Daylight savings, birthdays and starting over


I’m cranky because of the whole spring forward thing which is ironic because it isn’t even officially spring yet, right? And I’ve always wondered how they can call it daylight savings since you have to cutting an hour of daylight from the morning and giving it to the evening, doesn’t in fact give us more daylight, and doesn’t seem to save much. watch



I have a birthday coming up and I used really look forward to birthdays – now not so much. Not because of the age issue because let’s face, you’re as old as you are and you aren’t going to change it, right. But mostly because my family and friends have over the years slipped into apathy about birthdays and holidays in general. In fact, my buddy Zelda actually chastises me for giving her birthday gifts. Wow. Really? Well it doesn’t matter because I’ll continue to give them to her anyway, and I can’t wait to see her reaction to the birthday card I found for her – guaranteed to shoot milk straight out of her nose. And to any birthday naysayers out there I say this. Birthdays are awesome. They are the day you get to show the people you love that they’re special – if only for the 15 minutes it takes for them to open the card, the gift and shove a cupcake in their mouth. And is it really so much trouble to take 15-20 minutes out of a day and show somebody you like that you like them? Anyway… balloon-boy




You know what it’s like when you bake a cake you’ve really been wanting to make? You know, you’ve got this awesome picture in your head of how it will look, how it will smell and the flavor that will explode in your mouth when you take the first bite. But then reality takes over and what you end up with is a lopsided, dry, badly decorated amorphous glob? Yeah. So starting over. lopsided cake



If this post doesn’t make sense then I say we blame on daylights savings, birthday haters, and lopsided cakes.

Tomorrow I may write something more cogent. Could happen.

Peace out

Writer Chick

12 Things about me that you didn’t know


  1. I was born on St Patrick’s Day and I’m half-Irish but my mother named me after German Actress Anita Eckberg
  2. I worked in the food industry for 20 years and that’s where I learned restaurant Spanish (Mas platos, por favor?). That experience gave birth to the characters in the mystery series I’m writing.
  3. I have my father’s nose (thanks, Dad).
  4. I have a smidge of Cherokee Indian blood
  5. I believed in Santa until I was ten – then my cousin ruined it by showing me where my mom hid the presents.
  6. I never believed in the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny but I like money and chocolate so I kept my mouth shut.
  7. I became intrigued with film noir when I was eight. They reran the old films like crazy on television when I was a kid. Couldn’t get enough of them. I believe I got my love of mysteries from these old movies.
  8. I started reading when I was three or four. No one knows how or why.
  9. I never liked dolls or toys when I was a kid – but books were another matter.
  10. I wouldn’t know Iambic pentameter if it bit me in the behind
  11. I once helped get an embezzler arrested (she took a deal unfortunately so didn’t go to jail.)
  12. I make the best beef veggie soup on the planet.

Okay, so what about you? Any interesting factoids you’d like to share? I’m listening. 😀

Writer Chick

copyright 2015

10 Things We’ll Never Get Rid Of…

10 things we'll never get rid ofMost of us have a tiny idealist just dying to get out and soar.  We believe that deep down people are good and life is worth living.  And it’s true, most people are basically good and you can have a life worth living.  However, that inner idealist also often believes that in some future utopian reality, all the ills of the world will be behind us.  That cruelty will cease to exist and everybody will be happy, happy,  happy.  Sorry but I beg to differ.

No matter what you do or how hard you try you just aren’t going to change human nature (we’re an imperfect lot, don’t you know?), and therefore – despite all wishes to the contrary there are some things we’ll just never get rid of.  Such as:

Politicians.  It’s a dirty job and apparently there are lots of people to do it.  Because let’s face it, power and corruption are pretty attractive to a lot of people.

Whiners.  No matter how wonderful things are, no matter how harmonious, aesthetic, peaceful or otherwise copacetic, someone will always complain about something.  Gee, it must suck to be them.

Weather.  Sorry greenies but no matter how many rules you make up.  How many models you create.  How many stupid, tiny, little cars you create – we’re still going to have weather.  It’s going to rain.  And we’re going to have droughts.  We’ll have floods.  We’ll have good growing seasons and bad growing seasons.  It will get really fucking hot and un-fucking-believably cold.  Deal with it.  Unless you can put a freaking bio-dome over the entire planet, no you aren’t going to control the weather.  Or prevent some weird little insect from dying out.  Besides, I thought you guys were all into evolution and things progressing naturally.  I mean, didn’t we all have tails at some point on the evolutionary track?  Well maybe not tails but I bet our teeth are way less pointy then they were say a 100,000 years ago.  Know what I’m saying?

