I’m Gonna Miss You, Sweet Lady of Soul

I woke up to discover one of my heroes died today. Aretha Franklin, first lady of soul.

She was so amazing that words defy one to describe how she made you feel when she sang.

I grew up listening to this firecracker. She was my hero. She gave me courage. She gave me attitude. She gave me pride in being a girl. Yeah, baby. Girl power.

In my group of pals, R E S P E C T was our anthem. Our declaration of independence. Our snappy retort to the mean boys. And to this day, whenever I hear that song my spine gets a little straighter, my shoulders go back and I raise my head a little bit higher.

I will miss her. I can never thank her enough for what she gave me. I hope the angels know how lucky they are that she is singing in their choir now.

Let’s sing it out, one last time….