If Life Kicks Your Ass

You have to kick right back. Don’t you? Seriously. Don’t you? The last few weeks of my life have been one big challenge. From the disposing of one life for another to the drive to the little house that became a nightmare. I’m telling you, life has not been cutting us a break.

If it weren’t so pathetic and maddening it would be hilarious. It really is as though we’ve been living in a very poor remake of the Money Pit and every other bad sit com I can think of at the moment. And frankly, I’ve been letting it get me down. Letting it worry me and cause me grief. But for what? What is the point of letting it get to me? If I do, who wins? Life? How does that make any sense?

I remember somewhere along the line somebody told me (probably my dad because he seems to have told me all the really important things in life) that life isn’t fair. Yet, whenever it isn’t I seem to bemoan this very thing. I already know that no matter what you do sometimes things go to shit. But I also know that there is very little in life that can’t be fixed, repaired, sorted out or gotten through. It may be an incredible pain in the ass, it may not make you happy but it can be done. And too, maybe it’s an attitude thing. I have to look at it from the point of view of someone who has just learned that they are not in fact, dying or going bankrupt. Ah, I get another chance to win. Right?

Life is nothing if not a challenge and I think I forget it that too often. I have gotten so used to my comfort zone that when anything ruffles it I act as though the world is coming to an end. Take my word for it, it is not coming to an end. At least not today. Sure sometimes you have to cry but usually things turn out better if you find a way to laugh. If you find a way to see what good still exists. No matter how hard life tries to convince you otherwise.

So, right now things are a challenge. I will prevail. I know that. I know it because I always have. My only other option is to give in and give up and that just isn’t my style. I’m just saying…