Commercials.  I don’t care what any company ever says to you or promises you.  We will always be inundated with ads.  Screaming for our attention.  First there was radio.  Then television.  Then cable television. Then streaming television. And what do they all have?  Commercials.  Crap even most YouTube videos make you watch an ad before you can see the 40 second video.  Movie theaters used to restrict their ads to upcoming movies, now it’s about anything and everything. Oh and don’t you love those little bits that warn you about being polite, turning off your cell phones and not talking during the movie?

Talking heads.  Second only to whiners.  A talking head’s whole purpose in life is to tell you what you should think.  Whether it’s about politics, culture, entertainment, where to send your kids to school or what kind of car you should drive – apparently they have some special super-power that you haven’t.  The thing I don’t understand is how they came into being in the first place.  Did somebody just wake up one day and say, “hey nobody knows what to do, we need to advise them!”?  Although, I think once upon a time they were journalists…but we haven’t had actual journalists for a long time…

War.  Yeah, I know.  That really sucks.  But the thing is, as long as one person can piss off another person, there will be war.  I know, I know, some of you are thinking about that far off future utopia that will put an end to war.  Forget about it.  One man’s utopia is just another man’s hell and if nothing else, they’ll have a war about that.  War is here to stay.

Bullies.  I know what you’re thinking.  That because of all these laws about bullying and those nifty public service announcements, we’ll beat the bullies.  Okay, well I have a unicorn in my backyard that you might like to adopt too…  Like good is to bad and right is to wrong – bullies will always exist.  Because some people are just mean, don’t care about anyone but themselves and want things that strictly speaking belong to someone else.  And like gun-free zones, bully-free zones don’t work either.  Mostly because bullies usually can’t read. And the ones who can grow up to be tyrants (the biggest bullies of them all).

Reality Shows.  Which of course are as far from reality as you can get.  Except that in every heart lives a little meanie who likes to see others make big-ass fools out of themselves, so they can feel better about their own selves.  I know, not pretty.

Victims.  Now, I don’t mean real victims.  Children subjected to war or domestic abuse.  I mean people who claim that every little thing that happens to them makes them a victim.  They lost their job because their employer discriminated against them (never mind that they called in sick every other day and never did any actual work), or they lost their homes because Bank of America exists, or they got hit by a car because they walked out into traffic against the light while they were texting on their smartphone.  Because you see when you’re a victim you don’t have to be responsible for your actions, your words or your life.  You can live on the dole, make others take care of you and often star in political commercials.  Life is good, ain’t it?

Know-bests.  These are people are the personification of ‘do as I say not as I do.’  They live in a rarefied world where they know what is best for you and everybody else and damn it, they’re going to make sure they control, regulate and/or legislate every aspect of your life.  They’re going to tell you what you can eat, what you can say, how you can act and the kind of work you may do.  They will ensure you drive the kind of car they deem correct, what causes you may support and the kind of healthcare you may have. When it comes to them, however, they do what they want, they indulge in any type of decadence they desire, and you may not under any circumstance criticize them without then being sullied as a racist, bigot, one-percenter, denier, extremist, or bully.

But despite the fact that we will never get rid of these things, remarkably the human race will survive.  And most of us will live decent and good lives.

Do you agree or disagree?  Let me know what you think. I love to hear what other people think.

Writer Chick

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The Ant Brigade

Recently I’ve had to accept gainful employment. Tough sell for someone who has been self-employed for quite a while. But it sure beats the heck out of being broke, hungry and homeless.

The job itself is fine, it’s website/Internet related and pretty much right up my alley. And of course you can always learn new things and to be honest I’ve learned quite a lot which will be helpful in future pursuits.

The interesting thing to me is that I realized it isn’t the working a job thing that really bothers me – it’s the ant brigade – aka the daily commute. After just a few short months I feel I have a whole new insight on road rage and bizarre behaviors reported on the nightly news.

