Pictures Meme

Okay, it’s the weekend, so it must be meme time. So, everyone else is doing this google image meme, and I thought I’d give it a try. Wow, it’s actually a lot of pictures – lol – and I thought it would be easy.

Age you will be on next birthday

Listen, there are some things i just don’t share, one is chocolate and…

Place you want to travel

The old sod – yup, I wanna go there, preferrably on St. Paddy’s Day
Your favorite place

The ocean, especially at sunset, drinking a glass of wine with a handsome man

Your favorite food

A nice hunk of medium rare filet, thank you very much – goes nicely with that wine and sunset too.
Your favorite pet

Maggie the dog, can you tell she likes peanut butter?

Favorite color combinations

Blues and greens – the color of the ocean, what could be better?

Favorite piece of clothing

Vintage silk, nothing like it

All time favorite song

Sorry couldn’t find a pic – At Last, by Etta James – listen to it, it’s really great. Ah, if only I could sing, I’d be belting this baby out everyday.

Favorite television show

Something about a soccer mom with special talents really gets me.

Which town you live in

Sunland – that’s my street. Aren’t the clouds incredible?

Screen name/ nick name

Ironically, the only thing that came up on this search were pictures from my own posts. I suppose there is something cool about that, right?

First job

My first baby sitting job was when I was ten. I think. Now, what the heck were those people thinking, leaving a baby with a ten year old?
Dream job

Yes, a famous, award winning mystery author would suit me just fine as a full time job.
Bad habit that you have

I do have a tendency to over-think things. No really, I do.

Worst fear

Yeah, Jaws really kind of made me not want to go into the ocean, you know what I mean?
Things to do before you die

I never would have thought this – but it seems travel is in my future and I’m really looking forward to it.

First thing you’ll buy if you get a million dollars

I am determined to have my house on the beach – I want the ocean to be my front yard, go to sleep to the sound of waves and wake up to the sound of gulls. Perfection.

Sorry folks, nothing to see here – I don’t have either. And even if I had a pic of my ex husband I wouldn’t post it. Too scary.

Present you want for next birthday

My dream car – a cherried out, 1968 Chevy Impala Ragtop. Pale yellow with butter soft leather seats. Wind blowing through my hair, tooling down Highway 1 – now that’s a birthday present.