Gilmore Girls Obsession


Somewhere between landing back in L.A. and now I got a serious obsession with the Gilmore Girls. I know, I know…it’s just a silly television show no longer on the air and in syndication. I blame Zelda for this. She has that snazzy dohicky thingie called Dish TV and Teevo (sp?). Which in the off chance you don’t know is where a television addict can record shows to watch later.

She became enamored with this show and started recording it and soon we were up late nights catching up on the latest hijinks with Rory and Loralei. I’m telling you, this show is absolutely addictive. I don’t know why exactly, but I must know what is going to happen. While I was still at Zelda’s it got so bad that I found I wanted to watch it two, three, four times a day. But there weren’t that many shows recorded. And Zelda had a rule, she never watched it unless there was more than one show recorded. And sometimes she’d watch it without telling me and I’d miss an episode.

“Luke and Loralei kissed?” I asked outraged at missing the event.

“Oh yeah,” Zelda murmured, “old  news.”

Since I didn’t have my own teevo I scoured the internet to find my own episodes. I checked fancast, hulu, and duck tv. They had episodes but the download and buffering was horrible – I’d miss every other word and the frames would freeze leaving Loralei and Rory in obscene poses and expression. I went so far as to download a ‘viewer’ from Duck tv which turned out to be a trojan horse supplier which ultimately caused me to have to reformat my hard drive and lose many of my files. The bastard. Never go there, it will be bad for your computer.

So after I moved, I started again in my quest for Gilmore Girl episodes to watch online. Zelda (now known as the evil one, insert evil laughter here) went and bought the entire seven seasons. She taunts me with this. I suppose I will have to pay admission or a rental fee to borrow them. I’m so jealous. I’m going to get my own set. haha.

Okay back to the story…I did find one website that has excellent viewing capabilities – I watched seven shows last night. It was amazing and I loved it. However, they have no more for me to watch. I can already feel the twitch of viewer desire kicking in. Don’t know what I’m going to do…

I guess when I get some dough I’m just going to have to buy the whole set. All 140 shows. Once I do I can’t gaurantee you’ll see much of me. I will be hunkered down in front of the dvd player watching, eating popcorn, watching more. When it’s all over I may start again from the top.

Any GG obsessers out there besides me?