coffee-crime-new-approachCoffee & Crime:

The only thing I wanted was that diner. And I’d be damned if a dead investor and no money would stand in my way. Though I was scared witless, I’d find George’s killer, collect the reward money and get what I wanted. For once.

mre-new-approachMurder Ready to Eat:

I found my place in the food biz with my crazy dessert food truck, Sweet as Pie. Zelda and I were having a blast and business was booming. But when one of our homeless buddies turned up dead I couldn’t turn a blind eye. Something was wrong and the connection to our current case set off alarm bells in my head. What floored me was that nobody seemed to care but me.

dfr-new-approachDeath of the Family Recipe:

If I was going to start a family of my own then I was determined to discover the family that I came from. Who knew that everything I believed about my past was a lie? And that there were people who would go to any lengths to keep me from learning the truth?


false-witness-new-cover-4False Witness

Criminology student and all-around wiseguy, Billy Frayne, loves a good fight. And he takes on his entire class to defend his theory of an old murder case without batting an eye. But when his snooty professor throws down the gauntlet and challenges him to prove his theory, Billy has to put up or shut up forever. Billy accepts the challenge and sets off a chain of events that lead him down a path of deception filled with killers, kidnappers, liars and fakers. Powerless to stop his increasing obsession with the case and the players, and with no one to turn to, Billy has to rely on his own wits to navigate the deadly maze that entraps him. If Billy wants to solve this mystery, he’ll have to solve the puzzle of his own shadowy past first. But can he, before he gets himself killed? If you love puzzle crime stories that keep you guessing, False Witness is for you. Includes bonus chapter from the upcoming Dead Dog Trilogy.