Which Story Would You Want to Read? (and some fun news)

After I complete the trilogy, I’ve decided I’m going to delve into some short fiction and at present have three ideas for stories. Below is the first (few) lines for each story. Would you do me a BIG favor and just let me know which story you would want to read based on those lines? I would really appreciate your input.

Story idea #1

“The truth was that I thought about killing him in his sleep every night—it’s just that somebody else beat me to it.”

Story idea #2

“Suddenly, I was her. The woman who could turn cold at the snap of a finger. Now my rage would do the talking. No more Ms. door mat. That. Was. Over. My need to kill consumed me.”

Story idea #3

“On his way to pick up Angel, Jesus stabbed Jack to death.”

You can tell me your choice in the comments below – and any thoughts you may have had about them as well, if you like.

And now for the FUN news…

I’m very excited to announce my book was just nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards! If you would like to do me the honor of voting for it, you can do so here: https://www.tckpublishing.com/readers-choice-voting 

Just look for the slider for the various categories and find the Mysteries section.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Have a lovely and creative weekend.


19 thoughts on “Which Story Would You Want to Read? (and some fun news)

  1. I like

    Story idea #1

    “The truth was that I thought about killing him in his sleep every night—it’s just that somebody else beat me to it.”

    It sounds to me like the antagonist got caught and is telling their story.

    I voted for you, good luck!


  2. Question, what topics can an unpublished writer talk about? Everything I’ve learned is from many authors articles about writing. So, umm?

    (change of topic)

    I read a comment on a blog that some writers will post up chapters of their current book for people to read and get feedback. I have mine up on Wattpad so WordPress too? I’m dying for feedback most on Wattpad just can’t give the feedback I need anymore, as most they can spot is mechanical mistakes. *Cry.*


    1. I know how you feel – I feel a little weird, giving writing advice. There are so many experts out there, it hardly seems necessary too.

      Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

      1. You can discuss your process, for example if you’re currently working on your first novel tell your readers about it.
      2. How you are experiencing the self publishing journey (if that’s what you’re planning to do).
      3. Favorite writer quotes imbedded in nice images
      4. The genre that you write in, specifically. Such as romance, mystery, YA. Talk about new trends, what you think about them, where you think they are headed. Your favorite authors, favorite sub genres.
      5. Book and movie reviews
      6. topics that are in your novel (for example, if your MC loves to garden, you could talk about that)
      7.hobbies you enjoy
      8. favorite recipes

      Really you can talk about anything that is of interest to you or about which you feel strongly. I’d avoid politics and controversial topics but if you love roller blading, or flowers, or puppies or cooking – talk about it.

      Sure you can post chapters of your book on your blog but it’s hit and miss about getting feedback. You might do better to scare up some beta readers – or swap beta reading with other writers you know.

      Do you belong to any facebook writer groups. There are a ton of them for every aspect of writing – I strongly suggest you join a few and connect up with other writers. Not only will it help you to not feel all alone in little room writing stories, but it will connect you with peers, give you new perspectives and probably lots of ideas as well.

      Thanks for the heads up on Wattpad, I was thinking about checking that out.

      Hope this helps.


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