21 thoughts on “Harlan Ellison Gives Best Rant About Paying Writers I’ve Ever Seen

      1. No, I haven’t and that would be a great idea for a post.

        What kind of corner do you find yourself in? Plot? Character? Scene? Maybe I can help. Or at least recommend an article or post. πŸ˜€



      2. I’m not sure what one to call it. I’d say it’s character and plot mess up. Thank you. ❀

        5-6 chapters before the middle I kill off the main pov. (At the time I thought this was a great idea. … Cough.) I know better now. She let herself get poisoned to destroy the parasitic god that is trying to take her over. (On retrospect, that would make a downer ending :P) fixing it isn't so much of the problem as what to do with the chapters that follow it and are connected to it?

        Several chapters before her death, she rescues a baby bugbear, and protects it, so I used the b-bear in the chapters after she died by showing it escaping, growing older (they grow up fast in my book, lol.) and following her scent. While still thinking like a child it runs into the behemoth that the main pov and her friends had escaped from. Travels through that cave and in the silver forest that once again the group had traveled through. Leo the bugbear, finds a phoenix, warming her egg, and she adopts him.

        It goes on and on until he learns a resurrection spell form Mama Blaze, and realizes that it's Olenus way to repay a debt, and that's why he's been compelled to do all of this.

        You see, my problem I have everything so tangled that it's giving me a panic attack just looking at! Ah! Ack! How to fix this without messing up the rest of the book?


      3. Hi,
        I see your problem and the challenges you face.

        Perhaps if I ask a few questions it will give you some ideas about how to resolve it:

        1. I assume this is a fantasy novel, which gives you a lot of leeway in terms of suspending disbelief. Is it possible for b-bear to find a spell to bring your main character back to life?
        2. Does your main character have to die? Would it be as effective to have her learn how to stop her heart long enough to eradicate the evil spirit that possesses her, or something on that order?
        3. Is there another character who can now take on the mantle of the hero? Perhaps a minor character who could unexpectedly step in, while it still making sense that he/she would be the hero? Or is there a character you could develop who could be primed to step in?
        4. Are you missing a character in the story whose addition could change the dynamics.
        5. Could you have your hero die later in the book instead where you have it now?

        On the face of it, the problem seems to be you are now without a clear hero. And killing off your hero mid-book can turn readers off because by the middle of the book, they have likely bonded with her/him. Although if your reasons for the mc’s sacrifice ring true, you can probably get away with it. But if you are going to kill off your hero, I do think you need someone who can step into their role and carry on the mission, purpose, cause. The reader needs someone to cheer on.

        My other suggestion is that you might want to see if you can pick up a copy of “The Writer’s Journey” by Christopher Vogler, which deal with mythic story structure and archetypes. Although the book was written for screenwriters, the info is easily applied to novels.

        At any rate, I hope this helps.

        Cheers! πŸ˜€

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  1. @writerchick

    Thank you for replying, I’m sorry I didn’t come back soon I’ve been busy.

    1. It is. The B – bear was taught a life spell by the Mother blaze, so yes.

    2. No, it was a mistake doing so. I’m trying to undo the damage that writing that in has caused. I fixed that chapter, but had many things big and small that kind of echoed off from what happened. Is there any simple way to fix this or just revised the chapters after her death?

    3. The story has two strong main characters, Merryn and Parcival. With out Merryn the whole story falls apart as she’s the one containing this evil so to speak. When I made this mistake a year ago I wasn’t even sure where the plot was going or what to do with the character at that time. Now I know my characters more, what they are doing, why they are doing it and what the plot is. I’ve put off trying to fix this for a long time unsure what to do about it.

    4. I’ll look into that, and mull it over. πŸ™‚ Han the cat-man (lol) doesn’t get as much page time as the main two povs nor the two antagonists. I tend to wing it, and wish I’d known about outlines and such when I started.

    5. I could. What I really want is to figure out a way to separate her from the god (Unnamed) and let him become a physical force in the world again. That would be more fun than killing off the character.

    -Nods- That’s what I’m worried about that they will become angry that the main character they spent so much time with just up and dies. xP Humm.

    Thanks! I’ll go look for it on Amazon and put the link in my books to buy folder. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for trying to help, I realize it’s hard to understand without reading the book, so I’m trying to condense things down into bites. Thank you so much for your time. I’m going to go write another new chapter and then try and figure a way to fix this. I hate doing this might have to take out those chapters and completely revise them. That’s just as well the book is undergoing a revision anyways so I’ll have to face this problem at some point.

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    1. You’re welcome. I hope asking the questions helped to shake a few things loose. Sometimes just looking at things from a different perspective helps. Although, unfortunately we often find that we have to go back and ‘erase’ our mistakes if we get really stuck. I do think that you really find The Writer’s Journey very helpful.

      But do work your way through it – I have faith that you’ll find the answers you need to solve the problem.


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      1. It did, for this I think an outline (a light one) is needed, so am hoping that will work.

        Will do! I’m revising all the chapters as I’ve learned deep pov and it tends to fix many problems if I just think abofut the problem long enough.

        Book #2 is getting a light outline getting stuck like this is a pain.

        Thanks (γƒ˜γ€‚γƒ˜)


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