Gaming Amazon for Kindle Success and Other Captivating Reads…

Confessions from the Underground World of Kindle eBooks, Part 1. An ‘anonymous’ interview with a supposed best-selling Kindle author who has a formula to game the system and make a ton of money. Smacks of cautionary tale to me. Note: There is a part 2 & 3 at the same blog if you are interested in following up on what happened.

Women Crime Writers of the 40s and 50s by Sarah Weinman. Is a fascinating article about women crime writers but not just in the 40s and 50s. Believe it or not we’ve been around almost from the beginning of the genre.

The Power of Fiction – by Jo Eberhardt. Jo discusses whether we as writers have the power to change the world, or at least one person’s world. She makes a compelling case for the yes column.

10 terms coined by Ernest Hemingway by Angela Yung. Just for fun, ten still used phrases that we use thanks to Papa Ernie.

With Lower Prices and 12X More Titles Per Year, Famous Authors Fear Amazon Bestselling authors make roundabout arguments that it’s in readers’ interest for big publishers to collude on high prices. Interesting….

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#Ten Things Not to Say to a Writer Lights up Twitter and other fun stuff

lady writer

#Ten Things Not to Say to a Writer. Hilarious.

Another wake-up call from Amazon as they serve author interests better than publishers have. by Mike Shatzkin Discusses what Amazon, yet again, is doing for authors – and it’s a good thing.

A Publishing Contract Should not be Forever. The Author’s Guild suggest a publishing contract with traditional publishers should not be forever. I think he’s got a point.

Living in the White Space by Liz Michalski. Liz suggests there may be more to life than writing, editing and submitting. She may have a point.

Does your site make the grade? Check out this cool free little tool, the website grader.

Meanwhile…I’m working my butt off to have an August release of my mystery series. Wish me luck. 😀

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Self-e for Indie Authors and Other Discover-abilities this Week


I’m sensing a theme this week and it all has to do with being discovered, getting discovered, making yourself discover-licious. Anyway…

How to Get Visible in Libraries. By Porter Anderson (guesting on Anne R. Allen’s blog) Explains SELFe. A program that may help indie authors get the attention of librarians and by doing so, conquer at least in part the discoverability factor.

Meeting Readers Where They Are from Writer Unboxed. Another interesting post that discusses the discoverability factor, which is ever present on the minds of indie authors.

DIY Point of Sales Programs for Indie Authors. Want to sell your books directly from your own site? This article from Publisher’s Weekly might set you in the right direction.

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to the first chaper of Harper Lee’s new book Go Set a Watchman.

Top 10 Tomato Solutions. Just for fun. If you’re a gardener like me, this quick little article may help you improve your tomato crop – or at least give you a clue what may be wrong.

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“The great self-publishing purge of 2015” and Other Stuff happening around the neighborhood

Scribd Starts to Banish Indie Authors from its Catalog by Michael Kozlowski. Who knows what this will mean for indie authors – but the ‘great self-publishing purge of 2015’ may be something we talk about for years to come. Or not.

Amazon Review Policy Under Fire: Indie Authors Call For Change In ‘Big Brother’ Policing. Looks like some authors/readers are fighting back and petitioning Amazon to change it’s policy on reviews. I hope they do.

Estate Planning Basics for the Self-Published Writer by Kathryn Goldman
Very straightforward and sound advice on how to handle your intellectual property as part of your estate.

Why Readers, Scientifically, Are the Best People to Fall in Love With by Lauren Martin. When I first saw this title I thought it was probably a silly, funny post but in reading it I actually saw it made some good points. Oddly, as a writer I never put ‘reader’ in the list of attributes I might want in a mate. How different things might have been if I had.

Everything is awful and I’m not okay: Questions to ask before giving up. This was posted by a friend in my Facebook feed. It’s a printable PDF file with a list of questions you might want to ask yourself if you’re feeling blue. Very common sense and it’s worth a look.

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Indie Authors “Owning It” and Other Groovy Stuff this Week

harley davidson

Found a few real nuggets this week – read them, bookmark them and refer to them often.

For Indie Writers: You have the control. Own it. By Elizabeth Hunter. Ms. Hunter makes the very good point that indie authors are not just authors but also publishers and instead of complaining we should own it. I’m with her. It’s your party, you decide the menu, the party favors, the guest list and everything else. Own it. Enjoy it. Do it.

