My buddy Teeni has not tagged me for this meme, but I’m doing it anyway.

The Rules:

Write a list of things of which you are suspicious. Any number of them will do.
Include the list of rules, if you feel like it.
Link back to the person who tagged you. Or don’t.
Tag people you want to tag or skip this step altogether.
If you acted on rule four, leave comments on their websites to let them know that they have been tagged or just let them be surprised. Surprises are good.

1. Cell phones, especially the ones that can do everything but your laundry. A phone was meant as a calling/talking device to put you in touch with people who aren’t in your immediate area, not to play music, show movie previews, do your homework or take pictures.

2. People who say, trust me, as soon as they say it, I’m absolutely sure that that is the last thing I should do. Others phrases that you can insert which mean much the same: would I lie to you (yes) who loves you? (my mommy) you can take that to the bank (and they’ll tell me it’s counterfeit, right?) I’ve got it under control (it takes more than a remote, bub)

3. Salesmen who won’t answer the question, How much is it? It’s a simple question and really there should only be one answer, so what is so difficult about answering it? When they don’t answer the question I immediately know the answer is, too much.

4. Soy. Sorry my vegan friends, I just don’t trust it. To me, it’s like flouride – one of those one-size-fits-all things that can do everything from improve your sex life to whiten your teeth. It’s a bean for crying out loud (or maybe it’s a legume, I never did get those two straight), how much can one little bean do? Depending on what study you’re reading, it will shorten your life by ten years or cure cancer. Nope, I just don’t trust that stuff.

5. Paperless offices. I know, I know, I’m a technophobe. I freely admit it. But let me tell you, every ‘paperless’ office I’ve ever worked in was 1) Not really paperless, otherwise we wouldn’t have been buying cases of paper from Office Depot, 2)The paper they felt was unimportant was usually the very thing that the IRS, the state government or OSHA wanted to see and 3) Can you say power outtage? If the transformer blows or you lose your Internet connection you’re screwed. Redundancy is what I’m all about.

6. The guys who show up at your office right around Christmas, dragging duffles of stuff, claiming a truck broke down in the area and they have to unload the stuff today only, cuz the order was cancelled by the original orderer. Now, I’m sure if the truck did break down that these jokers robbed the poor dude while he was changing a flat, otherwise who would trust morons like this with valuable merchandize? And on the odd chance the broken down truck story were true, why would they sell the stuff for 50 cents on the dollar when they could just send another truck to pick up the stuff and take it back to the warehouse?

7. Bloggers (sploggers) who say they accidentally stole your content or that the ghost writer did it. Right, just like my dog ate my homework when I was a kid.

8. Politicians, interest groups, individuals and anyone else who says they can get the government to buy me what I should be buying for myself. Since we as a Republic, are the government. So anytime, somebody sells you on a program, just remember, you and I are paying for it, one way or another it will come out of our paychecks, profits, property or any other thing these dopes can figure out to cyphon from.

9. People who preach to me about changing my lifestyle to save the planet (the whales, the white-assed owl, the booby-gooby tumbleweed or whatever) while they zoom around the planet in their private jets, with their entourages, $500 dinners and $5,000 suits. I say, ‘practice what you preach.’

10. The twofer sale. Now how is it a vendor can sell you two for the price of one unless they’ve been selling it previously for twice what they should? I didn’t fall of the shopper’s truck yesterday you know.

11. The news, newspapers and news magazines. Now way back when, when the 5th Estate began I think there was a good purpose in wanting to let the public know what was going on. These days it’s just more a matter of what will repel and scintillate people. What will enrage or lead astray. It’s gone from the people’s right to know to we’ll tell you what to know.

12. Hot dogs. Have you ever read what the FDA allows in hotdogs? I don’t suggest you check it out or you will never go near another hot dog again. If I want mouse ears and grasshopper legs on a bun, I’ll just go foraging in my backyard.

13. Credit card companies and any government agency. First of all, can anyone really understand their credit card statement? All that fractional math makes my head spin and whenever I call them to have it explained to me I just hang up the phone more confused than I was in the first place. Government agencies – they are staffed with people who are members of the biggest, ironclad union in the world – they can never get fired and they get raises for being there. What makes anyone think they have any interest in doing their jobs?