I try to be easy going and just go with the flow. But when you are half asleep, driving on a road with hundred of others who are also half asleep, coffee deprived, distracted and actually dreading arriving at the office being easy going can be quite the challenge.

In my commuter adventures my favorite pet peeves are:

The bicyclist who thinks that pedaling down the middle of the lane with 20 cars behind him makes perfect sense.

The senior citizen who is so unsure of the integrity of their brakes that they never take their foot off the brake pedal.

The school kids and skateboarders who want to play chicken at the four way stop when it’s your turn to move.

The guy who waits to turn left in front of you until you are 10 feet away from him.

The fruit vendor who stops traffic because the lady in the hybrid can’t decide which bag of oranges she wants.

The texting idiot who keeps drifting into your lane then flips you off when you tap your horn.

The guy who suddenly realizes he has to stop at McDonald’s and crosses three lanes to get there.

The list can go on and on but you get the picture.

The really sad thing is that most of what I do at the ‘office’ I could do from home in my jim-jams. Unfortunately, companies insist you present a body at their house and jim-jams are not allowed.

*Sigh* I live for the day when once again my biggest commute is from my bed to my desk.

How about you, what is your ant brigade like?

Writer Chick
Copyright 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Okay, I admit it – I am a So You Think You Can Dance junkie. I’ve watched the show since the first season and every year I look forward to it. Although I must say that in recent years, particularly this year I’m loving it less. The concept of the show seems to keep changing and while change is really the only constant in life I suppose that makes sense but…the concept on which the show is based shouldn’t change.

The changes I love:

Expanded types and style of dance. Each year they add new styles like Bolliwood, Whacking, Lyrical hip-hop, Crumping in addition to the perennial favorites, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballroom, Ballet (although I haven’t seen a ballet piece in a long time). This is great because it exposes people who know nothing about dance to all types of styles and interpretations. Wonderful.

Adding the all-stars. At first I was leery of this but it’s kind of cool to see the current contestants partner with dancers who have gone through what they are going through, have learned some tricks and matured. Plus it is great to see some favorites again strutting their stuff.

More diverse choreographers. I just think it’s an extension of the addition of the different styles of dance they have introduced. Again, gives exposure to new and exciting styles and enables the dancers to really stretch their abilities.

The changes I don’t love.

Elimination methods.     Every year it seems they come up with new ways to do the elimination and how many dancers, etc. Last year it was just the top ten and in elimination it was the bottom three, regardless of gender. Admittedly it made the final weeks a bit problematic – plus we never saw the dancers dance with each other until the end. This year they are doing bottom two girls and guys. But before they stopped doing that at the top ten and just did bottom three. I’m afraid if they continue this trend then better dancers might get edged out simply because of gender. I’m hoping against hope that this week’s elimination is simply the bottom three, regardless of the boy-girl factor. If we have to do the boy-girl thing then we risk having Ricky in the finale just based on the odds, not talent, skill or ability.

Guest judges. Although it is entertaining to have celebrities on the show and they seem to invite people who know something about dance – I don’t think it’s appropriate. Mostly you hear what they feel emotionally – how they loved it, that the person is their favorite dancer (for this five minutes) praise for elements that have nothing to with dance. I think that judges for a dancing competition should be someone who knows about dance – whether a choreographer or someone very knowledgeable. I hate that they are going more for the laugh or the status value of a judge than someone who could actually give a good critique and notes to the dancer if he or she needs it. And much as Mia sometimes drives me nuts, her critiques were spot on for the most part.

More theater, less dancing. The other thing that I really hate this year is that the choreographers seem so involved in the ‘story’ of the dance. I mean, it’s nice to get the concept but some of these story lines are more complex than a Samuel Becket play. Just dance already – because that is why we are watching.

Blaming the dancer and praising the choreographer. The other thing that is driving me crazy especially this year is that when the routine is terrible the dancer gets the heat and rarely if ever is anything said to or about the choreographer. Yet when the dance is good the choreographer always gets endless props. I think if a dancer has to take the heat so should the choreographer.

