Playing around with design

So lately, I’ve been trying to learn a bit about design.

Turns out there is a lot to learn. But I have learned a few little tricks.

Last week I did a little series of creepy/scary/mystery-ish type images which I’ll post over the next few days.

Here’s the first one.

Feel free to share your thoughts, offer advise or to criticize them – feedback is super cool and I love it.

8 thoughts on “Playing around with design

    1. Hi Belinda,
      I agree that it is a good skill for a writer to develop. Even if you don’t personally use it, understanding it can help you work with web and book designers – plus it’s just another layer of creativity, right?


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  1. No, no, nothing cool about being scared. I hate being scared and have absolutely no idea why some people actually enjoy it. This is definitely a creepy place that I’d avoid.


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