Is Hillary Still Gasping for Air or is She Dead in the Water?

I read this article today. It’s mild and a bit bitchy, true. But I have to wonder why it was written at all, if there is no real threat perceived. I know for months many have subscribed to the view that an Obama(nomi)nation is inevitable and frankly, Hillary wasted all that money and those black pant suits for nothing. Apparently she was only there to make it look like he had competition, right?

Hmm…here’s the thing, we all know Hil and she isn’t a quitter. Far from it. I mean the woman who coined the phrase “vast rightwing conspiracy” has always had many tricks up her sleeves and I doubt we even know the half of them. She stuck it out with Bill through 2 or 3 dreary govenortarial terms in Arkansas, then the campaigning, that tacky Fleetwood Mac soundtrack, Monica-Gate, Impeachment, parsing over the meaning of the word is – White Water, the Rose Law Firm, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Vince Harris and lots of bad hairdo’s, so now when her lifelong dream is actually on the table, she’s gonna nod, pat Barack on the fanny and say, you go, guy? Doesn’t sound like Hillary to me. Seriously, does it sound like Hillary to you?

The Dem rules for their convention and nomination process are so complex and contingent on such a wide range of variables that I doubt most scholars could even understand them, much less know when they are being violated. And there is this whole super-delegate thing which apparently (start biting your nails, folks) we won’t know the result of until the actual convention (and when the hell is that?). Conceivably, they could all decide they are going to vote for her. Many of them are not telling who they plan to vote for and since they’ve now decided that Hil will somehow be part of the nomination process, who the hell knows what might happen?

Sure, the Obama camp seems cool and not worried but the fact that they just keep repeating that makes me think they aren’t so cool and could be worried. Plus there are a lot of very bitter Hil supporters who might just want to teach somebody a lesson.

Since you all know I have no vested interest in either candidate because I’d rather extract my own teeth than vote for either one, I just find this an amusing and interesting proposition. Having watched Hil over the years manage to skirt prosecution, jail time and a much needed makeover, I have a very hard time believing this is just going to go clippity clop. Actually, secretly, I’m hoping it doesn’t if for no other reason than this has been the boringest presidential season I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The candidates on both sides couldn’t be more predictable, nor more boring if they tried.

Anyway, I’m wondering what y’all think – any opinions, does the Barack-man have it in the bag or will we be witness to some bizarre out of left field smashdown the likes of which we’ve never seen before? I hope so, I have a lot of popcorn and diet coke waiting and there’s nothing on television worth watching.

And as a bonus sidenote – Grit has got a wailing good tale to tell, which dovetails with this in a twisted nice way.

UPDATE: For a much harder hitting piece with well researched info and abundant links go see what Ange has to say on Mr. Obama. Spoiler: did you know that Obama pays his bloggers? What’s up with that?