I miss the blogosphere by Nathan Bransford. A sweet post that made me long for the good old days of blogging too. Before it was a social media ‘tool’

The complete list of creative distractions and defenses against them by Dan Blank A humorous and accurate list of how we allow ourselves to get distracted from our work.

Indie Authors Should Think Twice About Kickstarter by Michael Kozlowski. A short but profound cautionary tale about Indie’s going the Kickstarter route.

And last but not least, for Raymond Chandler fans –The Long Goodbye audio book at Audible

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Gaming the System & Good Blogs This Week

Business Musings: Gaming the System by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. A frank, direct frontal assault on those who game the system. This post applies to writers but you could apply it to anyone who believes that tricking and gaming the system equals success. Even if that were true, what an empty success that must be. I also love Rusch’s incredible analytic skills and her ability to speak the truth in no uncertain terms. Must read!

Amazon is America’s best company. Says who? You! At least that’s what most people think, according to the Reputation Institute, an advisory firm that surveys the public about companies and industries.

2014 QUICK & DIRTY INDIE EARNINGS RESULTS by Brenda Hiatt. Interesting numbers and data on indie earnings for 2014. Worth a look.

DIY: Point-of-Sale Programs for Indie Authors. Discusses the pros and cons of authors selling their works directly. Informative.

Just for fun you can go to this site and make cool free twitter ready images

Have a great week, everybody.

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No Men Allowed Challenge Accepted & Good Reads This Week


No men allowed: publisher accepts novelist’s ‘year of women’ challenge – by Alison Flood. Small press And Other Stories has answered author Kamila Shamsie’s provocative call for a year of publishing women to redress “gender bias” in the literary world.

Call to Arms – Book Marketing Results by Nicolas C. Rossis Although it was a limited survey, I think he still got some very interesting results on the best venues to advertise your books.

Reports of a Shrinking US eBook Market Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Nielsen Pubtrack) by Nate Hoffelder. Apparently Nielson has no freaking idea how many eBooks sold last year and they are off by millions.

And…just for fun here’s the link to a character name generator

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Writing by Committe & Other Informative Reads


Writing by Committee by Kristine Kathryn Rusch – One kick-ass article about why no good can ever come from writing by committee. Must read!! I love this chick.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby Home for Sale  The home where F. Scott Fitzgerald is believed to have written the Great Gatsby is for sale. It’s a looker and you can imagine what a cool setting it could be for a retro book, eh?

Six Writing Techniques I learned at Story Masters by David Bruns. Is a nice little synopsis of some very usable tips for writing your novel. Good read.

Why you should never comment on a negative review of your book . At Thought Scratchings. A funny and yet ever so correct view of why you just need to step away from the review page if a reader doesn’t like your book.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Book Title. Anne R. Allen gives you some good, sensible tips on how to choose a title that works.

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The King of the Blues Plays His Final Set and Other Good Reads this Week


The King of the Blues, BB King Dies at Age 89. Very nice retrospective on blues legend BB King, that offers more than just the facts and a superficial assessment of his many accomplishments.

Paid Reviews: Why Authors Should NEVER Buy Amazon Reader Reviews. More sage advice from Anne R. Allen on why paid reviews ain’t such a hot idea.

Can’t Everyone In The Publishing Industry Just Get Along? Makes a great case for just being grateful that books come in all types and from many sources. Hooray for books.

Publication Opportunities for New Writers at Endless Edits is a nice post with lots of tips and links to writing opportunities for new writers.

Agonizing Over Antagonists by Keith Cronin. Is a great straightforward post about giving your bad guys some dimension and making them more like real life. Basically, if real bullies have something good about them. I agree. Makes for a better villain in my mind.

Enjoy the reads and have a great week everybody. Let BB get you there:



Soon, you too can write like a genius and other cool reads of the week

A new font based on Einstein’s handwriting will let you write like a genius – Always wanted people to see you as a genius? Well you’re in luck, a new font is being developed so that you can write like Einstein. Actually pretty fascinating article.

Change by Donald Maass. Discusses how change can stir emotions in your readers.

When Your Scene is Dragging: 6 Ways to Add Tension by Anna Elliot. Good, sound ways you can add tension to your story/scenes.

Self Published Books Are Crap? Jim Heskett rightly points out that broad sweeping statements are crap.

Kathryn Goldman provides quick notes on contractual matters for authors and other creatives. Not an article but very helpful.

Oooh, can’t wait to get my hands on that genius font. Have a great week everybody. 😀 WC