Coffee & Crime:

Who knew that buying a diner could be murder?

Welcome to the wacky world of plucky waitress and pastry chef, Scotti Fitzgerald, where food is love and the answer to most problems. Except perhaps, murder.

After five years of working her tail off to buy Manny the Cuban’s diner, Scotti is hurtling down the home stretch to seal the deal. But her investor’s sudden death stops everything in its tracks—and the money she was counting on is gone.

Racing against time, scrambling for money, and competing against a secret buyer, Scotti’s once well-ordered life is now totally out of control. If she wants her diner dreams to come true, she’ll have to put on her big girl pants, step into a world of high society, deceit, and back stabbing in order to solve a murder. Piece of cake, right?

Fans of Stephanie Plum and Sookie Stackhouse will enjoy this fun and fast-paced mystery – starring quirky and colorful characters who’ll feel like old friends and you’ll find yourself rooting for at every twist and turn.

Includes bonus chapter from the upcoming Dead Dog Trilogy.

Tags: Mystery, Noir, Whodunit, Crime Fiction, Pulp Fiction

Themes: Food Industry, Competition, The American Dream, Hard Work, Just Desserts


  Murder Ready to Eat:

A Tasty and Intriguing Whodunit

Crime fighting foodie, Scotti Fitzgerald, has found her sweet spot in life – running her dessert food truck by day and sleuthing for P.I. and mentor, Joe Enders, by night.

During the week she and wise-cracking sidekick Zelda, ramble around the San Fernando Valley hawking their home baked goods. They end their week by taking the left-over goodies to a few homeless vets who gather at the local park.

While working a boring divorce case for Joe, the girls stumble upon a connection between their target and the vets in the park. So when homeless buddy Ron, turns up dead a couple days later, Scotti’s inner investigator cries foul. The more she digs into Ron’s death, the more a mysterious person named Jody pops up. And though her relentless pursuit of justice for Ron puts a strain on her personal relationships she can’t seem to stop herself. Will she keep going until she loses her best friend, her boyfriend, and everything good in her life?

And who the hell is Jody?

Fans of Stephanie Plum and Sookie Stackhouse will enjoy this intriguing whodunit that will help them escape into a world of quirk, crime, mystery and romance.

Includes bonus chapter from the upcoming Dead Dog Trilogy.

Tags: Mystery, Noir, Whodunit, Crime Fiction, Pulp Fiction,

Themes: Military, Homeless, Veterans, Compassion for your fellow man


  Death of the Family Recipe:

Shaking the secrets out of the family tree is a recipe for disaster

Crime solving dessert queen, Scotti Fitzgerald, has it all now—a booming bakery business, a great man, and a new home. But when P.I. Joe Enders, hires her to work on the Devereaux murder case, it stirs up things from her past that threaten to ruin her soon-to-be perfect life. Determined to get her happily ever after, Scotti decides to find the mother who abandoned her, so she can finally put her demons to rest.

Leery of being on the defense team of accused killer, Spencer Atkinson, Scotti works the case at a distance. Little does she know that her own story has more in common with the case than she could ever imagine. And that peeling back the onion of her life, will pull her deeper into Atkinson’s world.

As the murder case heats up, tension builds between Scotti and Joe until she is abandoned once again, by someone she trusts. Left on her own to investigate her mother’s past, Scotti encounters dead ends, false clues, and people who’ll do anything to protect their secrets—including murder. Will Scotti unearth the truth or just become one more dead family secret, herself?

Stephanie Plum and Sookie Stackhouse fans will enjoy this multi-layered whodunit that will have them guessing til the end.

Includes bonus chapter from the upcoming Dead Dog Trilogy.

Tags: Mystery, Noir, Whodunit, Crime Fiction, Pulp Fiction, Kidnapping, Murder

Themes: Family, Foster Care, Children, Kidnapping, Secrets


  False Witness

Murder, Lies, and Memories…

Criminology student and all-around cynic, Billy Frayne, loves a good fight. Taking on his entire class to defend his theory of the Clarke murder case barely fazes him. But when his snooty professor challenges Billy to prove his theory, he has to put up or shut up.

Billy accepts the challenge and triggers a chain of events that lead him down a path of deception, false clues, and lies. Increasingly obsessed, and unable to trust anyone, Billy must rely on his own wits to break free of the puzzle that entraps him.

If he wants the truth about the Clarke case he’ll have to discover the truth of his own shadowy past first. But is he really ready to pull back that curtain? Will the  killer silence him before he can put the murder, lies, and memories, together?

If you love puzzle crime stories that keep you guessing, False Witness is for you.

Includes bonus chapter from the upcoming Dead Dog Trilogy.

Tags: Mystery, Noir, Whodunit, Crime Fiction, Pulp Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Themes: Food, Cold Cases, Kidnapping, Mis-Identities, Repressed Memories


  Sally & Gem (free download)

A short story of love, family, and second chances

When Sally loses her mother just before Christmas she is taken in by her great aunt, Gem Morgan. The social worker assures Gem that the arrangement is only temporary – until Sally’s father can be located. The problem is that no one knows her father’s name or where he lives because Sally was raised by her mother as a single mom.

The two become an odd but loving pair and soon can’t imagine life without each other. And the world seems full of possibilities. Until Sally’s father is found.

Will Sally stay with Gem or go with the father she never knew?

Sally & Gem is a story of unexpected family, love, and second chances. If you love stories that touch your heart, this story is for you.

Tags: Family,  Fostering,  Short Read,  Short Story, Relationships

Themes: Second Chances, Holiday, Christmas, Change,  Family

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