Book Give-Away!

Looking for some great new reads?

I’ve got a deal for you. Get 10 FREE fiction novels (ebooks) with national security and crime themed stories from D.T. Rylie, Anita Rodgers, Arleigh Jacobs, RJ Beam, M.L. Buchman, Jamie Davis, Kristin Helling, Paul Austin Ardoin, Patrick O’Donnell, and Natasha Bajema. Just answer a few questions about what you’re reading and watching.

Survey ends August 29th.

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2 thoughts on “Book Give-Away!

  1. I think I have not seen enough of you lately. I want to use the article I wrote as a guest post for you in another venue. My friends Document Records have hired a publicist for me to help get my writing journey story and my father’s story and his music more notice. I’m sending her the article to submit to Prosperi Press in Canada. I just wanted you to know. I am working on finishing a second book and beginning a third, both about 1970s TV sitcoms. I’ve done a few recent Facebook interviews and I am trying to get one of my father’s songs done in a manner relevant to today “A Good Man is Hard to Find”. I hope you are well!


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