Splogger Round-up

I don’t know about you, but when inept bloggers cull the internet stealing other bloggers’ content, it really pisses me off. It particularly pisses me off when it’s my content being stolen. And it’s not just the theft that is annoying – it’s the fact that often these deadbeats lift the content and put it on their useless ripoff sites so that Google or other search engines will sense they have content instead of just endless ppc ads. Since Google and other search engines use bots to crawl, the bots can’t tell that they are being tricked. Plus there is the downside of having your content asssociated with these hideous huckster sites. They give you a link to your site. So you should be happy right? It’s gets you traffic, right? I’m sure that’s the justifyer. But that is sort of like saying a convicted criminal recommended your services. Not the kind of endorsement any ethical or honest blogger is looking for, is it?

Although I cannot stop them from lifting my content and pretending I have some association with these lowlifes I can at least reveal them to some degree. So, here is a list of current sites that are out there lifting, lying and using the labor of others. Perhaps you too have seen them on your stats page as a ‘referral’ (we use the term loosely) and sending you traffic?


As you may note, I deleted one letter from each of the urls, lest I give them traffic. But the pertinent information is there. While I doubt this will drive the slimeballs back under the rocks from whence they came. It at least makes me feel a little better in exposing them.

And once again, I would float the suggestion to wordpress, to offer us a no-copy function – so that this sort of thing is discouraged. And thereby make people who want to create websites and get traffic to have to create their own content in order to get it, rather than stealing from others.

Writer Chick

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