PLL Big Reveal – We Were Right -Mona’s Alive! Is Jason’s Secret Twin Brother A??????

Mona is alive!

Mona in a blonde wig acting like Robo-Ali?

Home movies showing baby Ali has two brothers?

Well the producers of the highly popular and highly addictive Pretty Little Liars promised a big reveal and I’d say they succeeded.

Of course they still left a lot of questions:

What is up with Andrew? Is he A’s henchman? Is it just a rule that any character whose name starts with A has to be used at a red herring at some point in the plot line?

If A is Charles why identify as A? Does it stand for Anonymous because of all the years he had to hide from sight so people wouldn’t know Jessica Di Laurentis gave birth to twins?

Was he forced to pretend to be a girl?

Was he Bethany?

Where has he been all this time? Radley?

Is that why Toby’s mother had to die because she knew about the two boys?

Why were the girls in a different location from the ‘control’ room?

Charles definitely seems to be everywhere?

Will Tanner stop being such a dick and get with the program?

And that scene with Spencer and “Charles” – why did he hesitate? Is it because Spencer is his half-sister? (Maybe Ali isn’t his favorite)

And why God why didn’t they rip his mask off before they did the whole blowing out the generator trick?

Oh well, guess we have to wait for the summer season to find out the answers and of course have more questions to replace these.

And yay, I was right Mona is not dead. And kind of right that A is Jason, because you twins…close, right?

Writer Chick


Pretty Little Liars – Ali’s Verdict – So Many Questions and so Little Time

ali tearsLike millions of other addicted fans, I watched the ‘pre-finale’ of Pretty Little Liars last night. I don’t know why but I thought we were going to get some juicy reveals in this episode but instead we got more questions.

Perhaps that is the success of this show – that it constantly sticks the viewer in more questions. Even after a few have been answered, the answers only seem to lead to more questions.

Theories about who A is, abound on the Internet and you could easily spending a week reading them and still walk away with nary a clue. I marvel at how detailed some of the theories are and the obvious dedication some of the theorizers have for the show.

As a mystery lover and writer I cannot resist a puzzle – probably why I got so hooked by this show – but I also have lots of questions, especially when things just don’t quite make sense.

Why, why and why again?

I’m hoping these questions will be answered in the much anticipated finale next week but if they aren’t I may have to write Marlene King to get the answers:

My first question goes back a few seasons and to date hasn’t been answered:

How could Bethany’s remains been mistaken for Ali’s (back when we thought Ali was dead) in the first place? The remains were found a year or later after Allison’s disappearance. Due to decay and degradation of the body, it would not have been recognizable and DNA tests would’ve had to have been run to determine the identity of the corpse. Instead, we have a funeral for Ali and she’s buried and then seasons later they determine it’s actually this Bethany girl. Seriously? How does that make sense? And did they fire the Medical Examiner for such an obvious display of incompetence?

Why wasn’t Allison given bail when she was arrested for Mona’s murder? Murder is a serious charge and not all accused murderers are given bail however…Ali is a minor, has no independent source of income and does not have a record and doesn’t appear to be a flight risk. She could have been put under house arrest with one of those ankle bracelet doohickies if they thought she’d flee. It seems unrealistic to put a young teenaged girl in a prison while she awaits trial.

Why was Hanna arrested? If for being an accomplice in Mona’s murder, why wasn’t she tried with Ali? If Hanna is a supposed accomplice, why then wasn’t she tried with Ali? And like Ali, she is a young girl, has no money, not a flight risk, and could have been put under house arrest. The courts tend to be more lenient with juvenile offenders and are generally reluctant to put them in a hardcore prison. And if Hanna wasn’t going to be tried with Ali, then why hasn’t her trial proceeded?

Now that Ali has been found guilty of killing Mona, why is Hanna still in jail? Shouldn’t that have exonerated her? Also, why didn’t the cops/DA go to Hanna to see if she’d flip on Ali, since they think she was an accomplice? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Why are both Hanna and Ali in a prison as opposed to county lock-up? Typically defendants awaiting trial are held in county lock-up, not prison (although maybe what the show is portraying is supposed to be county lock-up? Doesn’t seem that way to me though.) And while we’re on the subject of juvenile offenders, why wasn’t there some kind of hearing to determine whether or not Ali/Hanna would be tried as adults?

