Happy National Dog Day

Not to be confused with National Mutt Day (confusing, yes?) Of course, I love dogs so much that we could have a dog holiday every day and I’d be fine with that. How about National Dog Treat Day? National Big Dog Day? National Dog Grooming Day? National Doggie Barking at the TV Day? (Okay, my dog loves to bark at the TV, especially when there is a dog on the show. She has still yet to figure out that dogs on TV are not real.)

For those among you with fur babies of the canine variety, a few resources that you might find handy:

For dog owners with kids

Free Animal Health Resources Web Sites

Dog’s health, behavior, care, training and socialization

National organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need

National Lost and Found Pet Database

Free doggie pics

And finally a video of dogs being dogs…

Treasure your pets because they treasure you.

And please pray for my friend Ruthie that she finds her beloved Gilbert.

Annie ❤


Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl tips, tricks and little known facts

Okay well I know most of you are thinking about football, food, cool commercials and more football for this coming weekend. So as a public service I thought I’d offer and put some pertinent links and facts, so you’d have everything all in one place. Cool, huh?

All things Super Bowl for this Sunday’s game can be found here

If you’re a complete Super Bowl commercial junkie, you can watch them all here

All the classic Super Bowl recipes are all here and they are awesome.

Have a bet on what team won in what Super Bowl? The list of all Super Bowl Champions is here 

Little known Super Bowl Factoids

  • Over 700,000 footballs are produced every year for official NFL use and 72 will be used for the Super Bowl. And Wilson has been the exclusive maker of NFL footballs since 1941.
  • The first two Super Bowls went by the title, AFL – NFL World Championship Game.
  • The Super Bowl trophy costs $25,000 (about the same as a decent engagement ring).
  • 80% of all Super Bowl tickets go to corporate sponsors, so ‘regular’ fans are highly unlikely to actually get to see the game in person. However, back before the Super Bowl was called the Super Bowl, tickets were reasonably priced. And if you wanted a ticket for Super Bowl I, it would’ve only set you back six bucks.
  • One out of twelve viewers only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials
  • The Monday morning following the Super Bowl, approximately six percent of us call in sick. (I knew I shoudn’t have eaten those last 12 hot wings).
  • Super Bowl Sunday is second in food consumption behind Thanksgiving Day. Among other goodies, approximately 14,500 tons of chips, 4,000 tons of popcorn and 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed.
  • Of the top 10 most watched American television programs of all time, nine of them are Super Bowls (The final episode of MASH being the other.)

For more little known facts and Super Bowl history check out the Super Bowl history website.

Okay people, get to it. There’s lots of cooking, seating arrangements and party favors to sort out before Sunday. Hope your team wins. 🙂

Writer Chick



Should a Writer Give Her Characters Their Own Blog? Well…I did

BFFs scotti zelda

As I’ve been working on the current novel, I have come to love the story, but for as much as I love the story, I love the characters even more.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent many hours each day with them and have watched as they’ve gone through hell and high water to prevail, or that with each new challenge they’ve grown and changed, but whatever it is I can’t seem to get enough of my new BFFs.

So, I thought it would be a hoot to give them their own blog.  I have no idea if anyone else will think it’s a hoot, or want to go by and meet them and see what they’re all about.  But I hope you do.  So, consider yourself officially invited to Scotti & Zelda’s Blog – The real-life adventures of fictional sleuths.

Scotti, Zelda and their peeps, promise to entertain and inform by offering tips, tricks and anecdotes.  Recipes, DIY tips and doggie poetry are just a few of things you’ll find there.  And God knows what else, once things get rolling.

Anyway, there you have it.  Be there or be square.

Writer Chick

copyright 2014

Random Christmas Thoughts

This time of year we are all rushing around like crazy people trying to make the season bright, we all have some pretty weird thoughts – at least I do. It’s a sort of short circuit of the brain I think that creates a short hand of anxiety, plans and wishes. Here are mine:

1. Must make brownies. Sure, you couldn’t just buy them like everyone else.
2. Why don’t people say Merry Christmas anymore? Yeah, what’s up with this Happy Holidays crap?
3. I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, wasn’t it just June?
4. There’s something about a man in a red velvet suit. Especially when he’s carrying a sack of presents.
5. I hope it snows. Snow? Are you crazy, snow is cold.
6. Thank Gawd for the dollar store! And the thrift store and regifting and….
7. I love Christmas. I hate Christmas, no I love it, I hate it, I love it…
8. Honk if you believe in Santa. And the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy and Cupid and Leprechauns…
9. All I want for Christmas is to sleep, sleep, sleep! Wake me when it’s over.
10. This Christmas I’ll just relax and take it easy. In which case I’ll need lots of drugs and booze.
11. Is there a Christmas movie I don’t have? I must have it, I must, I must, I must!
12. I’ll diet right after Christmas. Or I’ll just wear bigger clothes.
13. I can’t believe they are making us work on Christmas Eve. Like people are going to buy car parts on Christmas Eve.
14. Sure reindeer can fly. At least they aren’t driving on the freeway.
15. What do chestnuts taste like? And really how do you roast them on an open fire?
16. Figgy pudding? Have you tasted figgy pudding?

