Don't Swoon For Me Argentina

You know, of late, I’ve noticed a disturbing sexist pattern of behavior in some readers of blogs I visit. Swooning, crying and apparently, in some cases, fainting. Pass the smelling salts, will you? Said swooning and likewise super girlie behavior can usually be found on the blogs of men. Hence the sexist aspect of this widespread epidemic. And frankly, this has me a little flooped out.

I mean, what am I, chopped liver? Yes, it’s true, I’m jealous and feel more than a little left out. There is nothing more disheartening than visiting one of my buddies blogs only to see an inordinate amount of female commenters, swooning, moaning and fanning themselves. It’s just not fair.

I don’t get any boy readers over here, clutching their hankies and dabbing at their tears (while silently vowing their undying love for me) reading my posts. No, usually it’s “Great post, WC” a smack upside the head and they’re off. What’s up with that? Seriously, why is it the guys get all the good lovin’ in the blog world? Have you ever wondered about that, ladies? Haven’t you ever sat back and thought, “Gee, I wish somebody would come and whimper over some of my good stuff!” (Not to mention a couple of tear stained emails.) And then stamp your foot in dismay, whilst smoothing out your pinafore?

Barring nude and alluring photos of ourselves on every blog post, how are we supposed to get some of that good lovin’ like the guys get – and in copious amounts, I might add? Does having some ‘junk’ in the box (as it were) automatically transcend the reader into a quivering mass of emotional jelly? Can pheramones actually exude through a computer monitor? Does three day stubble make all the difference? Cuz I can do that, just not on my face.

Or is it simply the nature of men and women? That despite all of our evolutionary advances, high tech, equal rights, women’s rights, the new age, global warming and the Constitution, girls are still girls and boys are still boys and ne’er the twain shall meet? As simple as girls cry and emote and men scratch themselves in public and grunt their approval? Can men only safely express their emotions during the SuperBowl and gut-wrenching sex? Or are they just holding out on us? Lapping up the love but not so much as giving out a batting eyelash?

Seriously, what’s a girl blogger gotta do to get some of that lovely, weepy, swoony bloggie love? And oh yeah, I demand a recount. 😉