Why social media may not be all that

social media is not all that

Yep, I said that out loud.  I can hear all the twitterers and social media gurus gasping now. Too bad.

Social media is freeking everywhere these days.  You can’t read an article, watch a television show or go to a gas station without seeing those cute little icons plastered all over the place.

Chances are if you’ve ever spoken to any marketing person about promoting your business, one of the first things out of their mouth was, “You simply must be doing social media.  You have to be on Face Book and Twitter.”


Is it true? I don’t know

Is social media even right for you?

In this digital world it’s easy to believe that we all have to jump in and do what everybody else is doing and so we do.

I have a Twitter account.  I have a Face book page. I have a blog.  So, why am I down on social media?  Well, in my case social media hasn’t really done much for me lately.  Frankly, I’m not even sure how to use it.  Or more to the point I am completely mystified as to how others use it so well.

For many of us, the idea of gleefully conversing with people we don’t know about things we aren’t interested in makes us break into a cold sweat.

Here are my problems with Twitter:

  1. I can’t figure out the language.  I’ve read countless articles, gone to webinars, had conversations about Twitter.  But for the life of me RT @ # look like gobbledygook on my Twitter feed.
  2. People follow me for no reason.  Nearly every day I get a notification from Twitter that some fellow tweeter is following me.  I look at their profile and shrug.  Why me? I wonder.  No answer as far as I can tell.
  3. It seems like a numbers game.  Apparently the social proof is in who follows you and how many of those who’s follow you.  For some reason it makes me feel like I’m back in high school heading the geeky girl club again.
  4. It takes too much time.  Ironic right?  Since the tweets are a max of 140 characters you’d think I could swoop in and out of my Twitter account.  And some clearly can.  Not me.  I get so hung up trying to figure out what everybody is talking about and why people I don’t follow are in my feed that I can lose an hour just like that.

Here are my problems with Face Book:

  1. They are totally OCD.  Face book just is incapable of leaving well enough alone.  They are constantly changing things whether  you like it or not and you never have the choice to opt out.  Take the timeline thing.  I hate it.  But I’m stuck with it.  Why does face book think they know how to represent me better than I do?
  2. Sponsored ads and paid posts.  It’s not bad enough that they are always trying to get you to give them access to your email contacts and running non-stop ads on the sidebar til  you want to puke – but now you’ll see ads in your own feed.  What the hell? Hate that.
  3. Notifications gone wild.  It got to the point that I was getting so many notifications in the email box that I had to turn them off completely.  Which is too bad because there are some things I’d like to get a notification on.  But after a hundred, ‘your friend Burt farted yesterday’ type notifications I had to put my foot down.
  4. It’s so saturated with marketeering that I can’t find or see the people I signed up for Facebook  to see and find.  My reason for jumping into Facebook was really to stay in touch with friends and family.  But my feed is so jammed with everything else, it’s hard to even see anybody in the mess.
  5. It makes it too easy for people to spy on and stalk you.  You may not know this but lawyers are regularly checking out Facebook pages. Yep, if you are going through a divorce, then limit your page to close friends and don’t talk about anything that could hurt you or help your spouse.  Also, talking about when you won’t be home or places you are going will only make it easier for your stalker to track you.

I don’t hate social media – but I don’t love it either

Don’t  get me wrong, I don’t hate social media but to be honest it’s not really all that for me.  I think that social media does have great potential for the right kind of people.  And social media will probably work great for you if:

  1. You are a social animal and love talking to strangers about anything and everything.
  2. Sharing your every thought about every topic under the sun gets your engine roaring.
  3. Glad handing is your natural style.
  4. You have your smart phone, and i Pad glued to your hip at all times.
  5. You’d rather text, tweet, report your status or otherwise chat it up than anything else.

The social retard revolution

Only you know if social media works well for you, whether you use it for promoting your business or hanging out with your buddies.  However, I think that we who aren’t comfortable with it, not good at it and don’t understand it, should just admit it.  Maybe we should have a social retard revolution and just say no.  I mean, aren’t we all individuals?  Do we have to always run with the crowd? Or could we maybe just maybe dance to the beat of our own dysfunctional drums?

What do you think about social media? Is it all that for you? Tell me how?

Why do Twitter and Facebook hate me?

Puleeze can someone tell me? Am I the only one who can rarely if ever get onto FB or Twitter –  much less do something once I get there? It’s a wonder to me. Apparently social networking is the thing of the 21st Century. I mean for cripes sakes where would we be without it?  Probably like me – continuously frustrated and probably somewhat inept at all the many apps.

I have lots of friends and family just wild about this stuff. Downloading tweetdecks and twitter apps for their blogs and all sorts of stuff. Me? Like I said just waiting for the endless loop of trying to download the page.

I even get notifications from both sites – saying I’m being followed by so and so or so and so wants me to join a cause or see their new pics. Hey, I’d love to follow you back or at least find out who the heck you are and why you are so bored you would follow me but… And I guess I wouldn’t mind tweeting from time to time but…

Forget about the FB apps. Farmville, MafiaWars, Family chains, circle of friends, virtual roses, pizzas, children, awards, automobiles, produce, etc..

Frankly folks, for the most part it’s all beyond me. The fact that I can barely get onto either site is a drawback I’ll admit but really how do so many people have so much time on their hands? Maybe they have secret plugins that allow them to actually get something done on either of these apps but I just can’t seem to spare an hour to simply find out who is following me and why much less tweet about something.  And growing virtual produce seems rather silly to me – why not just play a video game?

I definitely like the concept of staying in touch and having an easy platform to do so…but I guess that’s my point. Neither facebook or twitter make it easy – at least for me.  Mostly they just make me curse under my breath. I suppose I should just pull the plug on both of these sites – I mean I’m not really contributing anything to speak of and the whole virtual aspect makes me a little dizzy – but then I think to myself, at least somewhere somehow, long lost friends or family can find me. Still, it’s hard to network on sites that hate you. That taunt you and just won’t let you play.

Anybody else out there have this problem or should I start taking it personally?