The Good Old Days of Blogging

the good old days of blogging








Before there was online marketing

Before anybody knew what SEO meant

Before Twitter uttered its first tweet

Before anybody over the age of 14 had even heard of Facebook

Before Social Media Managers existed

Before anybody really gave a whit about their page rank

Before anybody checked how many online reviews they had

There was blogging

And it was fun

And it was a way to make friends, share a few laughs or insights

You had your pals and your readers

And you read their blogs and commented

And they read your blog and commented

And you carried on conversations from blog to blog

And rolling posts came into being

And guest posts were about introducing your new blog friends to your other blog friends – not increasing the size of your email list

And you always had ideas for posts

And you never felt like it was work

And you didn’t have an editorial calendar

And you weren’t really concerned about finding your tribe

And jumping online to check your comments or see what your blogger buds were up to was sometimes the best part of the day

And it was fun

It wasn’t about being politically correct

It wasn’t about reputation management

It wasn’t about relevant content

Or pay-per-click

Or affiliate marketing

Or optimization

Or power blogging

It was about having a little freedom

It was about showing a little creativity

It was about having a place of your own

And it was fun

I miss the good old days of blogging

Do you?

Writer Chick

Copyright 2013

Once Upon a Time – Theme Friday

Once upon a time a thousand hurts clung to me.
My cloak of pain stooped low my shoulders and endured the weight of velvet yards

In a dream of deep-filled space I floated

And the moonlight sparkled my hurts in magnificent refraction
Revealing the beauty of jealousy, confusion, fear, and sorrow.

Exquisite the dream that showed me the breadth and depth of each with such clarity.

So I could know the five senses of each and watch them shimmer to dissipation of particulate light. Scattering to the stars to find a home.

One by one I set them free until the cape was no more and iridescent wings fluttered in emergence. And the stars grew nearer and fluttering wings sounded around me…

I knew again my own heartbeat and heard the silence of my own thoughts.


I was free.

Copyright 2010

Christine’s and Clancy’s once upon a time…