NaNo Report – Week Two


So, Chuck Wendig did a quick little post, asking everybody who was participatingin NaNo to give him a status update.

Turns out, I liked his questions, so I thought I’d answer them here:

How are you doing?
I’m doing okay. I had a little chat with one of my writing buddies and it was fun because I was able to help her just by being a sounding board. I love that writerly connection.

How has it (NaNo) been for you?
Honestly, it’s different than what I expected. I had visions of hooking up with a bunch of new writer buds and cheering each other on – and then of course talking shop. But really, aside from my chat as mentioned above. Not very much socializing going on.
I did attempt to participate in a virtual write in. But for some reason I had to open a YouTube account in order to participate in the chat, which I didn’t feel like doing. And the live stream was cute – the two young men who were conducting the write in (which as it turns out is just a series of timed prompts, designed I tink, to get your creative juices going) certainly were having fun. But after about 20 minutes I gave up and went back to the book to write.

How is the book?
The book is actually going much better than I expected. I have somehow managed to overlook the ugly prose, sketchy descriptions and conflicting plot points, in order to surge forward. Knowing that I will tend to all those things on the next run-through.
I did hit a snag for a couple of days where it seemed that every word was an absolute effort. But then I just decided to let the characters go where they wanted and I ended up with a plot twist I totally did not see coming and really like a lot.

Also, character relationships are developing in unexpected ways, which I am pleasantly surprised about as well.

How and what is your process?
My process is essentially to do my best to get at least 2,000 words a day. Not always easy if the plot is sluggish or I have freelance work to do. But I have managed to average that or more every day so far. I’m a pantster who outlines vaguely. Meaning I know the broad strokes of the story and how it will resolve as well as the subplot resolutions. But I don’t plan out how the characters will get there. In fact in Book One, my MC (Lottie Stark) suddenly has her dad visiting. A character I never dreamed of until he just appeared. I try to write first thing in the morning if possible. But also have high energy in the mid-afternoon and try to get in time then as well. If things get sticky. I take a break, do something else, read, work on a freelance gig, fool around on social media, then go back to it. Or I do research germane to the story. I found a cool book on Police Procedure, which I’ve been reading and it’s been quite helpful and oddly has shown me that I knew more about police procedure than I thought I knew – which was zero. But mostly, my process is just to write and to trust myself and my characters. Not sexy but it does the job.

If this is your first time doing NaNoWriMo, how do you find it?
This is not my first time doing NaNo. However, my previous attempt at NaNo lasted perhaps 3 or 4 days. So maybe in essence I am a newbie at this. I am finding it helpful. I do get a little thrill when I update my word count. Even though nobody else notices. It still makes me proud of my accomplishment. And they have this cool little dashboard where you can see your stats and how far you have to go. So, it’s a fun nerdy writerly thing.

Today I hit the 40K mark. According to NaNo I am 80% done. But to complete a full first draft I’m more like 50-60% done. Still, I think I might actually finish the full draft by the end of the month.

Parting thought: It is funny that if you just decide that you’re going to do something. That you just are. That you can. And that is probably the coolest thing about NaNo for me. I just decided I was doing it – no matter what – and I’ll be damned – I am. Yay for discipline.

Hope you’re all having a great week.


8 thoughts on “NaNo Report – Week Two

      1. LOL. Since I’m a pantster I don’t think of it as planning – I think of it as thinking. 😀

        Not sure what kind of software you like/use – but there is a great little thing called Evernote, that is a free program you can download and collect things into files. You can make notes, collect pictures, website references, links, etc. When I’m in the thinking/planning stage, I use it to gather up my thoughts, research, ideas, etc. Then when the time comes to do something I have it all filed in one place.

        Anyway, good luck?!? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha. I’m a pantster too, but not in the writer sense. I do know about evernote. Thats a good way to organize ideas for sure. I actually just changed from a smart phone to a feature phone, though, so evernote wouldn’t be as useful as it used to be. I was more keen on google Keep than evernote, though.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. LOL. Not in the writer sense? Interesting.

        Never heard of a feature phone, what is it? Sounds intriguing.

        Nor have I heard of Google Keep, but I assume it’s a similar program to Evernote?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha. a feature phone is a nice way of saying “dumb phone” … like a flip phone? One that can’t access the internet without great consternation. and waiting. Keep is kinda like evernote, but without all the bells and whistles. It’s simple.


      5. Oh, I see. Yes, I have a ‘feature’ phone too. I’m not smart enough for a smart phone, so they won’t let me have one. 😀

        I never heard of Keep, I may check it out. Although Google is such a nag, I’m loathe to download anything with their moniker on it.


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