Miscellaneous – Theme Friday


File me under ‘miscellaneous’ – a vast assortment of burps and hiccups – grace and gawk. Neither here nor there. Neither this nor that. Gossamer wings paired with path-worn sneakers. Part Mother Earth and part Blogging Whore.

New Age. Old fashioned. Free thinker. Conservative voter. No category. No mold. A cacophony of contradictions. A long list of mistakes. A short list of accomplishments. A grocery sack filled with lists of things to do; scratched like chicken tracks on anything that would hold ink, lead and words.

No tab ready made for my file folder – bulging with ideas, half-executed plans and what ifs. No signature fashion statement, nor scent nor hairstyle.

Yeah – file me under miscellaneous.

copyright 2009

What does Christine have filed under miscellaneous?