When I try to reflect, why do I think this?

2017 is coming to a close and can I just say, thank gawd!? Speaking for myself the year was a real dumpster fire. But as I reflect on the coming year and the things I’d like to accomplish, weird, random thoughts just keep popping into my head, like flies at a picnic. Like…

  1. When did emoticons become emojis? Who changed it? What’s the difference?
  2. Why don’t they have an ‘awwwwww’ button on Facebook?
  3. Shouldn’t Twitter have birdie like sound effects? I mean, their logo is a bird, right?
  4. Why isn’t there an app that makes your keyboard sound like a typewriter?
  5. Why do Siri and Alexa both scare the bageebers out of me – a box that speaks and acts as if alive?
  6. How come people do so many stupid things with smart phones?
  7. My dog sleeps 20 hours a day, why does she still yawn?
  8. Why are GIFs so addictive?
  9. Can you get hung over by too much exposure to political posts on Facebook?
  10. Why is my not-so-smart phone drunk dialing people in the middle of the night while I’m asleep?
  11. Is scrapple technically a food?
  12. Will I ever actually be able to figure out how to get a print version of my books before I die?
  13. Why do I laugh whenever I hear someone say, President Trump?

The good news I suppose is that I still have thoughts of any kind. Here’s hoping 2018 will inspire better thoughts.


19 thoughts on “When I try to reflect, why do I think this?

  1. Both you and Mrs.Williams are writers who described 2017 as a dumpster fire. My Mother died 2/7/2017, so I am in agreement. Mrs. Williams piece is titled, The Year of the Writer. It has provided me with reason to continue writing, but also suggested questions to ask yourself. The answer remains insightful allowing for progression as a writer.

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  2. Yes, I read that article – very insightful and helpful too. Dumpster fire was a popular term during the 2016 election season – guess it stuck in my mind. Sorry to hear about your mom – losing a parent is tough. My dad died over 20 years ago and I still miss him.

    I too, am taking Mrs Williams article to heart –

    I hope you find new joy in your writing ventures in the coming year.



  3. #6 is very true. But then I’m reminded of a coworker complaining at lunch the other day that it was sad that everyone was on their phones. Then he proceeded to engage in a coversation and that was much more depressing.

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