14. Chain emails, especially the ones that tell you bad luck will befall you if you don’t do as they say. Cripes, at least with old time chain letters, you had the chance to get a few bucks.

15. Multi Level Marketing. Look, after you’ve forced the products on all your friends and family where do you go? You’ll be lucky if the profits end up paying for the dang kit you had to buy.

16. Motivational speakers. Why on earth would I pay a total stranger thousands of dollars for what I can get my mom to do for free? Jeez!

Anyway that’s my list. What’s yours?

Oh and tag yourself if you want.



Angie, over at This and That, tagged me. Now, though I’ve done similar memes and you all know far too much about me anyway – I’m doing the meme cuz Angie is new in the neighborhood and I want to support her. So, seven more things about me. 😉

1. My ass has its own zipcode – and at the rate I’m going I will be my own island soon.

2. My favorite food when I was a kid was a BLT with peanut butter (can you say, Elvis?) on toasted Hillbilly bread (yes, there really was such a thing).

3. When I’m writing a story, I often have conversations between the characters and I play all the parts and I have these conversations out loud – usually while I’m walking the dog or taking a shower. Anyone who witnesses this probably thinks I need to adjust my meds.

4. And while we’re on the topic of talking out loud, I sometimes have conversations with my dead father.

5. I think that the global warming thing is a bunch of crap. However, I am worried about the planet and the world at large because there is so much hatred in the world that we will likely blow ourselves up in an effort to kill each other, long before the planet goes belly up.

6. I like George W. Bush. In fact, I voted for him twice. I do not always agree with what he does, nor do I support all of his ideas but I believe he has done what he feels is best for the country. I do not believe he deserves the utter hatred that has been piled on him, nor do I think he deserves the personal attacks. It’s okay if you disagree with the man, but he is not the second coming of Hitler or Satan. His biggest crime, it seems is that he is a Republican and is determined to make up his own mind about what to do in his capacity as President.

7. I can’t watch horror movies anymore. Which is odd because I couldn’t get enough of them when I was a teenager – now if I watch them, they make me afraid of inanimate objects like doors and radios.

Well there you have it seven more things about me that you didn’t need to know. Hehehe.

If you want to do the meme and pass it on, consider yourself tagged – if not, no worries.


Splitting Hairs

[This assignment is from Jennifer: Would you please write about how you are feeling now that you find yourself going bald? 😉 ]

It all started with that mere handful of hair clogging the shower drain. What’s this? I thought. I didn’t give it much thought until I had to call the plumber because of a backed up drain. Gobs and gobs of hair his stealth plumber’s snake pulled from my drain. I wondered if that was why my bangs looked so thin and the hairdresser had been starting them further and further back on my skull.

“This ain’t good,” I said as I wrote the plumber a check.

“It’s good for me,” he said and waddled out to his paneled van and puttered away.

I looked in the mirror and suddenly realized what those shiny spots were all over my head. I had confused them with ultra blonde shiny highlights, when in fact it was my scalp crying out for recognition.

I hurried down to my local beauty supply and bought all the remedies I could find; hairwax, hairspray, shampoo for thinning hair, hair gel, head massager, massaging shower head, hair-in-a-can, snap in hair extensions. The sales girl assured me they would all help and had a somewhat evil and gleeful smile as she rung up the sale and ran my credit card. “$350?” I exclaimed.

“Hey,” she said, “beauty is costly.”

I rushed home and tried it all. For days, I glued, shellacked and waxed my hair. I spray on potions, massaged in goo, stood on my head and threw away all my brushes, hairblowers and appliances. Still, the gobs found their way to the floor of the shower. I had to face it, my hair was on its way out and soon I would be one shiny noggin in the crowd.

One night, while enduring yet another banana and mayonaise conditioning treatment, it dawned on me that no matter how much I smelled like fruit, the only flying in the wind my hair was going to do was off my head. I decided it was time for drastic measures and got out the shaving cream. “Men do it all the time,” I told myself with each sweep of the blade. “It’s no big deal. Hey, it’s the enlightened age of do your own thing. Wow, what a weird shaped head, I have.” After the last of my remaining peach fuzz was whisked away, I looked at myself in the mirror. “Not bad,” I said, admiring my reflection, “a cross between Annie Lennox and Bruce Willis but with prettier eyes.”

