Fooling Around With Design #6

Yes, I’m still fooling around with design. I doubt I’ll ever get really good at it, but I do enjoy the process and find it very relaxing.

So…what do you think? Good? Bad? Sucky? Too weird? Not weird enough? Creepy? I’d seriously love to know what you think and if it does anything for you. Thanks!

20 thoughts on “Fooling Around With Design #6

    1. Oh thank you so much, Kristabella. Does it say anything to you, like if it were a book cover what would you think the book was about? I’m trying to make the connection between images and thought, right? If you have any thoughts about it, please feel free to share. Thanks!

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    1. It really is fun, whether or not I’m very good at it. I find it relaxing, perhaps the way people find painting relaxing? But practice does improve the result. You should try it. Like maybe create an image to go with one of your poems – that would be very cool. I could give you some links to free/easy sites you can create stuff in.

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      1. I was too a few months ago and I’ve really learned a lot. My best results have been with Canva – it’s a free online program that is super easy to use, they have lots of tutorials and templates. I would definitely recommend that site above others. Also, if you’re interested in book cover design, check derek murphy’s site (I always get the name mixed up, just make sure it’s derek’s site) he has boatloads of free resources and tons of videos. Then I also subscribe to a few design sites that give out freebies, deal jumbo, deeezy, and creative market. If you sign up with them they will send you daily emails with freebie design elements that you can download. From freebies alone I’ve developed an enormous library over the last few months. Also, creative market has lots of great articles on design. And lastly David Kadavy is super cool, has a free design course via email and very insightful articles and podcasts.

        LOL, that’s a lot, right? You can check into any of it or none of it – totally up to you. But those were the main resources that I’ve found and used.

        Cheers and have fun!

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    1. Thanks! You know I have a thing for eyes too. I’ve been working on this whole ‘eye’ series of images. LOL, I was afraid it was too weird to show anyone. That maybe they wouldn’t ‘see’ what I was trying to do there? 😉 Glad you liked the piece. Have a great Friday.


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