Wednesday Morning Funnies

Apparently there is a little known but powerful faerie, known as the bitch faerie. And while there are apparently millions of stories in the naked city, this is one of them:

Ooops, that’s gotta hurt. πŸ˜‰ sorry the dialogue is a bit small, but I think the pictorials do the job.

The Missing Link

The long search is apparently come to an end. After decades of fruitless investigations, Popeye’s mother has been found in a small, rural assisted living facility in the south. As would be expected, the 150 year old woman starts her day with a big bowl of spinach and a pack of Lucky Strikes. And has a Swabbing the Decks aerobics video in the works.

Papparazzi have reportedly caught glimpses of her famous son but have yet to get a clear shot of the crusty sailor with his elderly mother.

Though staff at the unnamed facility are concerned with Mrs. Sailorman’s smoking, particularly during her oxygen tank sessions, they report that she is in amazingly good health and often will entertain the other residents after dinner by doing a unique shuffle and jig while accompanying herself on the accordion.

When asked her secret to having lived so long, she said: “I live by the green and dag nabbit, I’ll die by the green.” Words to give one pause and ever so relevant in today’s world.

Bad Hair Day – and Then Some

Just when you think you can’t find a parking space, a brilliant idea strikes you. Funny how a few drinks and lack of sleep can get your brain thinking outside the box, eh?

I guess this is what happens when you let the horse do the driving. Still, there he is again in the driver’s seat. Go figure.

Well, I’m all for curtesy on the road, but you actually need a shoulder to pull over on, doncha?

I’ve always been a little jealous that public servants get to park wherever they want – but you have to wonder, how exactly they managed to squeeze into that space. I’m sure it was meant for a compact car.

Happy Sunday, everybody and remember, drive defensively. πŸ˜‰