I had embraced my new look. I toyed with the idea of having a tatoo emblazoned across my noggin but then what if I changed my mind and the message or image became dated or blase’ after time. Nope, I’d go natural. That was my way anyway – yep, just me and my noggin.

I learned that having no hair opens the door to many unforseen problems – do you know that scalps can chap and sunburn and freckle. Also, rain hitting a bare scalp does nothing for warmth or your makeup – I’d have to look into some hats. Now, when you’re bald hats have to fit in just the right way or they just slide right off. Also, if you choose the wrong color or shape you look like a ghoul who has gotten ready far in advance of Halloween. So I stuck with the classics and went felt with wide brims, velvet cloches with little veils, floppy sunhats, berets, and even an easter bonnet.

Much as I missed my hair I realized that there were many things about being bald that were great. No need to buy shampoo any more. No 20 minutes every morning fuzzing with hair dryers and potions, no need for combs, brushes or scissors and if I tilted my head just the right way I could refract light off of it straight into the eyes of anyone I wanted to annoy. Tres’ cool.

So, I think I’ve adjusted quite nicely to the bald life. I’ve mainstreamed into my new look and have made lots of new friends, especially with the new skinheads who have moved in down the block – and I have a great collection of hats for every occasion. Hey when I get lemons, I make lemonade (and smear some on my skull for extra shininess.).

8 Things About Me


Marion has tagged me to write 8 random facts about me – I could swear Kim had already done this, but what the heck, I’m game. I’m not much into tagging these days – but feel free to do the meme if it grabs  you.

 1. I am a political junkie, currently on hiatus and saving myself for the 2008 presidential race.

2. I was born on St. Patty’s Day and am half Irish. My Great, Great Uncle was Father Flanigan of Boy’s Town fame (they made a movie of it with Spencer Tracy – not my birthday but Boy’s Town).

3. Of the five children in my family only I have my mother’s green eyes – the rest of my siblings have blue eyes. Beyond that, I look like no one in my family and Mom used to tell me I was the Milkman’s gift to the family tree. (She was joking)

4. I have an IQ of 137 – which apparently makes me smart. But if I’m so smart, why have I done so many stupid things?

5. I can raise my left eyebrow at will – I had no idea this was an actual talent until Pretty wrote a post about her boyfriend being excited that on occasion his eyebrow raises of its own accord.

6. I compulsively give everyone I meet and know a nickname. I don’t mean to do it, it just comes out of my mouth and it sticks (at least in my mind) and I can’t seem to call that person anything else. My favorite nickname was “Rodg” but it never stuck, the other nicknames I’ve been given are, “Killer, Toughie, Neener, Neetz, Neato.” Is it any wonder that I started forcing people to call me Annie?

7. I was hit in three motor vehicle accidents in the same year. In each case, it wasn’t my fault but that was little consolation to my cars. The most ironic of these was the last one, in which a doped up delivery guy hit my junker with his delivery van, while I was on my way to make the final payment of the the car that was totaled in my first accident. Is it any wonder that I hate to drive and refuse to go on the freeways?

8. I wrote a song called “The Loose Woman Blues” when I was 14. I happened to be on a Janis Joplin jag at the time. No, I don’t remember the lyrics and no, I don’t remember the melody – the only thing that survived in my brain was the title.

Okay, those are 8 really irrelevant facts about me.

How’s about you?


PS: Oh yeah, here’s a #9 – Bella thinks I’m a

Thanks Bella!

Finger Lickin’ Good!

Michael of Smoke & Mirrors has tagged me on a food meme. Imagine that, me and food – who’d a thunk? The deal is that I am supposed to list five of my fav eateries here in my neck of the woods, then I tag five more bloggers to do the same. So here goes:

Pink’s Hotdogs: Pink’s has been around forever in a day. Once you see the place, you definitely envision starlets and wannabe’s of the 1930’s & 1940’s standing around eating their dogs and sipping their creme soda. It’s clearly a Hollywood favorite, as evidenced by all the signed 8×10 glossies of Hollywood luminaries, that cover the walls inside the tiny dining area. But oh, my, God…they have the best chili dogs on the planet. And there is nothing quite so fun as running down there at midnight to stand on line to get a couple of these greasy, ooey, gooey, chili, onions,cheese dogs. 100% kosher beef dogs, on perfect squishy white buns, served by zophtic maidens. Get a Dr. Bonner’s Creme Soda to go with and you are set.

