Can You Really Turn Garbage into Oil?

Taking a break from the Christmas posts to post this amazing video

Anyone interested in further data should read this short article.  I have to say I love this and am seriously wondering why the U.S. government isn’t throwing bagillions of dollars at developing this – since they love to talk about how we need to stop being addicted to foreign oil.  Oh right, that’s just politics.  See, the private sector really is where the solutions are.


Pain at the Pump?

Okay, most of you know that I’m a capitalist at heart and believe in the free market. I do, however, make a qualified exception when it comes to the price of gas and heating oil.

My buddy, PG, sent me this link and I highly recommend you check it out. They make a good point and if nothing else, give us some sort of forum to maybe have our voices heard. One of the nice features on the site is that it gives you the opportunity to vent. This is what I said to them:

It costs over $60 to fill my tank and that’s an economy car. And of course, you have to forego, small luxuries if you need to get around. I live in California, so we have one of the highest costs for fuel in the nation and there is no way to get around the L.A. area without a car – the public transportation system is inadequate and walking or taking a bike is not an option when you work 20 miles from home.

Though I am not in favor of regulation generally speaking, the utility companies are regulated because people must use their services to survive – that is also the case with gasoline and heating oil – therefore, I do think some sort of regulation or price cap is in order.

The thing of it is, that there is no shortage of oil in this country or any other and that speculators are being allowed to drive the cost of oil up is ridiculous, especially since the oil industry with the help of Congress, works laboriously at keeping competitive fuel sources and energy sources off the market – that my friend, is called a monopoly – which is supposed to be a no-no in this country.

Congress needs to get out of its Hippie/Boomer/60’s mode and look at the situation today – we need more refineries, drilling and clean nuclear power. They don’t seem to mind zipping around in their private jets and suv’s – while letting the taxpayer foot the bill – yet, we practically have to shoot ourselves to get our own government to provide the services we want, as opposed to what they think is best for us.

If we are indeed, living in a free market society, then let all the other sources of alternate energy/fuel inventions and innovations, etc. onto the market and to compete freely and give us a choice about whether or not we want to line the pockets of the oil industry and middle east despots.

You can click on the banner in my sidebar or the above link to check out the site and sign the petition. I don’t know how much good it will do, but it sure can’t hurt.