Things You Don’t Know About the Dead Dog Trilogy


  1. The main character, Lottie Stark, is named for my paternal Grandmother – Carlotta. But everybody called her Lottie.
  2. The male lead, Jack Brady, is a recycled character from an unpublished novel I wrote called, Deadlock. Though this new Jack Brady is younger, more brash, and less world weary, the ‘bones’ of the character are still there.
  3. The villian is based on a monologue I wrote for an actor to perform in his acting class, to which I was the teaching assistant.
  4. The main location, Regal Reef, California is a fictional town that exists in the ether of my imagination somewhere between Fresno and Visalia.
  5. The only good cooks in this series are men.
  6. I “finished” the trilogy twice before this final finish. The first time it was finished I ended up tearing it apart after beta reader feedback. The second time it was finished, I just happened to stumble upon the ‘Storygrid’ method as I was doing final edits, and again, I ended up tearing it apart for structure. This time is the third finishing – but I believe the third time is the charm.
  7. Two of the best characters in the series are dogs.
  8. Though the story takes place in a small fictional town in Central California, the main character, Lottie Stark, is a Texan.
  9. The dog theme of the books comes from Lottie Stark’s love of dogs and that she has a dog rescue in addition to being the Chief of Police of the town. The killer also uses her love of dogs against her.

Just for fun, I’ve also put together a playlist for the series.

Back in the Saddle Again (Gene Autry)

Lay me Down (Sam Smith)

Somebody to Love (Queen)

My Best Friend (Heidi Winzinger)

I Shot the Sheriff (Eric Clapton)

Someone to Watch Over Me (Amy Winehouse)

The Monster in Me (Twisted Country)

Here We Go Again (Aretha Franklin)

Let it Be Me (Ray LaMontagne)

LaGrange (ZZ Top)

Body Talks (The Struts)

Every Move You Make (The Police)

The Dead Dog Trilogy will release as single volumes and boxed set in the last week of August 2018.

What do you think?

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