The King of the Blues Plays His Final Set and Other Good Reads this Week


The King of the Blues, BB King Dies at Age 89. Very nice retrospective on blues legend BB King, that offers more than just the facts and a superficial assessment of his many accomplishments.

Paid Reviews: Why Authors Should NEVER Buy Amazon Reader Reviews. More sage advice from Anne R. Allen on why paid reviews ain’t such a hot idea.

Can’t Everyone In The Publishing Industry Just Get Along? Makes a great case for just being grateful that books come in all types and from many sources. Hooray for books.

Publication Opportunities for New Writers at Endless Edits is a nice post with lots of tips and links to writing opportunities for new writers.

Agonizing Over Antagonists by Keith Cronin. Is a great straightforward post about giving your bad guys some dimension and making them more like real life. Basically, if real bullies have something good about them. I agree. Makes for a better villain in my mind.

Enjoy the reads and have a great week everybody. Let BB get you there:



Winning a Literary Feud, Getting off the Grid and Other Notable Reads of the Week


There were a lot of good tips, tricks and laughs to be had this week and following are my favs:

How to win a literary feud from Writer Unboxed, is a hilarious piece on the proper way for authors to feud. Very tongue in cheek.

Tesla Motors Announces A New Home Battery; Living Off The Grid Will Soon Be Status Quo.  Interesting idea of living off the grid, no power bills or anybody lecturing you on over-consumption. But we’ve been promised such things before.

What Indie Authors Need to Know About Their Manuscripts is a good nuts and bolts how-to on manuscript format from HuffPo.

How Do I Sell My Book? 6 Tips for New Authors. Once again Anne R. Allen hits it out of the park with some good, solid, realistic advice, help and truth about indie book marketing.

What Readers Say About eBook Prices. The Fussy Librarian gives us the results of its reader survey on eBook pricing. Illuminating.

Read them and learn – lots of great information to be had in these.

Writer Chick