Is Elizabeth Keen Really Dead?

lizzie keen

I don’t know about you, but I am addicted (there I said it!) to the NBC show, The Blacklist. For four seasons I have watched while the ever story telling Red Reddington has dazzled and dazed me, causing me to ask countless questions, like:

  • Are you Lizzie’s father?
  • Who is Lizzie’s mother and was she really a Russian spy?
  • Can you answer a question without telling a story to illustrate your point?
  • Why do so many women find you irresistible?

Is this another fake out?

Over the four seasons of the show we have been faked out. We originally thought that Tom, Lizzie’s husband was just a cute, somewhat nerdy elementary school teacher. Only to discover he was a Russian spy or is that agent, then to find out that Red hired him, to now discovering he is Liz’s true soulmate. A once heartless killing machine who has found his soul thanks to true love. And then sadly to lose the love of his life and the reason for his salvation on the day their daughter is born.

But has he? Is Lizzie Keen really dead? I have my doubts. Just like I did when she was a blonde for a whole season. Or when all clues pointed to her becoming a sort of surrogate daughter in crime with Red.

Her funeral is in the next episode, how might they bring her back after that?

The next episode is to center around Liz’s funeral and then the requisite pursuit of her killer. Which personally I found a little confusing because I thought she died because of complications from the car accident and delivery. But you know, it’s episodic television, so okay.

Anyway, here is my theory:

Liz isn’t really dead but in order to protect her from the shadow agents/group pursuing her presumably because of her Russian spy mother’s sins, the whole world must believe she is dead for the time being.

Once Red and the whole special FBI task force has located the real threat to her, it will be revealed that she has been living in a FBI safe house in Oklahoma, donning a red wig and Birkenstoks.

She only seemed dead and looked dead because the doctor, who we already know was friends with Liz injected some super magical drug that made her look that way. The body used in the funeral will turn out to be a double or even made of wax. I mean who’s going to check to be sure?

Naturally, Tom will feel a bit miffed for having had to raise Agnes on  his own for a year or so, but he’ll be so happy that he doesn’t have to be a single dad, that he’ll soon forgive her.

Though of course they won’t be able to jump into Tom’s boat and set sail for the happily ever after. Somehow Agnes will become the center of some plan or Tom will be tempted to return to his own life. Or Liz will mount her own investigation into who her mother and father really is.  Heck, maybe that’s what she’s doing now, while everybody, including Red thinks she’s dead.

What are your theories?

So there you have it, my theory. Do you have one? Do you like me, think that Lizzie is still alive only to reappear at some later date, or is the Blacklist just becoming its own spinoff and morphing into a whole new show? Feel free to float any theories you like in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Is Elizabeth Keen Really Dead?

  1. Before watching last night’s episode I would have been in complete agreement with you. What dissuaded me was the scene with Red and the doctor alone in a confined space. Why have Red threaten the doctor’s life if the were both in on a ruse that included faking Lizzie’s death? Still, you may still be right. I suspect last nights episode was an opium-filled dream (I have a bias against dream sequences in fiction), and next week will open up with Red really being awakened in the opium den. But who know’s? TV writers are driven to keep viewership up, and ratings warp reality. Rich

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    1. Hi Richard,
      I too was confused by last night’s episode and went back and forth about whether it was a dream or drug induced hallucination. The opening was intriguing but then not tied up in the episode either, so possibly leaving the door open to various interpretations?

      As to Red threatening the doctor, it could’ve been just for show or perhaps Red doesn’t know that Lizzie is still alive? And that single scene with Tom, telling Red to stay away at least for a moment made me wonder if Tom knew Lizzie was alive and wanted to make sure Red didn’t find out.

      You’re right about TV writers though – always working to keep viewership up.

      The reason I think I might be onto something is because in Pretty Little Liars, Allison was dead for 4 or 5 seasons, they showed her in a coffin for cripes sakes, yet somehow we discover she is alive? To me, that is a lot more of a stretch than my theory about Lizzie Keen.

      LOL – I’m sure at some point we’ll find out. I hope I’m right. Not sure I’d really love the show without Lizzie in it.

      Thanks for your comments.


