Anew – Theme Friday

Each day begins anew or so says an old adage. It is a philosophy which I long to stay faithful to – that tomorrow is a new day, that nothing is forever, that things do indeed change.

Looking ahead is always better than looking behind, than pulling the past along like an anchor of emotions that seeks to trap in questionable waters. Letting go, moving on, wiping the slate clean has its appeal in the thought that we can be reborn. Breathe new life into old bones and even older souls. Find the excitement that is common to children and rare to adults. Being happy just because.

As the old year has left us and a new year opens its arms I wonder what waits ahead on the path. The one that my foot has yet to walk upon. The one that is full of mystery, surprise and don’t-have-a-clue-what’s-gonna-happen. Because it’s a chance at a whole new everything. A whole new me or you or us.

And so we raise our glasses and say goodbye to yesterday and hello to today and tomorrow. For you, my friends I wish you a life anew, a dream rekindled, a surprise both unexpected and magical – a year to behold and remember.

Happy New Year.


What has struck Christine anew?