Why didn’t Ali’s attorney build her defense around the fact that the police never found Mona’s body? It’s difficult to prove murder when you don’t have a body. The tape that shows Mona being attacked may not even be admissible. Most defense attorneys would challenge the tape because there was no way to authenticate it. Who made it? Where did it come from? Was it planted in Mona’s house? All of these things would have occurred to a criminal defense attorney. Yet all the woman does is complain about what a bad defendant Ali is and how hard it is for her to try the case. Why didn’t they change attorneys? I wouldn’t go into court with such an insecure attorney, especially if my life was on the line, would you?

Why didn’t Ali’s attorney rip into Lesli Stone? This made no sense. The girl makes up a story and the attorney didn’t even question her. She didn’t ask for any kind of proof of being ‘stalked’ by Hanna. They didn’t introduce the supposed post card into evidence. The attorney did no background check on this girl and otherwise made no attempt to impeach her testimony. I’d fire this woman in a heart beat.

Why didn’t Ali’s attorney do follow up redirect testimony after Ali looked like a liar over the archery award? Any criminal attorney would do redirect and try to repair the damage after she’d had a 10 minute recess to discuss the issue with her client. Yet she leaves her flapping in the wind. Ali should/could get an appeal based incompetent representation – maybe that’s what the writers are planning? I hope so.

How the heck did Tanner end up in charge of the Rosewood Police Department? Tanner came in as an FBI agent originally. I actually don’t remember why – maybe because they thought Ali might’ve been kidnapped? At any rate, the FBI doesn’t just swoop in and take over a local murder case. And local police departments are not happy to yield to the FBI in their investigations and do so reluctantly. This makes no sense. Tanner should be experiencing lack of cooperation from the police, not obedience. And how does a local murder constitute a federal crime?

I know it makes for good TV but why were the other liars arrested? Again, since Ali was found guilty of Mona’s murder, why are the other liars being arrested? And how could they arrest them without their parents present? The girls are all still minors in the eyes of the law and can’t just be swept away to jail without parents being informed. And since one of the liar’s moms is an attorney, a defense attorney at that, she’d have them arraigned and bail posted before Tanner could send Toby out for more coffee.

What are your questions?

Okay, those are the questions that are driving me up the wall, aside from “Who the frick is A?” and when we really know?

What questions do you have? What bothers you about Ali’s trial/verdict. What do you think will happen in the finale. Do you believe we’ll really get the big reveal we’ve been waiting for?

Dying to know what y’all think.

Writer Chick
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Pretty Little Liars – Is Mona Really Dead?


Anyone who has watched more than three episodes of PLL knows that nothing is ever at it seems. That’s why we’re hooked, because the producers and writers are so good at fooling us.

For years the producers convinced us that Ally was dead only to reveal not so long ago that Ally was not dead and had been on the run all that time. (Although the pragmatist in mean wonders how they could’ve buried the wrong girl, believing it to be Ally. DNA would’ve been used to establish identity and had it been used it wouldn’t have come back as an i.d. for Ally. But I digress…) And they also made us believe that Ezra and Toby were A. Not so much.

Where is Mona really and what is she doing?

Mona has always been a bit of a chameleon on the show, shedding one skin only to expose another. And consequently has had as many lives as a cat. She’s the character we love to hate, love to suspect, love to fear and ultimately feel sorry for because she is the epitome of the insecure high school girl who no matter how hard she tries only really wants acceptance and to fit in.