Barney’s: Barney’s is a fixture in Pasadena’s Old Town and has been there for quite a while. It’s a morph of an old-time saloon and a yuppie cafe. The food is good, hearty and reasonably priced, especially for its locale. My all time favorite dish is their toast-taco-salad. An enormous dish of fresh greens, topped with taco meat, shredded cheese, onions, sour creme and freshly made corn chips. Enough to feed three people unless you’re feeling really piggy. It’s served with a boatload of fresh salsa and vinegarette. Their potato salad is perfect. Burgers, great. Also have a mean kielbasa samich served with sourkraut on a big bakery bun. Have it with a diet coke, coffee or any one of the millions of brands of beers they serve. Afterwards, go for a stroll through Old Town, look in the shops, stop at the movies or just mill with the rest of the crowd.

Al Read’s: Al Read’s is a little hole in the wall place a mere 1/4 mile from my house. It sits on a corner across from a liquor store and a grocery store. Nothing remarkable about the little white building it is housed in but wait til you go inside. The decor is early 1970’s with white walls and red vinyl booths. To your right a tiny bar that is always rocking and to your left the dining room. You slide into one of the booths, and are given a giant red menu to peruse. Steak, seafood and ribs. Man oh man, the ribs. The sauce is to die for and I’ve yet to wheedle the recipe out of any of them. My two favorite dishes: Fried clams – can’t get enough of them. And the prime rib – unbelievably huge (covers most of the plate) served with twice baked potatoes and hot cheesebread – for under $20. A-yup, that’s what I said. You can go in your sweats or your fancy duds, makes no difference to them. The food is to die for and the service is friendly, casual and you never feel like they are just waiting for you to leave. It’s like going to your Aunt Edna’s for dinner but the service is better and so is the food.

Da Franco’s: Da Franco’s is the classic neighborhood Italian restaurant. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid there were always the family style neighborhood Eye-talian places that we would go to and gorge until we couldn’t move – and still have tons of leftovers to take home. That’s this place. Alfredo that is light, creamy, perfect. Marinara, home-made and garden fresh. They also have this chicken dish that is layer with cheese, ham and eggplant that is amazing and in ‘pink sauce’ – no idea what that is, but it melts in your mouth. Again, another casual, easy going place that serves the hell out of you. Oh and the cannolis can’t be beat. One other thing that I love, is that they serve you a basket of fresh soft bread sticks with marinara on the side, the minute your fanny hits the seat.

The Elephant Bar: The Elephant Bar is a cool kind of yuppy place in the heart of Burbank. The walls are painted in leopard print and zebra stripes, the waiters and waitresses likely all actors and actresses looking for their big break. They have a nice patio that faces the mountains and you can sip your iced tea or passion fruit iced tea as you watch the sun go down. Don’t worry about getting cold because they have those great big patio heaters that they will light on request. Everything on the menu is delicious. Everything. And the chef will alter dishes to your specs if you’re on a diet or want to swap one item out for another. They have everything from fried calamari, chinese chicken salad to pot roast. The portions are huge, you will be taking home leftovers. My favorite dish is the pot roast. Fork tender, in a perfect brown sauce that just melts in your mouth. Make sure to top it off with a huge slab of Chocolate Blackout Cake. And then call the paramedics, because you’ll have passed out by then.

And any time y’all want to come out to sunny California, I’d be pleased as punch to take you to any of these places.

Okay, that’s my five. Now, on with the tags…who shall it be??????


Music To My Ears


La Flor of Mocha Buzz  has tagged me for a little meme.

It’s all about songs and one’s youth. LOL. Not sure I want to remember that far back, but I’m game. I’m also not sure I can get all nostalgic about the years of high school or even any of the songs during that time. But I did have some favorites that I managed to find:

Lean on Me – by Bill Withers – Aside from the fact that this was one of those sort of post-hippie songs and we were all into feeling the love for everyone (but dah man) – this is to me, a classic. It sounds as good today as it did then I think because it deals with the universal theme that we are not alone – we have friends, we have family and we can lean sometimes when we need to. I’ll admit, that I’m not much of a leaner and when I do, it usually feels a bit odd – but like the man says, ‘we all need somebody to lean on.’ Amen.

