Also-rans Need Not Apply

2008 was a momentous year – in that the chosen one was chosen. Much to the dismay of conservatives and perhaps now to the dismay of many others – since we see the hope and change that was on the agenda. There have been countless articles and discussions as to who voted him in and why. There are also countless commentaries on the price we have come to pay for electing an inexperienced and naïve (at best) individual to the office of president. Now two years in and a brutal mid-term election season behind us, we reflect on who might be asking for the job two years hence…

I’m pretty sure that despite all the hoopla that the Dems will run Obama again – unless he decides he’s had enough. Though I believe that to be unlikely for a man with an ego the size of Europe. So the question is, who will run against Obama?

And I for one, would like to ask all those who ran in 2008 to please refrain from running again. (Or threatening to – I’m talking to you Newt.) Romney, Guliano, Palin, McCain, Huckabee, Ron Paul, and company please don’t take this personally but I just think your time has passed. America is not what she was in 2008 – she is more tired, more distraught and more suspicious of the political process. She is in no mood for the usual rhetoric, the time-worn phrases and unfulfilled promises of the past. It just won’t do to say what people want to hear anymore. Action is the keyword and frankly, given the last presidential election cycle, your actions aren’t going to fly. Because America now knows (perhaps more than she has in decades) that talk is cheap. That the GOP has to walk the walk if it’s going to talk the talk.

While I personally liked Romney last time out, his association with the failed health care system in Massachusetts is a heavy albatross around his neck and the atmosphere on invasive and far-reaching health care is not friendly or welcoming. And no, really Mitt, it’s not about you being a Mormon. Huckabee, you essentially forced the nomination of John McCain, who aside from being 10 years older than dirt is one of the poorest excuses for a Republican that I have ever seen in my lifetime. Rudy I love you and God bless you for all you did for the country on 9/11 but contrary to popular belief, New York is not a microcosm of the country, in fact, some believe New York is its own country and frankly $10 hot dogs in every pot is not what most Americans are hoping for. Sarah, God love you for all you’ve done with the Tea Party and the re-awakening of the party but aside from the fact that you are the female version of New Gingrich as a firebrand, for all intents and purposes you are our version of Hillary Clinton. Right or wrong, fair or unfair, I do believe that is the truth. McCain…can you prove you are actually still alive? Face it, you like Bob Dole, got the nomination because there were favors called in and it was your turn. I know you believed that you rather than GW Bush were meant to get the nomination in 2000 and you managed to convince people of that eight years later but the truth is, you weren’t. Truth is hard, I know, but accept the fact gracefully, please. Ron Paul, do what you do best and remain the bull-dogish watch dog on constitutional issues within Congress – siphoning off a percentage of votes from other candidates does America no good and ends up producing candidates like McCain.

So…who should run or will run? I don’t know. There is buzz about Chris Christie, the no-nonsense NJ governor clearly is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and to do what he feels is best for his state. But he’s awfully new to the scene and given his support of RINO Mike Castle we might want to know more about him first. Although if he passes the sniff test, I’d certainly be willing to hop on the Christie band wagon to see what the man is about. Tim Pawlenty – sorry dude, all I know is that your name is bandied about a lot but nothing about you, which isn’t good since if you’re serious about a run you should be out making yourself and your positions on the issues, known. Jim DeMint looks promising if only because he is so willing to buck the GOP establishment. But if you want to know who really puts stars in my eyes right now, I’d have to say Allen West and Marco Rubio top the list. Both men seem honest, straightforward, humble, conservative and real American success stories. If you have not seen their acceptance speeches following their recent wins, check out youtube for them. These two are truly inspiring individuals in my book.

So GOP, don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide that running an also-ran is a good idea. Don’t be surprised when the public rejects them. Don’t be surprised when you give Obama a second term – because you will. If you haven’t gotten the hint already you will soon enough. It’s time to pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, review, reflect and change your ways from your national committee to your state committees. We don’t want the Whitmans or the Fiorinas, we don’t want the Mike Castles or the Bob Bennets – we want real conservatives who understand and practice real conservative principles. Remember, you were the guys who fought against Ronald Reagan (thank God the electorate had other ideas) – and true to form you now tout him as an icon of conservative principles. Yet you couldn’t recognize that at the time. Face it guys, you’re on probation too. Get your house in order because if you don’t and you don’t support candidates who are real conservatives you will never win again and the electorate will be forced to find a party that will honor its wishes.

How about you, who is your dream conservative ticket for 2012?

copyright 2010