Apologies – Theme Fridays

rhymes with…
Swallow knees (how would you?)
Hollow sneeze (God bless you)
Apollo cheese (dairy products for only astronauts – like tang and instant?)
Wallow please (I do, and often)

Apologies, I don’t like them. Getting them. Giving them. It’s always an embarrassment for both sides. I’d rather have a time machine that would take that time back, only those few seconds when the words were uttered and/or the actions were done. Just like a movie director, I could yell “cut!” and then we could do a retake. Edit out all those mis-statements, mean thoughts, wrong steps. Where I could correct the lighting and all of it would be photo perfect again.

Life would be better if it were a movie. There would always be a happy ending and the right people would end up with each other and the music would always be context appropriate. Popcorn, coca cola and hot dogs would not be taboo foods – and except for the occasional idiot who forgot to turn off his cell phone, we could all sit in the dark, ah and ooh and feel entertained and safe, relaxed and happy.

No, I don’t like apologies nor the things that make them necessary.

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