No Men Allowed Challenge Accepted & Good Reads This Week


No men allowed: publisher accepts novelist’s ‘year of women’ challenge – by Alison Flood. Small press And Other Stories has answered author Kamila Shamsie’s provocative call for a year of publishing women to redress “gender bias” in the literary world.

Call to Arms – Book Marketing Results by Nicolas C. Rossis Although it was a limited survey, I think he still got some very interesting results on the best venues to advertise your books.

Reports of a Shrinking US eBook Market Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Nielsen Pubtrack) by Nate Hoffelder. Apparently Nielson has no freaking idea how many eBooks sold last year and they are off by millions.

And…just for fun here’s the link to a character name generator

Have a great week.


Writing by Committe & Other Informative Reads


Writing by Committee by Kristine Kathryn Rusch – One kick-ass article about why no good can ever come from writing by committee. Must read!! I love this chick.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby Home for Sale  The home where F. Scott Fitzgerald is believed to have written the Great Gatsby is for sale. It’s a looker and you can imagine what a cool setting it could be for a retro book, eh?

Six Writing Techniques I learned at Story Masters by David Bruns. Is a nice little synopsis of some very usable tips for writing your novel. Good read.

Why you should never comment on a negative review of your book . At Thought Scratchings. A funny and yet ever so correct view of why you just need to step away from the review page if a reader doesn’t like your book.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Book Title. Anne R. Allen gives you some good, sensible tips on how to choose a title that works.

Have a great Monday everybody.


The King of the Blues Plays His Final Set and Other Good Reads this Week


The King of the Blues, BB King Dies at Age 89. Very nice retrospective on blues legend BB King, that offers more than just the facts and a superficial assessment of his many accomplishments.

Paid Reviews: Why Authors Should NEVER Buy Amazon Reader Reviews. More sage advice from Anne R. Allen on why paid reviews ain’t such a hot idea.

Can’t Everyone In The Publishing Industry Just Get Along? Makes a great case for just being grateful that books come in all types and from many sources. Hooray for books.

Publication Opportunities for New Writers at Endless Edits is a nice post with lots of tips and links to writing opportunities for new writers.

Agonizing Over Antagonists by Keith Cronin. Is a great straightforward post about giving your bad guys some dimension and making them more like real life. Basically, if real bullies have something good about them. I agree. Makes for a better villain in my mind.

Enjoy the reads and have a great week everybody. Let BB get you there:



Soon, you too can write like a genius and other cool reads of the week

A new font based on Einstein’s handwriting will let you write like a genius – Always wanted people to see you as a genius? Well you’re in luck, a new font is being developed so that you can write like Einstein. Actually pretty fascinating article.

Change by Donald Maass. Discusses how change can stir emotions in your readers.

When Your Scene is Dragging: 6 Ways to Add Tension by Anna Elliot. Good, sound ways you can add tension to your story/scenes.

Self Published Books Are Crap? Jim Heskett rightly points out that broad sweeping statements are crap.

Kathryn Goldman provides quick notes on contractual matters for authors and other creatives. Not an article but very helpful.

Oooh, can’t wait to get my hands on that genius font. Have a great week everybody. 😀 WC

Rights Grabs and Other Informative Reads



How to Spot a Rights Grab. Helen Sedwick gives us the ABCs of rights grabs – an absolute must-read for writers.

‘Highly creative’ professionals won’t lose their jobs to robots, study finds   Will you be replaced by a robot? Not if you’re ‘highly creative’ according to study.

Publishing’s Digital Disruption Hasn’t Even Started  Gareth Cuddy observes that traditional publishers who think eBooks are over may be sadly surprised down the line.

Top Ten Most Common Short Story Names  Neil Clarke muses about the top ten most common short story titles. Who knew?

Giving books to kids before summer break can stem reading losses  Science Daily cites a study that shows giving kids books to read over summer school break can help keep reading skills going.

Happy Monday everybody.



The Ins and Outs of Book Blurbing and other awesome reads this week


Morning! Grab your latte and settle in for some good reads:

How to Write a Book Blurb by Henry Baum Awesome post about the ins and outs of book blurbs – what’s good, what sucks, what to do and what not to do. With lots of samples. Don’t you love samples?

50 Ways To Reach Your Reader. # 2: Indie Authors & Amazon Author Page  From – Amazon, author pages, key wording, and categories, oh my.

50 Astonishing Mobile Search Stats and Why You Should Care  by Brian Conlin. Did you know that Google is going to start penalizing websites that aren’t mobile friendly? Yikes.

