One Dark Night – Theme Friday

one dark night

One dark night I lost a dear friend. Around a fire, amid laughter and drink. The air held a chill and denied summer stars – the moon remained hidden and watched from the window. Snickering.

The knife ever stealth and glinted so faint that the breath which caught in my throat sang mirthful and gay. But the creature that traveled my spine and whispered warning made my eyes turn in search of the culprit. And I saw. And I denied. And I knew. But could not say. Words would not help me. My voice would not reach.

The deed was done. My fall was complete. I was over. Shattered to ruins. So much dust dancing on air. Vanquished from memory. Relegated to trash on the curbside, waiting for pick up. Betrayal complete.

copyright 2009

What dark night is Christine in?