What to blog about for your business blog

If you have a business blog, you must have content. If you blog regularly, you have a better chance of coming up in the search engines as well as connecting with your public.

But coming up with fresh topics that will interest your public can be a challenge.

Following are a few suggestions that may give you some ideas on what to blog about for your business blog:

Trends in related industries. For example if you sell baby products you may want to cull the news for articles relating to child safety, crib safety, children’s allergies then write a post making relevant commentary.

Current news. Check the headlines, newspapers, your favorite news sites, or even your Face book feed for any current story that may relate to your field and product. For example, if you sell skin care products and you see an article that talks about trends in skin cancer treatment or prevention. You can site the article then write a list post, with tips on how to protect your skin from too much sun exposure.

Statistics. The U.S. government (as well as private groups) is always doing studies and they have statistics for just about everything. Whatever field your product relates to you can find statistics for and turn into a post. For example, you sell a hands-free cell phone holder for cars. You could look up stats on texting and accidents, cell phones and accidents and create a list post with tips on how to use the phone and drive safely.

TV, Movies and Books. If you’re clever and have a sense of adventure, you can also tap pop culture and do a tie in to your product. For example, a movie that involves dogs could tie into your pet care/accessory products. Do a review that is entertaining, perhaps even mention that your dog product might have helped the pooch in a specific scene.

Short and sweet with a take-away

Although news sites, personal blogs, artist’s blogs and so forth may write long posts – businesses should keep their blog posts short and sweet. The idea is that you want to give some kind of value that will be helpful to your public and has some sort of take-away. Whether it’s tips, increased awareness of risks, coming trends, safety or even a laugh, your reader has to feel like it was worth reading.

Readers do not respond to selling disguised as a blog post. In fact, if you try to sell someone something, you will face immediate resistance. But if you can provide information and/or entertainment that the reader likes, they will probably want to check you and your products out further. In blog posts and other social media venues hard-sell never works. It’s more about connection and interaction.

So, make it short and sweet, give them something for their time and build up some rapport – you’ll find that eventually, they’ll decide to buy from you without your having to ask.