Right now we are to believe Mona is dead and Ally killed her. Hey we’ve got a video with a blonde stabbing her, right? Yes and no. We have the video but it’s all weird angles and blurs and we never see the attacker’s face. And while we were all sure that she was in that industrial barrel in the storage locker, surprise, it’s not her. Probably next season we’ll learn it’s CeeCee or Meredith or just some homeless guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I believe Mona is still alive and hiding out. Remember that hitherto unknown friend who just showed up in town? She’s blonde, right? What if Mona and her ‘friend’ cooked up the idea of setting up Ally? They staged the video and the crime scene and voila she’s dead. Mona is so tech savvy the video would’ve been a snap for her to make and she’s not squeamish either, so drawing a vile of her own blood she could’ve done without blinking. And most importantly, they can’t find her body. Now I know that Ally is resourceful but how far could she have taken a body and gotten rid of it? She’s just one 120 pound teenage girl after all. Also Mike’s mysterious behavior gives me pause. The bag of candy on the pier? Is it for Mona? Does he know she’s alive and Mike is helping her to get some much deserved payback? Could be. But to me, the fact that they never found Mona’s body tells me she is still alive.

I guess we’ll find out next season.

What do you think? Is Mona dead? If so, where is her body? Did Ally kill her or somebody else? Or, like me, do you expect her to show up in the flesh much like Ally did?

Writer Chick
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Obsessed with Pretty Little Liars? Me too. Who do you think is “A”?



I don’t know about you but I am positively addicted to the show Pretty Little Liars. I stumbled onto this show meant for 20-somethings and was hooked from the first episode. And every Monday night I am jones-ing for the next episode which airs on Tuesday. When the show is on hiatus, life just doesn’t seem the same and I find myself on message boards debating the one and only question fans want to know: Who is A?

A few days ago, People published a teaser article entitled Pretty Little Liars Star Keegan Allen: I Know Who ‘A’ Is … and So Do You! because it showed up in my Facebook feed, I had to read it. Which lead to another article on PLL entitled 5 Mind-Blowing Pretty Little Liars Fan Theories About “A”  Seduced by this never-answered, unending question, I read the comments of fans’ theories. And man were there and are there theories about who “A” is.

Who is “A”? My theory

One of the prevalent theories is that “A” is one of the pretty little liars. Personally, I don’t think so and here’s why: In the first episode each Liar receives a mysterious text from “A” and all of them react with shock and confusion. The reaction isn’t for anyone else’s benefit because each girl is alone when she receives her text. And why if you were “A” would you send yourself a text if it wasn’t to show someone else that you received it? There’s no point in doing that.

In the three or four years the show has been on the air we have gotten many red herrings: Toby, Ezra, and Mona among them. And now Mike (PLL’s Aria’s brother) is the current herring being dangled. So of course, fans are coming up with reasons why Mike is “A” because that’s what a good red herring gets you to do – believe.

According to Marlene King the creator of the show, “A” was present at Allison’s funeral. So here’s my theory based on deduction: We dismiss all the characters who have been red herrings (Toby, Ezra, and Mona) and the liars and look at who is left. Allison’s parents, Emily’s parents, Allison’s brother Jason, Jenna, and Detective Wilden. We can dismiss a few more characters: Jenna is blind so she’s out, I can’t imagine any of the girl’s parents torturing them that way, so they’re out; Allison’s mother was a possibility but her character was killed off, so she’s out, as is Detective Wilden who is also dead; the only left is Allison’s brother, Jason.

To me, Jason makes perfect sense. He hated his sister Allison and by association the liars because they were just lesser imitations of Allison in his mind. Allison was also favored by his parents so he never got the love that Ally did. So there’s his motive. He had access to Ally’s room, her computer, her phone, diaries, conversations, etc. Additionally, since they live next to Spencer and Ally’s room faces Spenser’s it’s a prime location for spying. It would be so easy for him to hack her WiFi and put cameras or mics in her house when no one was around. And he is ubiquitous – always lurking in the background. Further, Jason often mysteriously disappears and when he returns his explanations are flimsy and offhand – yet no one really questions them. Most recently he came onto and seduced Hannah’s mom, Ashley. Was he really attracted to her or just hoping to get a peek into Hannah’s room? Or load a Trojan horse program on her laptop?

I think I’m right. I’d be really jazzed if it turned out I was. And I have other theories about other things, which I’ll discuss in another post, later.

Who do you think is “A”?

So that’s my theory. I’m sure you have one too. It probably doesn’t agree with mine but hey, feel free to tell me where I’m wrong and who you think “A” is – you might change my mind. All theories welcome, come one call all and have a ball.

Meanwhile, can’t wait to see what they spring on us tomorrow night.

Writer Chick
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