The 10 Commandments of Authorial Self Promotion  Wild man Chuck Wendig  gives us the unabridged lowdown on author self-promotion. I knew I liked this guy for a reason.

What kids have taught me about writing  Kathleen McCleary over at Writer Unboxed, reminds us about the joy of creating as a kid and what it can teach us. I give her an A+.

So there you have it, read, enjoy, have a great week.

Writer Chick

Amazon goes to court over fake reviews and other scintillating reads this week


Amazon files first-ever suit over fake product reviews, alleging sites sold fraudulent praise
Hold onto your hats, think Amazon doesn’t like reviews written by your mom or best friend? They really hate it when somebody builds a business around fake reviews.

20 OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIBRARIES IN THE WORLD – Gary McLaren at WorldWide Freelance Writer offers us awe-inspiring buildings that honor books – so beautiful they almost look like houses of worship – and maybe they are.

Top Social Media Turnoffs. Forbes gives us a pictorial of the top social media turnoffs.

Nicolas Sparks:Writing and Proscratination go Hand-in-Hand.
Interesting insights about writing from famous romance writer, Nicolas Sparks.

10 Resources To Upgrade Your Grammar And Writing Skills from is a handy list of resources to up your grammar and writing game.

Okay my friends, start reading. And feel free to talk about these stories with each other in the comments.

Have a great week!

Writer Chick

Twitter Tips for Newbies and Other Great Links This Week

Lots of good reads this week, following were my tops:

Twitter Tips for Beginners. Kevan Lee gives a lot of great twitter tips for those of us who are let us say, Twitter-challenged (raising hand).

18 Book Marketing Experts Reveal Secrets That Boost Recognition, Get New Readers, and Increase Sales. Over at e-releases, you can find some great marketing advice from a wide array of professionals. And you’re sure to get at least one tip you can put into action.

Crafting Killer Action Scenes. Very good advice for writers, writing action scenes from Francesca Pelaccia

How to set up pre-orders for paperbacks. A great nuts and bolts how-to from self-publishing advice org.

Secrets of Bestselling Indie Authors: Crunching the Data. Alexis Radcliff does a very comprehensive job of crunching data on indie sales and genres. Thank God, now I don’t have to.

Enjoy the reads and have a great week.

Writer Chick

The Safety of the Bookternet for Women and other Compelling Reads This Week


Been busy this week and didn’t have nearly enough time to read but the following were pretty damn compelling is you ask me.

Why I Quit GoodReads (or The Bookternet is Not Safe for Women). Is a compelling post by Brenna Clarke Grey dealing with the harassment and fallout of the ‘bookternet.’ Thought provoking read.

Online book shopping overtakes in-store for first time. Over at The BookSeller, they’ve got the 411 on online book sales versus offline book sales. Enlightening.

Controlling the Creatives. Kristine Kathryn Rusch writes a nice piece about ignoring in-fighting (what I call penis tossing), online battles and just writing what you write. I’m with her.

Goodreads has decided that there is no friendzone for authors and people. Nate Hoffelder writes about the now more confusing world of GoodReads, fans, followers and a weird gum-up that may send people away from GoodReads.

The New World of Writing: Pulp Speed. Dean Wesley Smith quite knowledgeable about pulp writers and writer, offers some awesome insight about writing fast. Warp speed fast. (H.T. Anne R. Allen)

Read, enjoy and have a great week. 🙂 WC

Winning a Literary Feud, Getting off the Grid and Other Notable Reads of the Week


There were a lot of good tips, tricks and laughs to be had this week and following are my favs:

How to win a literary feud from Writer Unboxed, is a hilarious piece on the proper way for authors to feud. Very tongue in cheek.

Tesla Motors Announces A New Home Battery; Living Off The Grid Will Soon Be Status Quo.  Interesting idea of living off the grid, no power bills or anybody lecturing you on over-consumption. But we’ve been promised such things before.

What Indie Authors Need to Know About Their Manuscripts is a good nuts and bolts how-to on manuscript format from HuffPo.

How Do I Sell My Book? 6 Tips for New Authors. Once again Anne R. Allen hits it out of the park with some good, solid, realistic advice, help and truth about indie book marketing.

What Readers Say About eBook Prices. The Fussy Librarian gives us the results of its reader survey on eBook pricing. Illuminating.

Read them and learn – lots of great information to be had in these.

Writer Chick