No Men Allowed Challenge Accepted & Good Reads This Week


No men allowed: publisher accepts novelist’s ‘year of women’ challenge – by Alison Flood. Small press And Other Stories has answered author Kamila Shamsie’s provocative call for a year of publishing women to redress “gender bias” in the literary world.

Call to Arms – Book Marketing Results by Nicolas C. Rossis Although it was a limited survey, I think he still got some very interesting results on the best venues to advertise your books.

Reports of a Shrinking US eBook Market Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Nielsen Pubtrack) by Nate Hoffelder. Apparently Nielson has no freaking idea how many eBooks sold last year and they are off by millions.

And…just for fun here’s the link to a character name generator

Have a great week.


Writing by Committe & Other Informative Reads


Writing by Committee by Kristine Kathryn Rusch – One kick-ass article about why no good can ever come from writing by committee. Must read!! I love this chick.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby Home for Sale  The home where F. Scott Fitzgerald is believed to have written the Great Gatsby is for sale. It’s a looker and you can imagine what a cool setting it could be for a retro book, eh?

Six Writing Techniques I learned at Story Masters by David Bruns. Is a nice little synopsis of some very usable tips for writing your novel. Good read.

Why you should never comment on a negative review of your book . At Thought Scratchings. A funny and yet ever so correct view of why you just need to step away from the review page if a reader doesn’t like your book.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Book Title. Anne R. Allen gives you some good, sensible tips on how to choose a title that works.

Have a great Monday everybody.


How to Choose a Book Cover by Survey and Other Good Reads This Week


There were a lot of good posts out there this week, unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of reading time but these were real gems in my opinion.

Production Tips: How To Use a Survey to Choose A Book Cover Novelist Ian Sutherland shares tips on how he used a survey to choose a book cover.

Writing: Why Now’s A Good Time to Self-Publish Serial Fiction Author Samantha Warren talks about the growing market and potential success of serial fiction based on her own experiences and success.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Effect Author Ramona Wray leads a quiet discussion on the 50 Shades effect, which is a subtle but thought provoking post.

Ask Annie: Retweeting Mentions Building a Target Audience and Following Back Annie Neugebauer has a new column and it’s all about how to use Twitter and proper Twitter etiquette. My prayers have been answered.

Why most writing tips are useless and how to really up your game Glen Long tells us why a lot of those writing tips we get are getting us nowhere fast and that really, it’s a matter of different ‘hats’ – different colored hats no less.

Enjoy the reads and have a great week. 😀

Writer Chick

Anne R Allen kicks some politically correct butt and other good posts this week


Actually, I’m a little late on the uptake here. Writing book blues has got me a bit down but it goes with the territory I guess.

But I did manage to get in some reading:

Artistic Freedom vs. Crowdsourcing, Censorship, and the Dunning-Kruger Effect
Anne writes a takes no prisoners post on the whiners, censor-crazed do-gooders who feel compelled to tell creatives what they can and cannot do and more. Excellent read.

100 Words for Facial Expressions
Mark Nicol gives us a nice, tied up in a bow, cheat sheet that writers can print out and keep near by for those moments when you can’t think of the darn word for a facial expression.

Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors
Variety gives us the scoop on who the writing power gods are in Hollywood. Not a lot of surprises but still, good to know.

Lessons from a great book jacket designer
Very helpful and insightful post on book cover design, which cuts through all the crap and tricks and gives good solid advice.

Writer Chick

A Beautiful Spring Day Around the Web

A beautiful spring day in the land of sunshine
A beautiful spring day in the land of sunshine

It’s a beautiful Spring day in sunny California and I’ve spent the afternoon reading like a fiend.

I found some great posts I thought you might like to read too:

A creative approach to problem solving  I have to say this is my personal favorite.  Love the whole idea!

Business writing made fun  I couldn’t agree more.

Great quotes about spring Sometimes you gotta sing about Spring!

Fun with stickies This I thought was a brilliant idea.

Make your own movies I actually made my own movie this way. Granted it has flaws and I have to refine it (I mean do it over) but it was great fun.

In search of a niche? We could all use some fresh ideas I think.

Anyway, grab an iced tea or diet coke and read til your eyeballs bleed.

Writer Chick