I Can See Clearly Now –  by Johnny Nash: There is something about this song that always gets me. It can mean so many things. But to me, it’s about revelations, whether personal or the big picture. It’s also a song of celebration – of being free from chains I guess, whether it be the chains of a love affair, small-mindedness, our own limiting thoughts. It’s all good. 

Let’s Stay Together – by Al Green: Ah, the Reverand Al Green, I could listen to this guy sing the phone book. Have you ever seen him perform? He takes such utter and complete joy in what he is doing, it makes you wish you could sing too. The song is a classic, about the common sense of staying in love, staying together, working it out. That things that are important are meant to last – and that making them last is worth the effort.

Heart of Gold – by Neil Young: I was never much of a Neil Young fan, aside from this song, the only other song of his I liked was Helpless. But again, a classic song that speaks to human frailty and the need to find love. For some reason, it always reminded me of my dad. Maybe it was the twangy voice of Young or the old fashioned theme of the song – but he definitely had a heart of gold.

 Without You – by Nilsson:  This song was so different from songs of its day – lots of big music, for such a little, simple song. And it was the perfect song to play when  your heart was broken. It fit so well with the teenaged angst I experienced most of  my young life and you could just scream your heart out as you sung along.

So… there you have it. The songs of my youth. Plus a cartoon that has absolutely nothing to do with this. 😉

I’m tagging:

These are the rules:
1. Go to the Billboard #1 Hits listings (scroll down and you’ll seen them separated by decades on the left in the sidebar)
2. Pick a year you were in high school
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of that year
4. Pick 5 songs and write something about how these songs affected you
5. Pass it on to 5 more people

A Meme of My Own

It seems that everybody is meme-ing lately, and I thought, what the heck, I’ll try one of my own. Feel free to jump in, with lists, opinions and heck if you want to consider yourself tagged, then please feel free.

1. The nicest thing anyone ever said to me: My friend Allen told me he thought I’d be a great teacher. That’d I’d be known as ‘that really cool teacher that everybody loves.’

2. The song that never fails to get me over myself: Layla – original version.

3. Worst day of my life: The day my dad died. I was upset all day and didn’t understand why. Nearly got fired from my job and ended up sobbing in my car after work. When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from my step-mom and of course, I knew. There would have been no other reason for her to call me, since I barely knew her and she and my dad married long after I moved to California and had a life of my own. I devastated before I even dialed the phone, which took all the strength I had. All the colors in my life, drabbed down for quite a while after that.

4. Scariest bug I ever saw: I still don’t know what it was. I was living in one of those hillside cabin type homes that are popular and plenty in L.A. It was a somewhat rustic place that we rented from an ex-hippie – but it came with a garden and a 90 step walk from the street up the hill to get to it. One night, I’m chatting with my chum, Ruthy and out from behind the couch comes this giant ant-like, albino creature that seemed to give me the hairy eyeball. My bowl of popcorn went flying and I screamed. Ruthy took her size 10 shoe and splat went the scarey bug. Still gives me shivers.

5. Weirdest exchange I’ve ever had with another human being: When I first moved to L.A., I lived in an area that was near MacArthur Park. It was a bizarre neighborhood and it provided my first real experience with bag ladies and bag men (now called the homeless). They were all interesting characters, albeit tortured human beings. One lady in particular, we used to call Tinkerbell because she walked around dressed in a tutu and carried a wand with a paper, glittery star attached to it.

One day, she wandered into the office I worked in and in a very heavy Hungarian accent asked to see the owner. I informed her he wasn’t there. She smirked and told me it was because she was the owner of the business. Yes, she was sure of it and she wanted me to show her where her office was. I tried to reason with her but she was relentless and refused to leave. I got up from my seat and tried to escort her out of the building but she started thwapping me with her magic wand and screamed, “help, police. help, help, help!” Then just as suddenly as she started all the nonsense, she left – flipping me the bird on her way out.

