A Beautiful Spring Day Around the Web

A beautiful spring day in the land of sunshine
A beautiful spring day in the land of sunshine

It’s a beautiful Spring day in sunny California and I’ve spent the afternoon reading like a fiend.

I found some great posts I thought you might like to read too:

A creative approach to problem solving  I have to say this is my personal favorite.  Love the whole idea!

Business writing made fun  I couldn’t agree more.

Great quotes about spring Sometimes you gotta sing about Spring!

Fun with stickies This I thought was a brilliant idea.

Make your own movies I actually made my own movie this way. Granted it has flaws and I have to refine it (I mean do it over) but it was great fun.

In search of a niche? We could all use some fresh ideas I think.

Anyway, grab an iced tea or diet coke and read til your eyeballs bleed.

Writer Chick