My Kingdom for a Decent Internet Connection


After the hellacious year that 2016 was, I was really hoping against hope that 2017 would be the pause that refreshes. However…

Shortly after Christmas our Internet connection started to go wonky until it went flat out nutzo on New Year’s Eve. Since I live in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, whenever it rains we have Internet problems. It’s a fact that can be counted on. And of course it rained on New Year’s Eve – so I figured, once things dried out it would go back to normal.

Not so much. My room mate is a computer engineer, so he tooled around with routers, modems, IP address thingies and all those things that computer nerds know about that flies right over my head. But to no avail. Nothing he did changed anything. This, of course, was before, during, and after he talked to the Internet Service Provider on the phone several times. They assured him that absolutely nothing was wrong on their end. Nothing. No, nothing at all. He finally got them to agree to come out and at least look at their modem, which praise God, happens tomorrow.

But in the meantime, the connection has gotten worse and worse. Having to spend anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to bring up my gmail account is getting very old.


We also surveyed our neighbors, and most of them use the same service provider and guess what? They are having the exact same problems as we are. So I guess we’re all wrong because, hey, the service provider says there is absolutely nothing wrong on their end. I call BS.

I realize of course that my writing a blog about this won’t do anything to fix the problem (except perhaps give me a little venting relief) but if you, evil Internet Service Provider who shall not be named, are out there reading, let me give you a little friendly advice:

  1. There is absolutely something wrong on your end. And if I had privy to your call logs I could prove it.
  2. We know there is something terribly wrong on your end, despite your insistence to the contrary.
  3. If you hope to remain in business, your first policy change is to admit a problem, and provide at least some clue as when the problem will be fixed.
  4. People will stop trusting you once they know you have lied to them and you will shrink your own bottom line.
  5. Liars do not stay in business for very long.
  6. People who are not valued as customers go else to get the service and respect they deserve.
  7. This situation has gone on for five days in my case (who knows how long for others) – and you’ve done nothing to inform your customers or offer solutions, which means I am switching providers as soon as possible. Likely so are many others.
  8. You could have prevented losing this customer and probably hundreds or thousands more if you had just leveled with us.
  9. Oh and hire some folks who know what they’re doing because obviously your current crew is clueless. (what ISP lets something like this go on for days?)

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, when I have a normal Internet connection again, I can write about more interesting things. Please God, make it so.

How about you? How’s your Internet connection? Are you in spinny wheel hell like I am  580b57fbd9996e24bc43bbca

or are you cruising with wild abandon?


10 thoughts on “My Kingdom for a Decent Internet Connection

  1. ugh. I love when service providers claim that the error is on the user end. it’s even better when they don’t even offer to help the user. “you’re fault, you’re f— outta luck.” ugh.

    I hope it gets all sorted out soon. keep us posted; I’m curious.


  2. The only thing just as frustrating is not being able to log into an account, when you know for a fact that the password and other info is correct, as i saved it in a notepad. I’d like to advise you and everyone else do not get an aol email !@# I had one for years and last year it started to go wonky; giving me this error:

    ” Oops!

    Sorry, we cannot process your request at this moment. Please try again later. ”

    Later eh? IT”S been MONTHS! as soon as I get a hold of some support person and fix this I’m dumping them I hate them. I can’t log into any of the social media that I have connected to that dang email. *screeches*

    I know the password is correct as I also had is saved elsewhere, just to make sure.

    Back on topic, I had Quest for my internet connection, they were so slow and kept losing connection that I finally ended up just paying to leave my contract and go elsewhere. So don’t get Quest either. (They are called CenturyLink now.)

    I feel your pain, and hope the next company you go too is better. Media com is great, but spendy. Don’t use their email for anything important right now it’s eating all emails and not even sending them into my spam/junk folder. !@#$!!)

    I swear companys are driving me crazy lately.


    1. Hi Jessica,
      You poor thing. I really feel your pain.

      I was going to suggest you go into your browser’s internet options and click on the “security tab,” then click “saved logins” and then see what the password is for your email account – (at least that’s how it works with Firefox). But based on your comments it sounds like you didn’t do an auto save via your browser.

      Personally, I’ve used free email accounts for years. It’s easier to control the mail flow and what type of mail goes to what address. And I’ve never been a fan of most packaged email software.

      Sorry, I wish I could offer another suggestion. 😦 Though, I can make one suggestion – go on twitter and aol’s other social media pages and make a complaint. They tend to reply very fast to public complaints on social media. Might be worth a shot, yes?

      We finally got our connection back (so to speak) and the new provider installs tomorrow. We are getting cable internet instead of DSL – which is supposed to be more reliable and faster.

      I hope you get your problem sorted out soon – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

      Annie 😀


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