6. My first devastating moment: When I was about 8, being the good Catholic girl that I was – I prepared for my First Communion. To be honest, I truly had no understanding of it and why all the fuss, but good girls do as the parents say. Two days before the event I was taken to the beauty parlor by my aunt to ‘get my hair done.’ This was very exciting because I’d never been to the beauty parlor except to watch my Mom and other adults get their hair done. Lucky me. Except, I had really long hair. It was fine and very wavy. A mass of tangles and knots that my mother complained about brushing. You guessed it – after my shampoo and conditioning my aunt told the lady to cut my hair. The woman whacked off about 3 inches – I winced but it wasn’t too bad. Then my aunt shook her head no and mouthed the word, ‘more.’ Next thing I knew all my beloved hair was on the floor and I had a bob. I cried for 2 weeks. There isn’t one salvagable photograph from my First Communion because I gave everyone the evil eye the whole day. And really it took me a long time to forgive God.

7. A talent most people don’t know I have: Two talents actually – I can almost always find lost items, particularly keys – unless it’s me who has lost them. I have an amazing knack for remember useless and trivial facts.

8. The funniest thing I’ve ever said out loud: Why are dead people driving cars?

9. Worst gift I ever got from a significant other: A snickers bar, in a plastic grocery bag, for Valentine’s Day. And no, there wasn’t a card in there either.

10. Favorite punchline(s): 1. You had Johnny Ringo’s gal. 2. God Ma, sometimes you really piss me off.

11. Weirdest food I’ve ever eaten: Smoked eel. I was on a blind date with a loser who thought he was quite sophisticated. He insisted on taking me to a Sushi restaurant despite my protestations and was hurt when I ordered Tempura. He forced me to tried smoked eel from his plate, which tasted like barbecued tire. I spit it into my napkin and never saw him again.

12. Strangest thing I ever got paid to do: Buffing a bus with Zelda. It’s too long a story to tell here, so I will have to do a future post about it. But take my word for it, bus buffers have a mind of their own.

13. The one modern convenience I couldn’t live without: A flushing toilet. I can manage without a computer, without a cell phone, a television and even a car – but I could never make it if I had to rely on latrines, outhouses or worse.

14. What I want written on my tombstone: Thanks for laughing.

15. Creepiest landlord I ever had: Elliot. I lived in a guest house on the back of his property. It was a great little place and I really loved it. Until, I had to go to the front house and pay the rent. Then I would have to engage in a conversation with a man who would make Rod Serling sit up and take notice. He had two club feet and so walked with canes and wore thick, eyeglasses that made his eyes look 5 times their size. Also one of those eyes seem to wander in the opposite direction of the other. I lived there for many years and even though he was creepy, given his infirmities I didn’t worry about my welfare, however, I constantly got obscene phone calls. One day, it dawned on me that it was Elliot making the calls. I had my number changed and miraculously, the calls stopped until….I was forced to give him my number. Then of course they would start again. I had my number changed, again and again and again – always with the same result. Even to this day it kind of creeps me out to think about it.

16. Most useless item I ever bought: A cardboard cat-scratcher from Trader Joe’s. Now I love TJ’s as much as the next person – but don’t ever buy this item. Besides the fact that it is impossible to actually put together, it’s a really just a hunk of very expensive cardboard.

17. Most unusual thing I ever cooked: Crawdads. Now, I realize that these are a common southern delicacy and in fact, they are quite delicious. But the thing that makes it unusual is because of the way we happened upon the crawdads. There is a little park that is a sort of annex into Griffith Park, which is a huge national park out here. A few of us decided to have a picnic in this little park annex and happened upon a crik (creek) and we noticed these tiny lobster like creatures strolling around on the bottom. Next thing I knew somebody found some string, bread and cheeze whiz and we were fishing crawdads. We caught an entire bucketful, probably got the entire crawdad population in that crik – then we went home and threw them in a pot of boiling water. Yum, yum, they was some good eatin’.

So there you have it, all the stuff you never wanted to know about me. What about you?


So Many Obsessions, so Little Time


I’ve been tagged by Interstellar Lass to do a post about obsessions. Now this is intriguing because I’m not sure I have any obsessions. I can hear laughing out there…but seriously, I’m really not sure I do.

Well, maybe a couple.