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    2. I dont think Red is in on it. I think it was that creepy old lady I cant remember her name, his cleaner because Liz kicked red out and she said she wanted to speak to Liz and went in there. I think it was her because she yelled at Red for doing this so I think she did it. I think she injected liz with something that made her appear to die and then went back and took care of her because Red told her to take care of her.


      1. I agree. I think Mr. Kaplin ( the cleaner lady) is behind it and she is actually alive, I say she is working with the surgan doctor that should have not taking that money, in an attempt to seize control of reds organization as Mr kaplin is one of the few people who knows knows how much she means to red.


  2. You totally nailed it. I’m with you thinking Liz is alive and kicking. Red doesn’t know. Nobody knows besides her boss at the FBI. He seemed to be very calm. To calm. But we have to wait until (the end of) next season to find out.

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    1. Hey Angie,
      I’m glad you agree. It gives me hope. 😀 Although waiting until the end of next season seems such a long way away. We’ll have to stay sharp and look for hidden clues in the upcoming episodes, right?

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    1. You may like it. I know I find it highly addicting. And the writing is really quite good. You can catch up on prior episodes on Netflix, if you want to check it out.



  3. I think, hope she’s still alive but she wouldn’t go off anywhere w/o her baby right? If she’s alive perhaps she’s not with the good guys?


    1. Hi Kelly,
      Good point, I agree, I don’t think Liz would go anywhere willingly without her baby. The key word being, willingly.

      After Thursday night’s show, I am still not convinced that Liz is dead. Did you catch the little scene after the funeral broke up? Tom stayed behind, knelt and whispered something at Liz’s coffin. Why whisper? I wondered if she was in there, but alive, continuing the ruse.

      Also, Famke Janssen does not appear to be the ‘new’ Liz Keen, but rather a bad guy in the story. So that void is not being filled.

      I don’t see how the show continues unless they bring Liz back from the dead or they bring in a new version of Liz Keen to work with Red. Although Red’s motivation for working with the FBI in the first place was because of his mysterious allegiance to her and to protecting her. Not sure what they’ll do to keep the show true to what appears to be its purpose, otherwise.

      Thanks for reading.

      😀 Annie


  4. This whole storyline was to write Megan Boone’s real-life pregnancy into the show. They had to explain her absence somehow. She gave birth on April 15th (the episodes leading up to Keen’s death were probably filmed a while ago, during mid-pregnancy).

    How ever they do it, I’m assuming they’ve planned some way to bring her back once she gets settled into motherhood. It seems likely they’d say it was all a fake-out to get all the bad guys to back off from chasing her and the baby.

    I have trouble thinking they’d kill off what is essentially the main character only 3 seasons in. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Keen, and that aspect is largely what drives the show’s main story arc. Without her, the show would seem to be left with going through the motions of ordinary take-down-the-baddies action.

    The death really lacked any true finality. Red had his people rush the body off and then there was no open casket. They’ve clearly set the stage for us to ask these questions and I have to doubt it’s all been to just leave her dead in the end.


    1. I agree, that killing off the main character three seasons in doesn’t make sense. And, I’m aware of the real life logistics that led to the storyline. But I don’t believe her character is really dead. I’m just curious to see how they will bring her back and when. I hope it’s soon though.


  5. It’s simple… Stating the obvious, Liz (the actress) was actually pregnant… Opting to retire and take care of the new addition… The option to return may or may not be on the table…. IF she decides to return they will write her in by shunning Red with Mr. Kaplan… Her anger and disappointment with Red was more than obvious… And she of all people would have the means… I could go on but you get the jest…. MTC


    1. Yes, I have read about Megan Boone and her real life pregnancy as well. I can’t imagine though if they don’t bring back the Keen character how the show would last. It is the single motivation for Red working with the FBI. I suspect that Mr. Kaplan is involved in the scheme as well. It was my first thought when I saw that scene as well. I’ll be curious to see how they bring her back.


  6. I hope if they bring her back it’s a different actress. I really have never found this one believable. Sorry all you fans out there but I just found her annoying.


    1. Hi Sunny,

      You know that’s interesting because people have made that comment to me before. I have always liked her myself. Though your comment poses an interesting question – if they bring back Liz Keen, will it be the same actress?

      Thanks for reading!


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