Multiple Blog Personality Syndrome?

I was just chatting with my friend J and she mentioned to me that she has several blogs she’s working on. Which I found interesting. It seems she’s looking for her true blogger voice and honestly, I can relate to that. I have four blogs myself and am constantly wondering if I should start another one. Yeah, crazy, huh?

But here’s the thing – I don’t just have one passion – I have lots of them. And also I’m the kind of person who can get bored easily. I actually envy those bloggers out there who just have the one passion and can write about it endlessly without breaking a sweat. That they can burrow into every nook and cranny of it and get in there deep. All the big blogger dudes and dudettes advise this – pick a niche, pick the one thing you are most passionate about, get a following, gain an audience, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it’s good advice but not always the right advice I don’t think.

Some days I want to write nothing but political/social commentary – I’ve got a bee up my ass and it’s buzzing it’s brains out and I’ll explode if I don’t rant for a good long time about it. The next day I may have a case of the giggles and I’ll spend hours looking for funny shit like this (and you really have to click on this – seriously, it will make you laugh). The next day I might feel reflective about the meaning of life or my life or somebody’s life and want to write about that. So, why can’t I? Why can’t one blog cover all the many facets of me or any blogger for that matter?

I know that I and my friend J, are not the only ones afflicted with MBPS because several of my blogger buddies have multiple blogs and continue to start new ones. Maybe they have multi-faceted lives too. True, if they’d just done a blog about hot dogs they might be getting a book deal like that stupid-ass cat site or that other stupid ass white people blog or any number of the stupid ass, one-note popular blogs – they’d be raking in the dough too. Though how that translates into that, I’m really not sure but apparently it does because all the experts say so. And God forbid we should disagree with the experts.

I mean, we’re people for cripes sakes – not wordpress themes – why must we have a theme or a niche or a thang? Why can’t we change our colors, our words, our observations on a whim. Aren’t the best actors, singers, dancers, writers the ones who constantly challenge themselves and reinvent themselves to stretch into new horizons? Bloggers should have the same freedom –

So, I now proudly wear my Multiple Blogger Personality Syndrome badge proudly. If it’s good enough for Forest Gump’s mama then I guess it’s good enough for me. Blogs are like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re gonna get.

Anybody else out there with the syndrome? Hey, anybody wanna make a banner for me? Huh, huh, huh? Puleeze? Purty Puleeze! 🙂