might try a couple write-ins but I’m thinking I’ll pass.

I have made a couple of writing buddies and we chat a bit, and have agreed to be there for each other for support. Which is nice. And it is nice to meet a couple of other writers who are pursuing the same goal I am.

Best lesson

The most interesting thing to me is that all the motivation that gets talked about during NaNo and that people experience doesn’t seem to be affecting me one way or the other. And I think it’s because I’ve been sort of doing my own self imposed NaNo for quite a while now. So external motivation has little if anything to do with it. The good thing about that, for me, is that I’ve realized that somewhere in the last couple of years I’ve developed real discipline in my writing. And that I write no matter how I’m feeling, whether I’m sick or well, happy or sad, busy or have lots of free time. And that alone was worth joining in with the bagillions of other writers out there in the NaNo mode.

What about you guys? How’s NaNo going for you? Keeping up with the pack? Getting ahead? Falling behind? Given up? Can’t get your internal editor to shut the hell up? Let me know how it’s going in the comments.

In the meantime, write on, brotha’s and sistahs.

6 thoughts on “NaNo Report – Week One

  1. We’re all so different. You’ve found your best way. I’m an introvert and super independent as well. I do live the idea of drawing attention to novel writing and how it inspired writers. It’s great for those who benefit from ‘herd’ writing. I’m not doing NaNowriMo just cheering others on. So good luck. Doesn’t seem like you need it oh, dedicated fast writer you.

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    1. Oh, I definitely need all the good luck I can get, so thanks, I’ll take it. 😀

      I don’t know if I’d classify NaNo as herd writing – because you really can’t write with a group of people literally. The write ins, perhaps. I do like that NaNo is around and I’ve tried it before without success. So, this time out, just actually accomplishing the goal, fulfills an item on my bucket list.

      I think the trick at succeeding with something like NaNo, is to realize that you’re not really competing with the other writers. I mean, no one is judging any of the completed or incomplete work. I think it’s more about goal setting and accomplishing those goals. Rising to the occasion, so to speak. And hopefully achieving a personal best.

      Plus – and to me, here’s the kicker – in this day and age of self publication, instant gratification and instant accessibility, I believe if a writer hopes to succeed even on a moderate scale she must learn to write fast and a lot. And that ain’t easy. But it can be fun. 😀

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    1. Thanks Ramona – so far things are going well. I’m hoping that continues because as you well know, I’m sure, it can fall off the rails pretty fast. Thanks for your support and encouragement. 😀


  2. Not doing NANO, still proofing my book (and still realizing contacts from the entertainment world). Hope to find that writing discipline like you someday. Like the person before me said, “you are an inspiration.”

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    1. Oh dear Elva, the proofing stage. That’s the part that makes me want to pull my hair out. I feel your pain.

      Seems to me you’re pretty disciplined – you have worked steadfastly toward your goal and you’re getting there. That’s a real accomplishment. So many writers start projects but don’t see them through, so give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.

      LOL. It’s hard to think of myself as an inspiration, because you know, it’s just me. But I’m glad if it makes other writers feel that they can maybe accomplish their goals too. It’s hard work, writing, but also very gratifying. I love it. 😀


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