That Was the Week That Was


This week has been exciting and exhausting and so I  just took  it easy this weekend – in other words I let my brain have a mini-vacation. However, I thought a little post on current events might be fun.

Link of the week:

The anniversary of D-Day was just this past Friday, I thought a visit to this website would be cool. There are some very rare black and white photos of that historic day – one of which I used in this post (above). Check it out.

Quote of the week:

“Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right!”

Communist Despot, Hugo Chavez

Idiot quote of the week:

“We know some of this money is going to be wasted, there are going to be mistakes made. Some people are being scammed already.”
Moron & Vice President, Joe Biden

Economic scorecard:

Here are some recent numbers on the effect of the $787 billion stimu-less package:

  • From January to March, GDP plunged 5.7 percent (sure, why should we produce when we’re going to get everything free?)
  • Business spending fell 36.9 percent (are there actually any businesses left? aside from the government?)
  • Forecasters predict a 12-percent plunge in 2009 manufacturing output (we should be so lucky)
  • Foreclosure and mortgage delinquencies now stand at the highest levels on record (I think that means like ever)
  • Unemployment has reached 9.4 percent (Obama’s prediction was a high of 8.1 percent – it must have been a teleprompter malfunction)
  • 345,000 nonfarm jobs were lost in May (unfortunately, none of these were government jobs either)
  • Since the “stimulus,” 16,000 jobs have been lost every day (again, not government jobs – too bad)
  • This year’s deficit has ballooned to $1.8 trillion (How many zeroes is that, like 9 or something? $1,800,000,000???)
  • Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke predicts by 2011 the deficit will be 70 percent of GDP (up by 30% which means it’s almost doubled. hello? is this thing on?)

After thought:

Oddly enough, Wal-Mart plans to create 22,000 new jobs this year without a dime of stimulus money. (That’s freeking capitalism for you, eh?)