About the dancers

Now since I’m just venting on everything let’s talk about this year’s dancers. First of all, I am sick to death of hearing about this is the best set of dancers they’ve ever had on the show. That is simply hogwash. It’s not true. I’m not criticizing the dancers here but the judges. Every year there have been incredible dancers and this year in particular I think the judges erred in some of their original selections and passed up better dancers for the top 20 because they wanted to select from a diversity aspect or some other standard I don’t know about. For example, Alexander, Mitchell, and Ashley chosen over dancers I thought were considerably better. Disagree? Then why were they knocked out so early? Anyway, onto those remaining:

Melanie. Like many, she was my favorite from the start. And to be honest she turned out to be a better dancer than I originally thought. She does have a spark and I’m sure that is part of her appeal. She is technically formidable and whatever she dances she gives it everything she has. Her dancing in my opinion is as good as the choreography she is given. I have seen comments in the forums where she is criticized because she has only danced her style so of course she is good. First of all, not true – she has danced as many different styles as any of the other dancers. Second of all, the dances are drawn from a hat, she has no control over the style she is told to dance. Third of all, this year in particular the choreographers are playing to the dancers’ strengths in their routines, again something the dancer can’t control. And Melanie is fearless and does not back off from anything that I can see. But the thing that I love most about this girl is that she is happy, joyful and clearly well adjusted. She is not dancing to rid herself of demons and angst – she is dancing because it is what she loves and who she is – and that I think is the biggest appeal Melanie has.

Marko. Clearly the strongest male dancer in the competition and it was serendipity that he and Melanie were partnered because they are of the same ilk. Dancing is in his bones – it is who he is. He is also fearless and will try anything. Although I don’t think he is technically as strong as Melanie, he is the strongest and most versatile male dancer in the competition – especially since Jess was sent home and Nick never got a chance to show what he could do.

Ricky. I just don’t get how this kid has made it this far. Clearly he is a sweet person, has a lovely smile and sure can do those leaps and stuff – but he is not technically brilliant, nor does he have any special ‘it’ factor that would extend his life on this show. He is out of his league in my opinion. Nothing personal but he just isn’t of the same quality as most of the others.

Tadd. Okay here is another gripe – this whole b-boy obsession the judges have. Just because Tadd was/is a b-boy he gets extra credit for pulling off a dance (remember Jose?). Now Tadd is good and has been impressive in some of his routines but he shouldn’t get extra points because he’s a b-boy. I mean, you don’t hear the judges going on and on about how Sasha is a contemporary dancer and yet look how amazing she was in the hip-hop routine. Again, I have to admit I was surprised that he made it this far – especially since Jess is a better dancer, had far more training and experience and certainly had grown as much if not more than Tad throughout his stay in the competition. That being said, I think he was amazing in that routine with Melanie last night.

Caitlyn. The most picked on dancer of the season (except for Ricky, perhaps). I am not sure why the judges must criticize her for something in every single routine she has done. She is a much better dancer than Tad – technically she is amazing. Is it just because she is beautiful, sweet and young? I mean for cripes sakes last week they had to dis her about her ‘competition hands’ whatever the heck that is. This girl has been picked on and picked on about the stupidest stuff I have ever seen. Both her routines were incredible last night – yet they had to give her notes about mugging – I didn’t see any mugging. And she kept up with Pasha the king of the ballroom – yet still they had to take her down a notch. Clearly they don’t want her to be in the finale, but I just can’t figure out why.

Sasha. Okay, I have to admit this is my least favorite dancer. Personally I wanted to see her sister get to the top 20. I admit she has some mad skills as a dancer. She is very strong and in many ways fearless. However, the judges have pimped this girl from day one. I can’t think of any real criticism the judges have given her. Even when they do criticize a little they fall all over themselves to apologize for criticizing her. It reminds of the year that Sabra won – in my opinion the most lackluster dancer of that year but the judges felt she could do no wrong. For me, Sasha is a one note dancer – it’s all angst and sadness and how beautiful a victim she is in her dance. She is praised for her acting skills – ‘just your hand against that wall’. The other thing that bothers me about her is that she ‘out-dances’ every partner she has ever had – at least according to the judges. Is this a good thing? Isn’t part of being a great dancer your partnering skills? I get the idea that her goal is to out-dance her partner – to out shine them. And maybe that is why she leaves me cold, I just get the sense that it’s all about her – that she wants everyone to pay attention to her. Also the crying in the package for her dance with Kent – sorry so phony. Because in the package before her solo, her mother went on about what a joyful and fun person Sasha is – so where did all that pain and angst come from? Don’t hate on me, but I hope she does not make the finale – I really do. I think she has been pushed and coddled throughout the competition and been given an edge by the judges which she doesn’t deserve. To me, the irony is that what posters on the forums have said about Melanie seems to be true of Sasha – exactly what routine has this girl ever been given that hasn’t highlighted her own style – where has she been pushed out of her comfort zone or challenged? Maybe it happened but I must have missed it.

