The Indie author’s list of new year’s resolutions


Ah, it’s that time of year when we reflect on the year that has passed and the changes we want to make in the coming year. Typically, losing weight, quitting smoking and/or drinking and having higher self esteem tops the list for many. Though as indie authors, our lists are a might different. Here’s a few that might resonate:

  • Buy, download, read and review every book written by someone who retweeted you on twitter.
  • Write, edit and publish four books by the end of the year.
  • Learn how to write standing up to stop the spread of writer’s ass
  • Stop seething every time that writer you follow on Facebook posts yet another glowing review or quotes herself
  • Stop obsessing over that one review that befuddles you
  • Discover the mysteries of tweeting. Cat pictures only go so far.
  • Learn to make and like a writer’s drink, like bourbon or something manly.
  • Delete the blog you started for your characters (how lame was that?).
  • Force yourself to learn how to use that horrible template from Create Space without throwing your computer out the window.
  • Stop checking your sales dashboard every twenty minutes – get a life.
  • Find something that tears you away from the computer and has absolutely nothing to do with writing.
  • Stop subscribing to marketers claiming they have the product that will make you a best seller.
  • Write better, write calmer, be happy with the stories that belong to you, share accordingly.

How about you? Any special resolutions you have made for yourself? Feel free to share or add to the list in the comments.

Note: I am offline for a few days, but will happily respond to any comments on my return. In the meantime, have a happy and safe holiday.


18 thoughts on “The Indie author’s list of new year’s resolutions

  1. This is such a great list, Annie… I support each one of your points 🙂 Meanwhile, happy holidays to you & I hope you’re enjoying the season ❤

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    1. Hey Big R,
      Happy Holidays to you as well. The list, of course, is a bit tongue in cheek – but hey we have to strive for bigger and better, right? Though the last item is probably what I’m aiming for. What about you? Any special resolutions for the coming year? 😀


    1. Happy New Year, Princess of Weird,
      I know what you mean about the bogus products and promises – though sometimes they are just irresistible aren’t they? Like they contain catnip for writers – writersnip? Could be. 😀

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      1. It started in 1999 when I was struck by a car. After being discharged from the hospital unable to walk I would figure the quickest path to normalcy was practice. There was a gym two miles from my residence; I would start to walk to the gym in 2001. The walk consumed 3 hours one-way, and after a walk, a workout, and the walk to get home I was exhausted for days. In 2003 I would extend the walk one mile to arrive at a bus stop which I could use to get to school. In 2009 I would graduate, but by that time I had switched gyms, electing to walk six miles one-way.
        It is because of the susceptibility of seizures after coma that had me relinquish my driver’s licence in ’99; I would not get a new one for ten years, but two months into my third year I was caught drunk driving, for the third time in my life.
        I had finished a short stint in jail for the first drunk driving charge, then I had court for the second shortly after release from jail in ’99. I was on probation for the second drunk driving charge when I was hit by the car, who’s driver was drunk.
        Interesting story…

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      2. Started company to self publish through creativeSpace, but the manuscripts are less forthcoming than originally thought.


    1. Happy New Year Pam,
      Well, sure. In my dreams. LOL. Perhaps I was being a little tongue in cheek? Although I do have a new 3-book series I plan to have done by the end of the summer. Fingers crossed. What projects do you have planned for the new year? 😀

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      1. It sounds to me like you have a solid plan–that’s pretty amazing! I have some proposals I’m writing this week, and I’d like to put short stories together and enter a contest or two. I have a series of features on places that creatively employ folks with autism I have outlined and want to get placed in a local or regional paper…Once I get that organized, I have projects to finish. But in no way can I hope to finish four books–I am awed by that!!!

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      2. I don’t know, Pam, sounds to me like you have quite a long list carved out for yourself too. I take off my hat to you (with a fancy hand wave). So it looks like we are shocking and awing each other. Always a good thing. Keep me posted on your projects – they sound very interesting.

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