Gratitude – Work

This week I want to show special gratitude for work. Over the course of my life I have had many jobs and I’ve learned something from all of them.

I’m grateful for…

My first job of raking leaves and cleaning my dad’s car. From which I learned that you could earn money if you did things for people that they didn’t want to do themselves.

My first business was babysitting for the neighbors. From which I learned you could earn money by just being in a place and making sure nothing happened. Often treats, drinks and movies were provided. I also learned to love kids and that they are really a kick.

Waitressing was my first “official’ job where taxes were withheld and I got an actual paycheck. From which I learned that speed and efficiency is king. That humor and friendliness go a long way in human interaction. That change counting machines were a gift from the Gods. And most importantly good shoes are really important.

And then there was, marketing, bookkeeping, managing, personal assisting, tech writing, copy-writing, fiction writing, blog writing, and so on.

For as much as we may complain about our jobs and going to work or having to work, I truly believe that without it we would be lesser beings. We would have lower morale and be generally unhappy. I believe it is human nature to want to work for or at something, that there is a specific joy one gets from making something with his or her own hands, mind, intelligence and/or creativity. While work usually brings you money, it also gives you independence, self esteem, self worth, and yes even a sense of peace.

Even the really terrible jobs I’ve had (and I think everyone has had a few) where everything went wrong, the boss or the coworkers hated me, the work was unsatisfying or difficult, the pay was terrible – even those jobs, that work I am grateful for because they all helped me to survive. To have the wherewithal to provide for myself and even pursue other interests. Not to mention some good writing fodder.

How about you? What work are you grateful for?

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Gratitude – Friends


How would we ever get through life’s ups and downs without our friends?  The people with whom we laugh and cry, celebrate and commiserate? Though I am not one of those people who has a million friends, the friends I do have are incredible individuals and have added to my life in innumerable ways.  I am grateful for…

1. Zelda – my partner in crime, and too many adventures to note.  Who always has my back and worries about my retirement.  Who makes me laugh and prevents me from taking myself too seriously.

2. Kelly – who inspires me with her emotional fortitude and the absolute refusal to let life keep her down. Whose laugh can crack an eardrum, and whose heart is bigger than the great outdoors.

3. Cora – who taught me about fashion, passion and perseverance.  Whose intelligence and spirit personifies strength and character. Whose encouragement is appreciated more than I can say.

4. Jenny.  A sister, a daughter, a mother – just family in every way. A shoulder to cry on, a reassuring voice in the dark times , a woman who is always up for silliness and dumb pranks and will drive me anywhere.

And Squawky, Christine, Billie, Di, Kim, Sharie, and Jess – Andy, Michael, Andrea, Debba, and, and, and…

My friends mean the world to me and I am grateful for you all.

How about you? What friends are you grateful for and why?

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These days I know that it is sometimes really difficult to feel gratitude for what you have. With the economy flailing and the job market dwindling, just keeping your head above water can be a real challenge. At least it has been for me. Let’s face it, times are tough – for pretty much everyone.

Still I like this concept of gratitude – being grateful for your blessings. No matter how small or meager they may seem, we all have something to be grateful for and often more than the next guy. So I have decided to dedicate a post a week to gratitude. To say thank you for my blessings. So this week I am grateful for…

The people I have known throughout my life. The nice people, the mean people, the stern, and the happy people. People who have inspired me to be a better person, people who have taught how not to be by example, people who have made me laugh, people who have offered help when I was too proud to ask.

I am grateful to have witnessed true grace under pressure, kindness in any form, and advice given, even if unneeded.

For the sunshine that I experience most days and the many walking paths ready for my feet and sense of adventure – always with a view of the mountains and wild flowers.

For books that entrance me, educate me and expand my horizons.

For music that calms me and transports me out of a bad day.

For the technology that makes my life easier and better. And in fact has changed my life.

I am grateful for the good soil in my backyard that enables me to grow my own vegetables.

For my goofy little dog who is always my friend and greatest admirer.

For daffodils, chocolate, movies and obscenely strong coffee.

Today I am grateful for everything I do have and everything I do not have.

What are you grateful for?


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