How about you – what do you think? Who do you think will end up in the finale? Who do you want to win?


Copyright 2011

What Color Are You? – Theme Friday

writer chick talks

No, it’s not a trick question. And I don’t mean your ethnic background or the dark or light of your skin. That’s just packaging. Albeit some of us use the shade of packaging…

To make a point

To justify behavior

As a reason to say yes or no

As motivation for love or hate

To feel a part of something or apart from something…

but I’m not talking about that.

Like the pretty package under the Christmas tree, it’s not the number of bows adorning the outside that’s important – it’s what the package contains.

So…I ask again. What color are you?

Green for the soothe of rustling trees

Blue for the cool of the ocean or expanse of the sky

Yellow for the warmth and energy of the sun

The crimson of passion’s depth

Gold like the truest of hearts

Pink at the height of health

Orange all tangy and citrus-y?

Or perhaps you are a rainbow of early morning hues, leaving watercolor footprints in your passing.

Or a kaleidascope stretching lazily across the evening sky following the promise of moonlight.

Or a riot of wildflowers roaming the open fields.

And I ask you once more – what color are you? The true-you that needs no name or address, no politics or boundaries and travels further than the imagination can dance?

copyright 2010

What color is Christine?

You Know You’ve Gotten Too Fat When…

fat lady

Way back when I wrote this post, “You Know You’ve Gotten too Fat When…” It was very popular (go figure). Due to technical difficulties, among other things, the original post was lost. I try here to recreate it:

You know you’ve gotten too fat when:

1. Your closet is divided into fat clothes and skinny clothes and the skinny clothes are pretty dusty.
2. All your jeans have elastic in the waist and even those you can’t button.
3. The dishes rattle when you walk into the kitchen to get a snack.
4. Your room mate has put a padlock on the fridge and won’t give you the combination.
5. The lady at the airport check in counter gives you two boarding passes – one for you and one for your ass.
6. Your ass has its own zip code
7. When you attend dinner parties, the hostess always waits until you leave the table to offer seconds.
8. Your nickname is Godzilla
9. Cleveland won’t allow you entrance anymore because they are afraid you will eat it.
10. You’re ambidexterous – also known as a two-fisted eater.
11. Your ‘baby fat’ could supply enough fat for ten babies.
12. As soon as you get into your car it becomes an instant ‘low rider.’
13. At the last 5K run you registered 2.5 on the Richter Scale.
14. When you wear your yellow dress, people mistake you for a school bus.
15. The employees at Home Town Buffet cringe when you walk in the door because they know they don’t have enough food.
16. You’re on the McDonald’s ‘watch list.’

As usual, feel free to add to the list.

Writer Chick

The High Road

taking the high road

Life is a bowl of cherries, right? Well, not always. In fact, rarely. Let’s face it, often life is just one catastrophe after another. Large or small, it’s always something isn’t it? Whether it’s the car breaking down, a letter from the IRS or your new teflon pan melting on the range, it’s always something.

My mother used to say that hard times build character. I suppose that’s a philosophical way of saying that life sucks and you have to make the best of it. Perhaps. There is also that old chesnut of taking the high road. Killing people with kindness and so forth. But it’s not easy, is it?

Especially when people you trust and you care for, betray you. When everything you believe about someone turns out not to be true. Or that the truth you thought existed doesn’t. What confusion you can feel when that happens. What betrayal. It can be downright disorienting. It can make you feel like you are in an elevator doing a free fall from the 30th floor. And often, you can feel completely justified in being bitter and resentful about it. You can feel sorry for yourself for the injustice and unfairness.

But here’s the thing – that doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t make you feel better. It doesn’t enhance your life. It doesn’t improve one damn thing. In fact, it just makes you feel helpless and unable to cope. It traps you into an endless cycle of fear, resentment and frustration. Believe me, I know.

