hopelessly bad on social media

image courtesy of pixabay

I am. Are you? Are you like me when you log onto Twitter – a little dizzy, confused about where to go, what to do? Does it all just move a little too fast?

Facebook at least I can kind of sort of navigate.  But then again…am I the only one who feels like they are screaming into a bowling alley on Friday night where everybody already has their buzz on and thinking about pizza toppings?

Pinterest? Fugetaboutit… I love pretty pictures and graphics, should be a perfect fit. But…to be honest, I’m just not one of those people who zooms around the Internet checking out all my thousands of interests and bookmarking pages and pictures and then organizing where all those things should go. So, yeah, hit and miss. But mostly miss.

I’ve read all the posts, I subscribe to the social media gurus. Schedule posts, tweets, twitters, make picture boards, take my webinar, I will teach you how to do it. Increase your followers, it matters. Author platform.  Still, there I am on shore, waving to all my savvy friends blissfully sailing on their social media cruises – having missed the boat.

Maybe it’s because deep down inside I am just a social misfit. Always have been. Probably always will be. I was born shy and at heart I still am. I can force myself to be outgoing and social but inside I suspect people know. They know that I am clueless. That I worry they are noticing my thunder thighs and crooked teeth, wondering about my nervous laugh – wondering ‘why doesn’t she smile more?’

So now, I’ve just accepted the truth. I am hopelessly social media inadequate. If you follow me, I will probably just wonder why.  (Thanks to Twitter’s new set up, I probably won’t even be able to tell that you followed me, but that’s on them, right?) If you subscribe to my blog I will worry I have nothing of value (you must give them value, value, value!!!!!!! that’s what the experts say, you know. but are they the only ones who actually know what they mean? I suspect they are) to offer you.

Look, I guess I’m just saying – I’m  just a writer. I write books. I think they’re pretty good. I’d be thrilled if you read one of them. I’d  be even more thrilled if you liked it after you read it.  Maybe if you are socially inept like me, you will.

But at the very least, maybe we can be socially inept together? Nerds unite. We must stick together so the cheerleaders don’t take over. Am I right?

awkwardly yours,


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