So, what are your random Christmas thoughts?



I’ll Be Broke For Christmas

Haha, remember that old song, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, – well, I wonder if the spirit of ol’ Bing would update that to I’ll be broke for Christmas. Hey, I’m not complaining because I know a lot of people out there are in the same spot. This year has really sucked wet mops in the financial department. And I think we feel it more around Christmas time because when we want to be generous this time of year. We want to splurge and shower our friends and loved ones with gifts and delightful things to eat, plays and shows, parties – the whole ball of wax. But alas…what’s a Christmas time junkie to do when she’s short on cash?

Well, I don’t know if it will help but I’ll give you my own version of Christmas on the cheap. Here’s what I do (in no particular order):

1. I comb the thrift shops, discount stores and Blockbuster’s clearance shelves for Christmas movies, especially funny or obscure ones. (Yesterday I got four for under a buck each at a Goodwill).

2. I check the grocery store flyers for whatever is on sale – say if they have ham for $1 a pound, well then, that’s my Christmas meal.

3. I make collages of old christmas cards and frame them by borrowing existing frames I have around the house.

4. I go for walks and collect pine cones and put them in baskets around the house to give it that christmas smell.

5. I prefer a live tree but they can be pricey so I got an artificial tree from the thrift store for $10 – it works – not perfect but hey, it’s a tree. Heck one year, I was too broke to even buy at the thrift store so I found a big tree branch, spray painted it silver and hung ornaments on it. Turned out it was really pretty and very unusual – lol.

6. I bake brownies for the mailman, my mechanic, neighbors, the local fire station, etc. who I want to give something to.

7. I shop the thrift stores for old christmas ornaments, or the dollar store is another great place to find stuff like that.

8. I invite friends for a potluck movie marathon. Four friends each bring a dish of some sort, add three movies and a couple of bottles of cheap wine or diet soda and you’ve got a party.

9. I drive around the neighborhood at night and admire the Christmas lights and displays – or walk if the weather is nice.

10.  If I’m exchanging gifts with friends, we set a limit, like $5 and we stick to it – usually they end up being gag gifts but that’s the fun of it. Although, you can find some great fuzzy socks or a decent pen for $5 or nice note cards – which also make great gifts.

11. I live in California, so no building snowmen – but pine trees abound in my area, so I take a knife with me on walks and cut off low, soft pine branches and decorate my fireplace mantle with them, again gives that Christmas smell.

12. I get stocking stuffers at dollar stores and thrift shops or places like Big Lots.

13.  I’ve also been known to give coupons for 3 hours of pet sitting, or a home-cooked meal, a raking leaves.

14. I write Christmas stories or poems, print them on Christmas paper and give them as gifts.

Basically, I take whatever talents or resources I have available and I turn them into the most Christmas-y thing I can think of and you know what, it works. I have a great time and a great Christmas. How about you? What do you do when you’re having a broke Christmas?


copyright 2009

Weird Chick 8

Welcome back to another thrilling and Weird Wednesday. As always, I search the Internet for the weirdest weird I can find and bring it to you to feed your weird fix.

Kicking off with Weird News, this Squirrel seems to have a bit of Lindsay Lohan in him, doncha think? Click the pic for the link to the story.

squirrel-crasher, weird wednesdays, weird chick, weird


Weird Art got a run for it’s money with these entries:

manbirdidont-know, weird wednesdays, weird chick, writer chick it’s a man, it’s a bird???

APTOPIX India Michael Jackson Reax, weird wednesdays, weird chick, writer chick an homage to the king of pop

weird-costumes-bangkok, weird wednesdays, weird chick, weird, writer chick and for the pet elephant who has everything…

Our favorites for Weird Products are decidedly blogger friendly:

butt_cooler I mean what blogger doesn’t need an ass cooler and since it’s a usb connector you don’t even need to find an outlet for it.

airconshirt_b And why not also get the usb air-conditioned shirt for those hot blogging nights. Links to both products can be found by clicking on the pics.

And finally, our Weird Video for the week will have you looking twice.

That’s all for this week – hoping you have a wonderfully weird Wednesday. And be sure to send me any weird you may find yourself, I’ll be sure to add it to the finds.

Weird (Writer) Chick