Ten things the 2016 election cycle has ruined for me


I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a political junkie but I try to keep my inner junkie inside most of the time. However, come election time she scratches her way out to join in all the fun. This year was especially something to look forward to because well, it wasn’t going to be the same old same old. Right? And just when I thought I might really enjoy this election cycle, not only did things go off the rails, there are no freaking rails.

And instead of all the fun I looked forward to, the cycle has simply ruined things for me. Following is my list:

The color orange. It’s not that orange was my favorite color but now I can’t look at it without seeing Trump’s orangey pink skin. You’d think that “one of the richest men in the world” could afford a better tanning bed, spray tan and make up artist. He probably should stop purchasing his products in CHYNAH.

Cheetos. And other favorite orange food—dreamsicles, tangerines, papaya, mangoes, orange lifesavers, orange Jell-O – and I can’t even look at raw chicken.


The word great. Likewise the words: terrific, fantastic, really, winning, best, hell even the word, word has lost all charm and appeal. And liar, loser and lying have virtually no meaning anymore either.

Election years. I have always enjoyed presidential election years because of the drama, surprises and unpredictable situations you never see coming. This year however, it is nothing but a flat out slug fest between candidates, supporters and media outlets. It’s ugly and keeps getting uglier. Even when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, somebody unearths a new bottom. And it’s about as much fun as root canal without anesthesia.  Although we got a little comic relief when the Libertarians added live stripping to their convention. What’s next? Lap dances by candidates?

The myth that most people have common sense. Seriously, can anybody believe that common sense is a live and well in America when the presumptive candidates are the two most reviled people in the country?


Taco salads. This picture: taco salad
Is he going to eat that thing or molest it? Either way, feeling pretty sorry for the salad, no matter its fate.

Hair. Whether it’s the old man comb-over, the grandma shellacked bullet head, or the Muppet style shag, all hairstyles are dead to me now.

candidate hair

Facebook. Social media always has political stuff but generally is easy to scroll right past. And I’ll get in there sometimes and bat things around myself. But this year it is wall to wall and there’s no scrolling past it. That’s all that is in my feed. From erroneous, crazy, gross, vile memes, to trolls swarming, name calling, to non-stop propaganda on every topic under the sun – it’s a jungle out there.

The Internet. I used to love the Internet. Each day when you logged on you never knew what you were gonna get. These days though you can’t swing a dead politician without hitting a story or meme on trump, trumpers, trumperism, trump tweets, trump train, anti-trump, nevertrump, alwaystrump, “what’s trump done this time?,” neverhillary, onlyhillary, who’s hillary?, indict hillary, feeling berns…. Where are those cute cat videos that used to be so popular?

Reality TV. It’s not that I’m a big fan of reality TV but I once found it somewhat amusing. But since reality TV is running for president, the spoofy goofy nature of the medium isn’t quite as funny. And definitely amusing. And I find myself constantly muttering, “Is this a joke?”

What about you? Are you sick of this already? Has this election business ruined stuff for you? Are you looking for good cat videos? Feel free to add to the list or voice your gripes in the comments. The election cycle isn’t even close to over yet folks, and we’ve got a long five months ahead of us – give us strength.

17 thoughts on “Ten things the 2016 election cycle has ruined for me

  1. In order to save friendships I have had to refrain from posting political stuff in general…shame…but this political season has ruined not only my thought that Americans have common sense, but that the media is honest. I take everything they say with a grain of salt now, which has me feeling a bit paranoid not being able to trust the NEWS!

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    1. Hi S.M.,
      I know how you feel. Unfortunately, I experienced a few personal casualties on the friendship front. And I agree, the media has been particularly complicit in what I consider a farce. Although, given all the unexpecteds that have already occurred, it is still possible that anything could happen. I pray that somehow, some way, something good comes out of this.

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  2. I hesitated to read this post because of the very things you listed — I was afraid of what I might read.This year is putting good old-fashioned bitter rivalries between parties in perspective. At least we all agreed on some basic values. We were quite sure the other party held none of them, but we all knew what was important. Now there is no center holding us together.

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    1. Excellent assessment, Belinda. There does appear to be no core on either side. Disheartening to say the least. Although, LOL, my post was meant to be funny. Oh well, all you can do is try, right? 😀

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  3. Usually, the American presidential election is an event that inspires the entire world. Not this time, though, sad to say. This time did tremendous damage to the image and the common perception of your great country by people from the entire world.

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    1. Hi Ramona,
      Yes, I’d agree this presidential election cycle defies description – and definitely is not inspiring. As we have during other dark times, America will emerge to her true heritage once again. I kind of view this as a bad commercial break.

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