Drugging kids is the answer?

I personally think not. ADHD seems now to be some normal part of the American culture. I beg to differ. Apparently, even the psychs can’t seem to agree on what the symptoms are – although it doesn’t stop anyone from parents to school nurses diagnosing this ‘illness’.

A couple of videos I think illustrate my views nicely:

Interesting note: In 1985 apparently there were a few thousand diagnosed with this illness – currently it is estimated that as many as 4 million children are on medication for this disorder. So what? Is there something in the water or is it just the drug companies are working overtime on their marketing campaigns? Something tells me that once this enforced healthcare kicks in that there will be an awful lot more of our children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters diagnosed and put on ADHD (brain altering) drugs to ‘fix’ what ails them. Remember a good citizen is an obedient one, right? Something to think about.