Book Review – Missing by Ann Jones

An entertaining quick read which might make you burn dinner

Missing is an intriguing mystery from debut crime novelist Ann Jones. Her main character Lyn Kramer is a no-nonsense detective who has no trouble clearing cases, getting the job done, and calling it a day. And since she is so good at it, believes herself to be impervious to the crimes she investigates. Until it becomes personal.

A simple missing persons case turns into a waking nightmare for Kramer, when it turns out it’s her twin sister who is missing. Because of a terrible painful past, and a long separation between the sisters, the case stirs up memories, Kramer would prefer to repress but is helpless to do so. And a very thin veil behind which the family skeletons hide is about to be drawn aside.

With the help of her green yet surprisingly empathetic partner, Jud, and a few resistant witnesses can Lyn save her sister, and by doing so, save herself? Or will she just crack under the pressure?

I’m afraid you’ll have to read the novel to find out.

You can pick up a free copy of Ann’s book, Missing, here

The awesome news is that Ann just released Book 2, Trapping, in this series and it is available at Amazon at a steal for 99 cents.

A bittersweet reunion…

Separated by feuding families when they were children, Detective Lyn Kramer of the Elm Grove Police Department and her estranged twin sister, high school teacher Melissa Farnsworth, have finally been reunited—but under terrifying circumstances. After freeing her sister from the clutches of Lester Barton, a devious crime boss who also happens to be their sadistic uncle, Lyn vows to keep Melissa and her family safe. However, that goal is thwarted when Barton, working behind the scenes, infiltrates their sleepy town with drug traffickers and threatens to destroy the sisters and everyone they love as an act of revenge.

Can the recently reunified twins lure the ringleader out of hiding and into the cold light of justice? Or will their evil uncle succeed in terrorizing the sisters into submission?



This is Ann by the way. Ain’t she sweet? She’s one of the best people I know.