I think we can all agree I’m obsessed with blogging. Who’d a thunk it? Last summer when my buddy, Michael asked me to fill in on  his blog while he was on vacation, I thought, Jeez, blogging? Plus the whole thing made me nervous because it seemed so cliquey. As though it was his private club and I’d be crashing. I didn’t think his fellow club members would be interested in anything I had to say or wanted to write about it.

But he was so persuasive and is a good friend, so I decided I’d give it a try. It was only for a week after all and you can pretty much do anything for a week without gagging. Right? So, off I went. My first post was entitled Cream Boogers. To say I was surprised by the response puts it mildly. Like Sally I thought they like me, they really like me! Then I was hooked.

The week ended quickly and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Within a week I had my own blog. And so it began. I learned about hits and stats and stat counters, and links and photobucket and blogrolls and the whole enchilada. I was a blogger from that day forward. And though I bellyache about it sometimes, I doubt I could ever stop blogging.

I’m also obsessed with chocolate. So much so that I will not be able to get the image of a snickers out of my mind (I’m talking days) until I actually get one. Or whatever chocolate obsession is popular with me that week. I can always find a reason to have chocolate. Always.

Books, love books. Not because I’m a writer, though that doesn’t hurt – but because I love climbing into other worlds and leaving my world behind. I love fiction more than nonfiction, but I’m also nutso about the self-help books, the starting your own business books, marketing books and books about art and artists. I always have at least 30 books in the cue that I simply must read. As well as favorite books I want to reread and try to force on others (can you say, Atlas Shrugged?). My local library has a fantastic second hand book store and sell 5 paperbacks for a dollar and hardbacks for 50 cents to 2 bucks. I’ve even found some rare books there. Who needs Barnes and Noble’s?

Talking. Now, I’m not sure talking really classifies as an obsession since we all have to talk. But I don’t mean chit-chat kind of talking. I mean those deep, philosophical, swift exchanging of ideas that matter. The kind of talking that keeps you at Starbuck’s or on the phone til all hours because you just can’t stop, because really it’s the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off kind of talking. Oh yeah, I can talk until my vocal chords shrivel up.

And last but not least, writing. I have written in one form or another since I could write. As far back as I can remember I have written stories. I have been fascinated with the human condition and putting that fascination into the form of stories or poems. Writing to me has been my mother confessor, my friend, my touchstone, my comfort, my refuge, my joy and my heartbreak. It has always been the way I have processed anything. It is the conduit that has connected or disconnected me from the world. I honestly think that if I ever stopped writing I would die. The body might stick around for a bit but my soul would be as dead as a doornail. It is what and who I am, for better or for worse.

Alrighty then, I think that is more than enough obsessions for one post, probably for the decade. And now, you probably know way more about me than you care to know.

How about you? What are your obsessions? Anybody out there who wants to be tagged, consider yourself tagged. Or just share your obsessions here. You know me, love the chatty comments. Go crazy.


PS: How’s that, Lass?

I’m a Thinker, You’re a Thinker…

Red of Dr. Pepper is Good for the Soul has been named as a “Thinking Blogger.” Congrats my dear, and well deserved. Nobody  cuts through the chaff like you.

She has named five more bloggers as thinkers, and generously included me in her group. How flattered am I? Plenty!

The rules of the meme are simple:

1. If you get tagged, write a post, with links, to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote. (I’m not sure I did this part right. Me and technology – oy! But I did get the picture right. 🙂 )

Red already tagged Michael of Smoke & Mirrors and Evyl of From Evyl With Love, (dang, she beat me to the punch) two of the most thinkingest blogs out there. And please do believe all she has to say about them – they are magical.

And now onto my five…they are all wonderful and worth the read:

Never Goodbye by Popsgirl is a heartfelt journal of her experience with her father’s descent into dementia. It is always warm, often funny and poignant. You could never walk away without feeling changed somehow by reading her stories of her charismatic father.

Summer’s Child by Mckenzie is one young woman’s journey of bearing her soul and sharing true insight with her readers. She embraces her pain and her joy equally, wearing her scars as proudly as her triumphs.

Brit and Grit by Brit & Grit (natch) It’s funny, it’s whacky, it’s always something new. There is a refreshing sting of satire that runs rampant through this blog. Something for everyone.

