Weekend Meme

Well it’s the weekend, so it must be meme time again, eh?

This one is from Alex over at Someday Syndrome. Thanks, Alex.

I am: just me.
I think: too much, too often
I know: I can survive anything
I have: too many ideas and too little time
I wish: people were kinder to each other
I hate: as little as possible, it serves no purpose and resolves nothing
I miss: having my own little house, the room mate thing is getting old
I fear: I won’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.
I hear: what people think
I smell: everything, which can be a little distracting.
I crave: chocolate sometimes but I’m not a craver at heart, if I want something then I usually just go get it.
I search: for the truth, not just mine, but the truth in all things
I wonder: why life can’t be more simple.
I regret: nothing. what is done is done, you cannot call it back. there is no point in regretting.
I love: the ocean, the blue of it, the sky above it, the vast space of it.
I ache: when I exercise too much or don’t get enough sleep
I am not: trying to be anyone but myself. What you see is what you get.
I believe: all people are basically good, despite evidence to the contrary
I dance: when I am joyous
I sing: all the time, especially old jazz standards and blues
I cry: when I’m happy and when I am sad, my emotions are volatile and at the surface.
I fight: when I have to, I don’t like to fight but I’m not afraid either.
I win: when I remain true to myself, regardless of the circumstances.
I lose: when I give in to things I know aren’t true or me.
I never: want to stop writing.
I always: believe change is possible.
I confuse: people sometimes.
I listen: with all of my senses.
I can usually be found: at a computer keyboard.
I am scared: of very little.
I need: space, a garden, writing implements, friends and purpose in what I am doing.
I am happy about: sunshine, flowers, laughter, song, art.
I imagine: a world in which there is no war, crime and insanity but peaceful co-existence where everyone strives to improve the state and condition of the world and nothing more.
I tag: no one, do the meme if you’ve a mind to. It’s an interesting exercise actually.