Hard as it may be, the best solution I’ve found is to take the high road. To just decide that it doesn’t matter what others have done to you, what life has handed out to you – but what does matter is what you do about it. How you carry on and continue to make a life for yourself. Things, people, situations, all pass eventually. What you can do nothing to change has to become irrelevant in your mind. You have to let it go and move on. Take the high road, as they say. You never know – you might find something wonderful there, if you do.


Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough. Ever feel that way? I know I do. Often. Too often. In fact, it is quite possibly the bane of my existence. Well, maybe not the bane of my existence but it is the thing that I have the hardest time shaking and always has been.

When that feeling hits me, I do a little internal search. Why? Why do I feel that way? Is there some deep, dark secret or a devastating buried memory that makes me feel that way? But then, logic never helps when it comes to things like that, does it? It seems the bad feelings, the feelings of inadequacy and non-deserving-ness (yes, I just made up a word) don’t come from a place of logic. They come from a place of feelings. Bad feelings.

But where do those come from? Other people? Did somebody give me a sour look when I was four and had just completed my master mud pie? And did that somehow crush a tiny piece of my soul, which I’ve been trying to get back ever since? Or has it just been a steady and continual erosion over the years. A look here, a word there?

Or worse, does it come from inside me? Just my own self-destructive alter ego, vying for time and attention? It seems I have lots of questions about this but very little in the way of answers.

I sometimes think that that is why I became a writer. To solve the feelings of ‘not good enough’ – as though I believed that if I could just write it out the feelings would evaporate. Never to be seen or heard from again. And in a way, I suppose it’s worked. When I was a kid and I got upset, the first thing I would do was write a poem or a story to work out the feelings or upset. Sometimes it would help and others it would drive me further into the sense of despair and hopelessness. No matter, I still write to some degree for that reason. Though mostly I write because I have something inside of me that needs to get out. It is constantly seeking new and silly ways to get out too. From stories to poems to haikus to jokes, to wise-ass remarks.

I sometimes marvel at this thing. What is it? Where did it come from? Does it belong inside of me or should we see if the zoo has a space for it? Then it ocurs to me that maybe it’s just me trying to get out. Just me, saying, ‘Pay attention to me. I am worthy. I matter.’

The truth is I will probably never know – no matter how much I try. No matter how much I want to know. I will never figure out why I sometimes feel I’m just not good enough. How about you?


Blogrolls…What Are They Good For?

I was just having a conversation the other day with a fellow blogger about blogrolls. It seems he/she was doing some reevaluation of his/hers (notice how I am consealing their identity – hehe) and discovered that many of the bagillion (yes, that is a word) blogs they listed on their roll was not reciprocal. It really chapped his/her hide (as they say in that salsa commercial). And by osmosis, mine too.

We discussed at length our philosophies about blogrolling – who, when, where, how and both of us seemed to have the same thoughts in general. Linking should be reciprocal.

I have to admit, I didn’t always feel this way. When I first started out I essentially just blogrolled anybody whom I liked and of course, anyone who linked to me (as long as I was aware of it, and sometimes I’m not). But after several months I began to notice that a lot of the people I linked to did not return the favor. So, rather than just cutting them off my rolls I visited even more, commented even more so that they would have that V-8 moment and say, ‘doh, I need to blogroll WC.’ Did that work? Ah…not so much…. Scratching head here.

This floored me.because I couldn’t fathom why a person would not link reciprocally (is that a word, really?). It seems only fair and good manners, right? Well, not to everyone. I didn’t want to be a baby about it, so I just left things as they were. I mean, why not, I liked their blogs or what they said/wrote and liked to read them, so why shouldn’t I?

Well, after talking to my friend I started to see why not. The blogging world is built on links and referrals. It is the ultimate in networking and linking up is the way we introduce our good buddies to other of our good buddies or favorites. Because we want to share what and who we like with all our other friends. And we want them to share us with their good buddies/favs too. That’s the whole idea, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve now decided that all my links will be reciprocal. Anyone who links to me, I will link right back. So, please, if you have linked to me and I’m not linking to you, let me know and we’ll fix that right up. I truly appreciate the linkage and want to return the favor.

On the other hand, I will remove links of those who don’t link back. It’s not personal, but it doesn’t seem fair to let another blogger take advantage of your network if they aren’t willing to let you take advantage of theirs. Know what I mean?

Anybody else have thoughts on this?