Celebrities Know Best

There’s been a ‘spoof’ vid going around lately put out by I think the SNL guys that makes fun of big bad insurance companies and promotes the National Healthcare plan. It’s marginally funny, except that what they don’t seem to realize is most insurance companies are chomping at the bit to get National Health Care – think federal subsidies, folks.

Below, is the answer to the SNL vid (put out by these folks). Pretty freaking funny if you ask me.

Weird Chick 6


Welcome to another Weird Wednesday where I scour the Internet to find the weirdest and wildest stuff I can find.

Starting off with some weird science, click on the pic above to read the top ten unexplained phenom in the known universe.


Our favorite weird product is the Doggie brake-fast bowl – cute huh, a little take on breakfast. Get it? Click the link to get all the juicy details on the pet bowl of the future.

Weird art gets another heads up with these two entries. Kind of makes you feel all whoozy and giddy don’t they?



And finally…our pick for Weird (and tre’s cool) Video of the Week. It’s a honey. Watch it.

So until next week, keep it weird folks.