Spasmically Perfect  by Spaz (to her friends) is like that first warm and fragrant breeze on a summer evening. Her writing is gentle, often profound and always refreshing.

Nanny’s Nook by Anonomum is one woman’s rage against the machine. She is biting, funny as hell and shoots straight from the hip. There is no one like her, a true original.

Hope you liked the picture as much as I did – I simply couldn’t resist…it’s dangerous for me to take myself too seriously. 😉  Now, what are you waiting for, go – read.


 Addendum: You know, much as I liked the idea of this meme, I found it limiting at the same time. For me, all the blogs on my blogroll offer something and certainly they offer food for thought. It felt a little wrong to exclude all but five. Know what I mean? I love everyone on my blogroll, even if I don’t get around to visiting all the time – it takes a lot to maintain a blog and do it well. And there isn’t anyone on my blogroll who doesn’t do that. So screw it, I’m nominating all of you.

Of course this will probably mean that they’ll take my thinking award away from me – but oh well – my mantle is full of awards anyway. LOL. 😆

An Answer For Everything…


When I was a kid, my mom used to say I always had an answer for everything, which was code for ‘you’re such a smart aleck’ but I enjoyed nonetheless.

Well, this isn’t really a post about that though.

Debi of Ms Crankypants has posed three questions for me to answer -an off-shoot of the whole Alabaster Crippens meme – and I decided to answer them here.

So here goes:

1) What event from your childhood or teen years still has a lasting effect on you to this day?

This is a tough one because it is quite personal. But what the heck… When I was about 12, I was very excited because I had managed to save a good deal of money for Christmas gifts. I really wanted to buy something special for my mother. So, I really budgeted the money for the other gifts on my list so I’d have enough left over to buy her a real gold cross on a chain. She had mentioned many times how she had wanted one and I was thrilled that I was going to be able to give her one. I bought the cross, tiny though it was and on a very delicate chain, it was still 14k gold and I couldn’t wait for Christmas day to arrive.

After weeks of agonizing waiting Christmas day arrived and I gave her the gift. Beside myself with anticipation. When she opened it, she cried and I was elated that she was so touched. But then she said, ‘It’s so small. Is that all you think of me, to give me something so small?’ (or words to that effect). I was crushed of course and disappointed. And I think I tried to explain to her but honestly, it’s a bit of a blur what was said after that point.

At the time, I thought she was being mean. Or maybe that she just didn’t love me very much or less than my brothers and sister. And I vowed I would never buy her anything that would ever enter the area of ‘special’ again because I couldn’t bear that kind of reaction from her again.

But in retrospect, I don’t think she was being mean. I think that she had many insecurities and self doubts. And that for some reason that necklace reinforced those insecurities and doubts. That in her mind, it validated her fear that she didn’t matter. And to me, that is even sadder that my mother wouldn’t know how much I was trying to please her and make her happy.

It has always affected my relationship with her and I’ve always felt tenuous with her and worry whenever I have to buy her a gift or send her a card. I try to pretend that it doesn’t matter but it does. She has a birthday coming up and I spent days trying to find something to send her that I thought she would like. I settled on something but I have little hope she’ll like it. I know she’ll say she does but…

Anyway, that’s the answer to that one.

2) What is the purpose of imagination and where does it come from?

I believe the purpose of imagination is to bring about the future. Without imagination, we would not have any of our modern technology, music, art, literature – artists are the dreamers of our society and they through their art dream and bring into reality products of their imaginations.

3) What book would YOU want to have written, and why?

Without question I would have wanted to write Atlas Shrugged. There are several reasons why. I strongly identified with Dagny Taggert, a true individual who did not care what others thought of her and was guided by her own conscience and values, despite incredible influences to act otherwise. She would not compromise her beliefs or ideals. Also, I believe it is one of the most important books ever written because it makes the case that we are each responsible and accountable for our actions or inactions and that no one is owed a living, wherewithall, possessions, or status that is not earned. To me, a definitive text of the 20th century and modern society. And probably most importantly, because it was an elegant and flawlessly written story that continued until it was truly over. Rather than ending on a specified page count.

Well Debi, there you have it. That was interesting… 😉