What are you reading?

I’m reading ABOVE SUSPICION by Joe Starky. True crime story about how an FBI Agent lost his way in the biggest way possible.

Also this month I’ve read…

Bone Baby by Diane M. Dixon

Ghost Writers in the Sky by Anne R Allen

And I’m happy to say I can recommend all of them.

So…what are you reading? Anything super good, fun, interesting, or different? Leave the link in the comments so we can check it out.

Phew just one more day til the weekend! Have a good one.



7 thoughts on “What are you reading?

    1. Wow, looks like quite a case. I don’t write true crimes, although I do read a fair bit of it. Although I can tell you that once you have your book complete you can self publish or look for a traditional publisher. After a quick google search I see there are plenty of articles/tips on writing true crime. The first in my search results was an article by true crime queen, Anne Rule. If you haven’t done so already, I’d do some extensive reading about writing true crime and particularly the legal aspects of doing so. My guess is that you’d have to have special concern for privacy rules and may need permission from the next of kin and so forth. And may have to obtain the legal rights to the story as well. Though in terms of the actual writing, I think you approach it as you would a fictional crime story with inciting incident, middle build, and climax.

      The best true crime stories, in my opinion have all the elements of a good mystery – clues, suspects, evidence, leads that go nowhere, red herrings, and bringing the perpetrator to justice (or trying to do so). If you haven’t read any of Anne Rule’s books, I’d highly recommend them – she makes true crime exciting and interesting and a compelling read.

      I wish you the best. And feel free to drop by and report your progress. And of course when you publish your book.


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